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Outside the altar of color.

The students discussed the scores of the two students who came out first.

“These two people are lucky to pass the trial of the altar of color.”

“Even if they are lucky enough to pass the trial of the altar of color, their scores arent high.

They would have a lot of pressure.”

“Its not bad.

Look at the unlucky ones.

They havent encountered a fierce beast yet.”

“Look, Zheng Tainan seems to be able to sense a fierce beast.

Hes going to fight it.”


In the virtual image, Zheng Tainan seemed to have some kind of sensing method.

He had already sensed a fierce beast nearby him.

This fierce beast wasnt big.

It was only half a leg tall, and its movement speed was fast.

At this moment, Zheng Tainan was slowly moving over, preparing to deal a fatal blow when he got close.

This way, he would be able to obtain a higher score.

He might even have a chance to obtain the highest score and get the Dark Night Gem.

Finally, Zheng Tainan got close and suddenly launched an attack.

He instantly killed the fierce beast with a single strike and was immediately teleported out.

The instructor, Chu Xuan, checked the result and announced, “A ten-foot-long fierce beast.

Its movement speed is above average.

Its wound is slightly smaller than the size of a fist.

The final score is 180 points!”

Hearing Chu Xuans announcement, the students were a little surprised.

They didnt expect such a high score.

However, after thinking carefully, they understood.

Although the fierce beast Zheng Tainan killed was only ten feet tall, its movement speed was fast, and its wound was relatively small.

Zheng Tainan performed better than the previous students in all aspects.

Naturally, his score was high, reaching 180 points.

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“Zheng Tainan is strong.

This score is too high.”

“Yeah, the previous students got 100 points and 120 points.

However, Zheng Tainan scored 180 points.

Its too amazing.”

“I think Zheng Tainan will keep the highest score and obtain the altar of colors Dark Night Gem.”

“Who knows It depends on Liu Yan.

He is a famous student in Lighthouse Academy, and he is also a specially recruited student of their principal.”

“So what This round is not about combat strength.

Anyone here can defeat a level 30 fierce beast.

Its about who hunts the smaller fierce beast, moves faster, and has caused smaller wounds to the fierce beasts!”


Zheng Tainan felt a little smug when he heard the flattering voices around him.

He also thought that he might be the winner of this round.

Zheng Tainan Liu Yans combat strength was terrifying, far above his own, but the test wasnt about combat strength.

In addition, his performance was quite good.

There was indeed a great chance for him to obtain the highest final score, and get the Dark Night Gem in the end.

Zheng Tainan had already thought it through.

If he could obtain the Dark Night Gem this time, he could glory to the Gifted Academy.

When the time came, he would ask teachers for help to get back the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus from Liu Yan.

After all, they were all from the Gifted Academy.

No matter what, the teachers should help their students.

Zheng Tainan performed

really well, so there was no reason for teachers not to help him.

Zheng Tainan had his own little plan in his mind.

At this moment, the trial continued.

Very quickly, the time arrived.

The first batch of students trials at the altar of colors had ended, and the remaining students were all sent out one after another.

In the end, six people completed this trial.

Zheng Tainan, who had a perception skill, used his abilities to find a relatively small fierce beast and deal a fatal blow.

In the end, he obtained a high score.

The remaining students did not have this ability.

They all relied on their luck to encounter the fierce beast in the dark and complete the hunt.

Those who were unlucky could not encounter a fierce beast throughout the trial.

In the end, they did not pass the trial of the altar of color.

Those who encountered the fierce beast finish the battle as soon as possible.

This way, they could cause a smaller wound to the fierce beasts.

The students had to depend on their luck and strength.

The stronger one was, the smaller the wound and the higher the score.

Without a doubt, Zheng Tainan scored the highest score, 180 points.

Other than Zheng Tainan, Liu Qing only had 130 points, which was a substantial difference from Zheng Tainan.

Very soon, it was the second batch of students trials.

Liu Yan was also among them.

He walked forward and prepared for the trial of the altar of color.

When the crowd saw Liu Yan among them, they couldnt help but be curious about Liu Yans performance this time and whether he could surpass Zheng Tainan.

Soon, Liu Yan and the other ten students entered the altar of color.

After Liu Yan entered the altar of color, Liu Yan was amazed at how big the altar of color was.

Even though Liu Yan had the A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Perception, his perception range was not small.

The Omniscient Perception could cover 100 meters, but he could not sense the boundary of the altar of color at all.

Liu Yans luck could be considered pretty good.

As soon as he entered the altar of color, there was a fierce beast not far away.

However, after Liu Yan used Omniscient Perception to sense that this fierce beast was half the size of a human, he immediately gave up on the idea of hunting this fierce beast.

Even if Liu Yan minimized the wound to kill this half-human-sized fierce beast, he would only get similar scores to Zheng Tainans.

Liu Yan was determined to obtain the Dark Night Gem, so he let go of this half-human-sized fierce beast.

Liu Yan directly his B-grade skill, Traceless Silence, and moved forward.

The other students were all very careful, but Liu Yan used Traceless Silence.

He did not make any sound and walked casually in one direction.

With his Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan easily bypassed the fierce beast not far from him.

At this moment, the students outside the altar of color saw this scene through the virtual screen.

They all cursed in their hearts.

“This Liu Yan is so lucky to have a fierce beast by his side when he entered.

His luck is too good.”

“Look, look, he went around it.

What a waste.”

“He was so careless.

This Liu Yan is too careless.”

“Yeah, his movements are still so swaggering.

Isnt he afraid of attracting the fierce beast attacks”

“Is he really an outstanding student from Lighthouse Academy Why do I feel that he looks very ordinary”


The group of students from the Gifted Academy were slightly disappointed and looked down on Liu Yan.

Chu Xuan was slightly surprised when he saw this scene.

The virtual screen did not have any sound, but he could see Liu Yans movement did not attract the surrounding fierce beast attacks.

Liu Yan had the skill or method to conceal his trace and voice, which was why he could swagger around like this.

Liu Yan had obviously deliberately bypassed the fierce beast.

It was also clear that he could sense the fierce beast and deliberately chose to avoid it.

It was not that Liu Yan did not notice the fierce beast, but because the fierce beast was not small enough to obtain a higher score.

So, he chose to let it go.

Liu Yan wasnt as simple as he looked on the surface.

He seemed to be careless, but in reality, he was calculative.

Chu Xuan was immediately surprised by Liu Yan.

He glanced at Principal Murakami, who was not far away.

Principal Murakami saw through Liu Yans intention as well.

He nodded slightly to express his affirmation of Liu Yan.


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