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After learning the rules of the altar of color, the students of Gifted Academy began to complain bitterly.

The strength of a level 30 fierce beast was relatively average, and almost all of the students present could deal with it.

However, killing a level 30 fierce beast in absolute darkness was not easy.

Furthermore, they could not use any lighting skills.

It meant they would have to stay in the dark the entire time, making it even more difficult.

“How are we going to fight”

“Its completely dark, and we cant see anything.

We might even hurt our teammates.”

“Isnt that too difficult to fight in the dark”

“Fortunately, the fierce beast only has level 30 battle strength.

Otherwise, we might not get out of the altar.”

“The first test is so difficult.

I wonder what the next five tests will be.

Looks like it will be difficult to advance this time.”

“Haha, I am an assassin.

I have perception skills.

I can sense the fierce beast within a ten-meter radius.

I have the advantage!”


The group of students discussed among themselves.

They were all troubled by this trial.

Only a small number of students had their own solutions.

They revealed relaxed expressions.

Liu Yan was naturally one of them.

With an A-grade perception skill Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan could perceive everything within a hundred meters, even in a completely dark environment.

If it did not work out, Liu Yan could also use the B-grade skill, Fog.

Although his perception would not be as good as using Omniscient Insight, he could still fight a fierce beast, and the range was much larger.

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Then, the students were divided into groups of ten students.

Each group took its turn to enter the altar for the trial.

Zheng Tainan, Liu Qing, and Liu Ning, who had previously had conflicts with Liu Yan, were in the first group.

At this moment, Zheng Tainan still had a conflict with Liu Qing and Liu Ning.

Zheng Tainan naturally wasnt willing to lose the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus just like that.

It was an A-grade treasure.

Even an elite figure like him, who had top 30 battle prowess in the Gifted Academy, had used up more than half of his wealth, to get the A-grade treasure, Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

Zheng Tainan planned to use it to break through the bottleneck of his cultivation.

It allowed him to increase his strength, and bring out the maximum use of the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

However, he did not expect that he would lose to Liu Yan.

Then, Liu Yan also took the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

Zheng Tainan was unwilling to lose the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

However, he did not dare to provoke a terrifying figure like Liu Yan again.

He could only look for Liu Qing and Liu Ning.

After all, at that time, the IOU was written with Liu Qing and Liu Nings names.

At this moment, Zheng Tainan was still pestering Liu Qing and Liu Ning.

“I dont care.

This IOU is under your names, and its also written by the two of you.

Either you pay the money for the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus, or both of you come with me to confront Liu Yan!” Zheng Tainan pestered.

Liu Qing and Liu Ning had helpless expressions.

The IOU was indeed under their name and it was indeed written by them.

However, they were forced to write by Liu Yan at that time.

It had nothing to do with them.

They didnt even touch the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

“Brother Zheng, you know what exactly happened.

Why are you still disturbing us”

“Yeah, how would we dare to provoke that Liu Yan The three of us are no match for him.

Arent we courting death by provoking him”

“Brother Zheng, you should think of another way to confront Liu Yan.

Dont pester us anymore.

Theres nothing we can do.”


Liu Qing and Liu Ning didnt dare to provoke Zheng Tainan, so they could only helplessly persuade him.

Zheng Tainan was also helpless when he heard that.

How could he not understand this logic However, if he had a way to confront Liu Yan to take back the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus, why would he bother the two of them now

Zheng Tainan still wanted to continue pestering them.

At this moment, Liu Qing saw that the group had already come out and hurriedly said, “Brother Zheng, dont worry about these things.

We have been assigned to the first group.

Hurry up and prepare to enter the altar.”

Zheng Tainan came back to his senses when he heard this.

He could only temporarily put this matter aside and focus his attention on the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

The instructor in charge of the altar of color, Chu Xuan, also shouted at this moment, “The first group of people who have just reported in, all step forward.

Prepare to enter the trial of the altar of color!”

Including Zheng Tainan, Liu Qing, and Liu Ning, the ten people stepped forward.

When the other students saw the group, they discussed in low voices.

“I wonder who will have the highest score in the first group.”

“In my opinion, its still Zheng Tainan.

After all, his strength is the strongest.”

“Zheng Tainan Didnt he get beaten up by that Liu Yan from the Lighthouse Academy yesterday His hair has gone bald, hahaha!”

“That is also the existence of the top 30 in our Gifted Academys combat strength.

It is also the first level of our current batch of students.”


Everyone was discussing animatedly.

Even though Zheng Tainan had just made a fool of himself yesterday and was beaten up by Liu Yan, he was indeed the existence with the highest combat strength among them.

Alan Smith, Xu Han, and the other top combat strength students from the Gifted Academy had gone to the Lighthouse Academy as exchange students.

Zheng Tainan was in the top 30 in Gifted Academy.

Without a doubt, he would become one of the top-tier combat strengths of the current batch of students.

Of course, it would also depend on the performance of the exchange students from the Lighthouse Academy, including Liu Yan.

Very quickly, Zheng Tainan and the other ten students entered the altar of color and began the trial.

The people outside could see the performance of the ten students inside through the virtual screen outside the altar.

The students inside were in absolute darkness, but the virtual screen could show the situation around them.

The ten students had just entered the altar of color.

They couldnt see the situation around them clearly.

They seemed to be more cautious.

They slowly moved forward, carefully using their methods to find the traces of the fierce beasts around them.

Most students relied on their voices to hear, but the effect wasnt ideal.

Soon, two students bumped into the fierce beasts and started fighting in the darkness.

After a battle, although these two students were in absolute darkness and their combat strength was greatly affected, they still suffered some minor injuries in the end.

They killed fierce beasts one after another and were immediately teleported out.

Chu Xuan went forward to check on the fierce beasts killed by the two students.

One was the size of a human, while the other was half the size of a human.

The wounds on the fierce beasts body were all over its body.

“Zhang San, fierce beast of human size.

The fierce beasts movement speed is medium, and the wounds are all over its body.

The final score is 100 points.

You have passed this round of the trial!”

“Li Si, half-human-sized fierce beast.

Movement speed is medium, and the wounds are all over half of its body.

The final score is 120 points.

You have passed this round of the trial!”

When the students heard the scores of these two students, their expressions became a little strange.

These two people were considered lucky to have bumped into fierce beasts in the dark.

The remaining students might not be able to encounter a fierce beast until the trial ended.

They would have a problem passing the trial.

However, even if these two people were lucky, their final scores were not ideal.

The student had to earn 600 points from the five altars to pass the trials of the fourth level of the Tower.

It meant they had to obtain at least 120 points on each altar.

If they obtained fewer points in the first round, they had to get more points in the later rounds to have a chance to pass the trial on the fourth level of the Tower.

Their situation was undoubtedly not very good.


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