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Liu Yan gripped his dagger tightly, and hit the beasts weak spot with all his strength accurately.

However, with a “bang”, the dagger was repelled, and the fire Kylin was unharmed.


He immediately used his Swiftsteps to pull away.

Only now did he notice that the fire Kylins scales were extremely thick.

Even with his currently terrifyingly strong strength attribute as well as the three-times Strenght Enhancement effect, he was still unable to cause any damage to it.


Liu Yan glanced at the dagger in his hand.

It was the Federation Special Dagger that he had upgraded to E-grade by using Divine Extraction on it.

Yet now, it was obviously not sharp enough to be of use.

To think he couldnt penetrate the scales of the fire Kylin and was unable to cause any damage to it even with his strength.

With this, his weakness was revealed.

Previously, although Liu Yans close combat ability was fine, with the improvement in his long-range attacking abilities, especially archery, close combat had now become his weakness.

Liu Yan was helpless.

Fortunately, he still had a huge advantage in speed.

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With that, he relied on his speed, which he was best at, to continuously shuttle around and repeatedly test the fire Kylins bite.

Though he was able to dodge the bites, he was unable to pull apart the distance and launch long-range attacks.

After all, the fire Kylin was also very fast, and it did not leave any time for Liu Yan to do so at all.

Without a better choice, Liu Yan planned to prolong the battle.

He would first exhaust the fire Kylin by relying on his physical abilities.

Then, when it was tired, he would find an opportunity to attack unexpectedly and kill it in one strike.


However, since the fire Kylin had reached level 8, its physical strength was very likely on par with Liu Yans.

That being said, at this moment, he had no other way.

After all, he could not launch the long-range attacks that he was good at either.


Liu Yan was feeling depressed when he sensed Shadows consciousness.


It seemed to want to come out and fight together with him.

Shadow had, after all, just been subdued, and its level was still very low.

Its combat strength was also relatively poor, so Liu Yan did not even think about it at all, and did not consider how it could help.

But now, Shadows fighting will was very strong.

Liu Yan gritted his teeth and decided to give it a try.

At worst, if Shadow could not beat it and was useless, he would just put it back into his ring.

Following this, Liu Yan released Shadow.


Having been summoned, Shadow appeared in front of Liu Yan.

The wolf cubs body was very small, half the size of a person.

It formed a sharp contrast with the fire Kylin opposite it that was the size of several people.

However, the minute the fire Kylin saw Shadow which was clearly much smaller than it, it seemed to have seen its nemesis.

It immediately gave up on attacking and quickly fled.


Shadow did not give the fire Kylin the chance to do so.

It directly rushed up and attacked, biting at it.

Although Shadows combat strength was not very strong, the fire Kylin did not dare to resist.

Instead, the fire Kylin was thus held back by Shadow, which helped Liu Yan in launching close-range attacks.

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Seeing all this, Liu Yan was immediately surprised.

It turned out that Shadow could restrain the fire Kylin.

No wonder it had been so eager to come out.

While still being surprised, Liu Yan did not stop his movements.

He quickly took out the Myriad Beast Bow.


He then activated Poison Control, and poison was immediately attached to the arrow.

Following that, with Strength Enhancement, Liu Yan entered a berserk state and his strength was increased by three times.

At the same time, relying on the Archery column that he had unlocked, his archery abilities thus increased by several times.

The Myriad Beast Bow was pulled into a full moon shape.

An arrow shot out, accurately hit the target, and directly pierced into it.


The fire Kylin immediately felt the pain and became furious.

As it was enraged, it was no longer fearful of the shadow wolf and turned around to launch an attack.

Seeing this, Liu Yan naturally wouldnt let Shadow face it head-on.

He hurriedly ordered Shadow to retreat.

Having already unlocked Absolute Order in the Familiars column, not only could Liu Yan sense the shadow wolfs thoughts, but it could also sense his thoughts.

With this, the shadow wolf quickly withdrew and did not stay to fight.

As for Liu Yan, he hurriedly activated Fog.


Instantly, white fog shrouded the entire area, and at the same time, it also brought multiple effects such as paralysis, delay, and so on.

The fire Kylins vision was immediately greatly affected.

It could only rely on the difference in smell and temperature to find Liu Yan and Shadow.

Liu Yan immediately put Shadow back in the ring to avoid it from being attacked by the fire Kylin, while he himself had the passive skill Aura Concealment.


Instantly, Shadow disappeared from the fire Kylins perception.

It could still sense Liu Yan a little, but couldnt be sure.

It could only sense the approximate location of its target.

When it got closer, Liu Yan, who could sense everything in the white fog clearly, had already relied on his terrifying speed to leave.

With this, no matter how powerful the fire Kylins offensive abilities were, it couldnt come into contact with Liu Yan at all.

As if strolling in the garden, Liu Yan strolled through the white fog.

He shot out arrow after arrow, all of them fatal since they were aimed at the fire Kylins vital points like its head.

With the Precise Shot and Pierce Shot that he had unlocked, not only was Liu Yan able to hit his target accurately, but he was also able to unleash an even stronger penetrating force with each arrow.

His arrows could pierce through the scales of the fire Kylin and cause damage.

Soon, after Liu Yan had shot seven or eight arrows and the poison took effect, the fire Kylin fell to the ground.

[Congratulations on winning the battle.

Obtained: EXP 480!]


When Liu Yan saw the notification that confirmed that he had killed the fire Kylin, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

He withdrew Fog and the surroundings returned to their original state.

As expected of a powerful level 8 mountain guardian beast.

It had given Liu Yan 480 EXP in one go.

Liu Yan, who had just leveled up to level 4, was suddenly halfway there to the next level.

If another fire Kylin like this appeared again, he could then directly level up to level 5.

According to what he knew, the other Awakened who had just entered level two of the Tower could be considered strong if they were at level 2.

There was only a handful of level 3 Awakened.

As for Liu Yan, he was already halfway through level 4.

The gap between them was huge.


Liu Yan stepped forward to take a look.

There was the corpse of the fire Kylin, and beside it was the treasure it was guarding, a warm jade.

Liu Yan took a look at the stats of the jade.

It had a very high grade, reaching A-grade.

However, its effects were somewhat vague.

He needed to use a special method to stimulate the power of the flames within before he could use it.

It was too troublesome.

Without even thinking, Liu Yan directly used Divine Extraction on it.

A white light enveloped the jade, and a notification appeared before Liu Yans eyes.

[Divine Extraction of the Flame Stone has been successful.

Obtained: Flame Control (A-Grade)!]

[Flame Control]

[Grade: A]

[Effects: You will be able to freely control powerful flames and cause great damage.

At the same time, it can greatly increase ones resistance to flames!]

Liu Yan could feel the changes in his body.

At this moment, he could clearly feel the fire elements around him.

He stretched out a finger, and a small ball of flame appeared.

With a thought, the thumb-sized flame flew out and instantly turned into a two-meter-large fireball that was incomparably terrifying!


Liu Yan was extremely shocked.

As expected of an A-grade skill, it was indeed powerful and terrifying.

With this, his strength had increased by a lot.

If he encountered a beast like the fire Kylin again, Liu Yan would not have to worry that he would not be able to break through its defense.

He could just use the fire element to easily break through its defense!

This was also the first A-grade skill that Liu Yan had obtained so far!

Following this, Liu Yan looked at the fire Kylins corpse at the side.

Just as he was about to use Divine Extraction on it, he sensed the powerful desire of Shadow towards the fire Kylin.

It seemed to want to eat the fire Kylins corpse.

Could it be…


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