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The Gifted Academys cafeteria.

The battle between the two students continued.

Both sides were heavily injured, but they still had no intentions of stopping.

The surrounding Gifted Academy students and staff didnt stop them.

On the contrary, they encouraged them to continue fighting.

Liu Yan was watching from the crowd.

He couldnt help but sigh inwardly.

The ethos of the Gifted Academy was really fierce and aggressive.

Liu Yan could see strong fighting spirits in the eyes of the students of the Gifted Academy.

This fierce fighting spirit was rarely seen among the students of the Lighthouse Academy.

On the other hand, the students of the Gifted Academy werent getting along with each other.

They did not like the students of the Lighthouse Academy were more united and could cooperate with each other at the higher levels of the Tower in the future.

The students of Lighthouse Academy could display the advantages of a team.

Lighthouse Academy and Gifted Academy had their own advantages.

The battle between these two continued until one side suffered more severe injuries.

After eating in the Gifted Academys cafeteria, Liu Yan returned to his dormitory to rest.

The next morning, on the square.

The teachers of the Gifted Academy and the tower-climbing students gathered on the square.

In this student exchange event, not all of the students were involved.

Only a small number of the more outstanding students participated in the exchange.

The teachers from both academies would lead the students to the fourth level of the Tower for the examination.

Today, the teachers of the Gifted Academy would lead the students of the Gifted Academy and a small number of the students of the Lighthouse Academy to the fourth level of the Tower.

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On the stage, a few teachers of the Gifted Academy were waiting by the side.

At this moment, the principal of the Gifted Academy, Murakami, walked out.

When Murakami saw that all the students had arrived, he explained the rules.

“Later on, all of you will follow me to the fourth level of the Tower and ascend the Tower.

At that time, you have to follow my instructions.

You must not wander away from the group.

Otherwise, you will bear the consequences.


Liu Yan listened to Murakamis explanation and roughly understood the rules.

The fourth level of the Tower was mainly made up of five altars.

These five altars formed a huge seal.

Only by breaking the seal would one be able to successfully charge into the Tower and pass the trial on the fourth level of the Tower.

Only then would one be able to head to the fifth level of the Tower.

These five altars all had their corresponding sacrificial gemstones.

Only by obtaining the sacrificial gemstones from the five altars would one be able to activate the altars.

After the altar was activated, the altar would be shattered at the same time before they could proceed to the next level of the Tower.

And the first step was to obtain the gemstones.

The gemstones were in the hands of the teachers in charge of the altars.

There would be different tests for different altars.

Only those who performed the best could obtain the corresponding sacrificial gemstones from the corresponding altars.

However, some weaker students could still pass the test even if their performance was not outstanding.

After Murakamis explanation, the group of students understood the rules.

Then, Murakami and a few teachers from the Gifted Academy led the students to the fourth level of the Tower.

On one side of the middle square between the Lighthouse Academy and the Gifted Academy, there was a gigantic stairway.

Previously, when the world of the Tower fused together, the two academies had already appeared.

Previously, many students were curious about this seemingly endless stairway.

However, the academy did not explain much at that time.

They had also arranged for instructors to guard it and not allow students to trespass.

At this moment, Murakami and a few instructors led a group of students towards the stairway and began to ascend the stairway.

The doubts in the students hearts were gradually resolved.

At the same time, it also confirmed the speculations in the minds of many students.

“I was saying that the stairway is so mysterious.

So it is the way to the fourth level of the Tower.”

“I cant see the end of this stairway.

How long do we have to climb until we reach the fourth level of the Tower”

“Climbing the fourth level of the Tower is going to be exhausting.

Its so troublesome.”

“No wonder the academy asked us to gather so early.

It turns out that we need time to climb the stairway.”


At the very front, Murakami turned his head around coldly and said, “While, when we ascend the stairway, try to catch up.

Time is tight, and those who fail to do so will be eliminated!”

Then, the group started to climb the stairway.

Murakami and a few teachers led the way at an exceptionally fast speed.

When the students at the back saw how fast they were, they were shocked.

They immediately moved faster and tried to catch up.

Many students had lower speed and endurance.

It was challenging for them to follow Murakami and other teachers.

In the crowd, Liu Yan followed with a relaxed expression.

Liu Yans agility attribute was quite high, so he could easily follow without using any skill.

As time passed, many students were unable to keep up.

They gradually used their own skills that could increase their speed, but they could barely keep up.

Seeing this scene, Liu Yan couldnt help but shake his head.

They could not see the end of the stairway.

It meant that there was still a long way to go.

And the intentions of Murakami and the few teachers of the Gifted Academy were also clear.

Those who couldnt keep up would be eliminated here.

Thus, they had been deliberately controlling their speed.

Their speed was relatively fast.

It wouldnt make the students relaxed, but it wouldnt be too fast either.

After all, Murakami and the other teachers possessed high strength.

If they were to use their full speed, it was likely that none of the students would be able to keep up.

In the beginning, some students used their skills to barely keep up.

However, they could only do it for a short period.

Gradually, some students were exhausted, and they couldnt keep up.

In the end, they were left behind.

Without a doubt, these students also knew that they were eliminated.

They hadnt even reached the fourth level of the Tower.

Before the trial began, they had already failed.

The remaining students were shocked when they saw this.

They immediately followed closely and adjusted their state to try to maintain their stamina so that they could keep up.

They didnt want to be eliminated before reaching the fourth level of the Tower.

“Oh no, how long will this last”

“I can still keep up now, but its exhausting.

I feel like I wont be able to keep up anymore.”

“The stairway is so long.

Its too terrifying.”

“Who would have thought it would be so difficult at the start If I had known earlier, I would have trained my speed and endurance properly.”

“Who knew they would test our speed I spent all day thinking about improving my combat strength.

I never thought of improving my speed.”

“Stop talking so much and maintain your stamina.

I wonder when Ill be able to reach the fourth level of the Tower.”


Many students were suffering terribly.

Usually, they did not pay much attention to their speed during the training.

At this moment, it was extremely tiring.

Later, some students gradually lost their stamina and could not keep up.

Murakami and the few instructors were not particularly fast, and most of the students could keep up at the beginning, but they had to keep up for a long time.

Some students were unable to do so.

They continued to climb the Tower at a fairly high speed.

The stronger students were fine, but some students were already suffering terribly.

It was almost noon when they finally saw the end of the stairway.

The students were finally about to reach the finish line!


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