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In the dormitory.

After Zheng Tainan and the other two left, Liu Yan sized up the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus in front of him.

Its body was purple, but it was scalding hot in his hands.

It was truly mystical.

Liu Yan checked the information about the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus through his smart wristband.

[ Angry Buddha Purple Lotus ]

Grade: A

Effect: After using it, one can break through the bottleneck and increase their strength.

However, it has powerful firepower and can not be used directly.

It needs to be used in a specific way.

After reading the information on the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus, Liu Yan nodded to himself.

It was an A-grade medicinal ingredient.

No wonder he could sense that the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus was an extremely valuable treasure through his Treasure Hunting skill.

It was probably not an ordinary A-grade medicinal herb.

After reading the information, Liu Yan immediately understood why Zheng Tainan did not use such a precious medicinal herb to increase his strength.

It was because one had to use a special method to consume it.

In addition, the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus was mainly used to help break through bottlenecks.

Zheng Tainan probably wanted to use it when his cultivation reached a bottleneck.

However, Liu Yan did not care about these things.

With the help of the Divine Extraction, Liu Yan did not have any bottleneck in increasing his strength.

He could directly use the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

During this period, Liu Yan had been busy building a perfect foundation and hadnt increased his experience level.

The Angry Buddha Purple Lotus could be used to increase his experience level and further increase his strength.

Liu Yan could use Angry Buddha Purple Lotus directly through the Divine Extraction.

Not only would the powerful fire energy not hinder Liu Yan, but it could also be absorbed by Liu Yan.

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“I wonder if this Buddhas wrath purple lotus can increase the strength of my Flame Control skill” Liu Yan thought curiously.

Immediately, Liu Yan used his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, on the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

A ray of light landed on the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

The Angry Buddha Purple Lotus, which was emitting a dazzling purple light a moment ago, withered rapidly in the next moment.

Instantly, it dimmed and turned into a withered flower.

Meanwhile, a notification appeared before Liu Yans eyes.

[ Divine Extraction of Angry Buddha Purple Lotus (A-grade) successful.

Congratulations! Obtained: 50,000 combat experience, additional firepower, successfully integrated into Flame Control (A-grade).

Flame Controls power increased by 20%! ]

[ Level increased.

You have reached level 21! ]

[ Level increased.

You have reached level 24! ]

Liu Yan felt the various attributes in his body increase rapidly, and his strength had improved quite a bit.

This Angry Buddha Purple Lotus was indeed amazing.

It had provided Liu Yan with so much combat experience in an instant.

He had gained four levels consecutively in an instant, reaching level 24.

At the same time, the fire attribute power within the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus had also been absorbed by Liu Yan.

It increased the power of his Flame Control skill by 20%.

The increase was extremely exaggerated.

An increase of 20% for an A-grade skill was a lot.

Liu Yan looked very happy as he looked at the bag of cultivation consumables he had obtained from Chu Long.

Although the individual cultivation consumables in this bag could not compare to the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus, the total value of such a large bag was not inferior to the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

Currently, Liu Yan was lacking in level.

So, he needed to increase his level to catch up with the others.

Liu Yan immediately took out the cultivation consumables from his bag.

He did not have any thoughts of conserving them and used them directly.

Liu Yan used Divine Extraction on the cultivation consumables one by one.

Streaks of white light descended, and the dazzling cultivation consumables instantly dimmed and withered.

The strength in Liu Yans body instantly increased continuously, and notifications appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[ Divine Extraction of Night God Grass (B-grade) successful.

Congratulations: combat experience: 3,000! ]

[ Divine Extraction of Solid Constitution Pill (C-grade) successful.

Congratulations: combat experience: 1,000! ]

[ Level increased.

You have reached level 28! ]

As the last notification appeared, Liu Yan had leveled up four levels consecutively, reaching level 28.

Adding to the previous increase, Liu Yan had used up a large number of precious cultivation consumables in that instant.

However, he also gained a lot.

He rose eight levels instantly, from level 20 to level 28.

His strength had also improved quite a bit, and his level had gradually caught up with the majority of the troops.

Liu Yans face was full of satisfaction.

It seemed he would have to buy more medicinal ingredients and herbs when he had time.

With Divine Extraction, it was really convenient for him to absorb large amounts of medicinal ingredients and herbs without any pressure to increase his strength.

However, many precious medicinal ingredients and herbs could not be bought with federation coin.

Most of them could only be bought with origin stone.

Thinking of the origin stone, Liu Yan immediately thought of the bag that the vice principal of the Weapon Academy, Ling Feng, had given him previously.

Back then, Liu Yan had given a lot of rare ores to the academy.

Hence, Ling Feng had also paid for the corresponding origin stone to Liu Yan.

Liu Yan reckoned that the bag should be the origin stone.

Liu Yan was in a rush for the opening day of the fourth level of the Tower, so he did not have time to check the bag.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan hurriedly opened his high-grade storage ring, took out the bag, and counted the origin stones in the bag.

After counting, Liu Yan was suddenly a bit surprised.

There were 23 low-grade origin stones and five medium-grade origin stones inside.

One medium-grade origin stone was equivalent to or even more precious than 100 low-grade origin stones.

This bag of origin stones was equivalent to a sky-high price of resources.

It could be used to purchase tons of cultivation materials.

Liu Yan was a little surprised, but after thinking about it, he understood.

After all, those rare ores were not cheap.

Other than the ones used to forge equipment, there were still many left.

It was reasonable to have so many origin stones.

In fact, Ling Feng made this transaction.

After all, there were so many rare ores in the world, and they were all priceless.

It was challenging to buy them.

Liu Yan put away the origin stone and was extremely happy.

At the same time, outside the dormitory building on the other side.

A group of Gifted Academy students saw Zheng Tainan and the other two leave dejectedly, and they were also discussing.

“Who is this Liu Yan Is he so powerful”

“Yeah, Zheng Tainan and the other two arent weak at all, especially Zheng Tainan is one of the top 30 existences on our academys combat power ranking.”

“The three of them arent weak at all.

If they work together, they wouldnt be at a disadvantage against the top 10 students on the combat power ranking.”

“Why does the name Liu Yan sound so familiar I remember now.

Is he the student specially recruited by the principal of Lighthouse Academy Hes an existence on the same level as our academys Alan Smith and Xu Han.”

“I see.

That Zheng Tainan and the other two are really unlucky.”

“The three of them arent a match for Liu Yan.

Its probably normal.”

“This Liu Yans strength is a little terrifying.

I wonder how his combat strength is compared to the two genius students of our academy.”


While everyone was discussing, Xu Han, who was not far away, heard all of their discussions.

Xu Han had paid special attention to Liu Yan previously.

He felt that Liu Yans strength should not be quite strong.

Now, he was certain that Liu Yans handsome appearance, Liu Yans strength were even more astonishing.

Besides, Xu Han also noticed that Zheng Tainan and the other two were not injured.

It meant that Liu Yan had barely made a move against them and had already easily crushed the three of them!

Zheng Tainan instantly became interested in Liu Yan.

After Xu Han returned, he met Alan Smith.

“Alan, let me tell you, this Liu Yan is very strong, ridiculously strong.

I think youre not the chosen one anymore, hahaha!” Xu Han said straightforwardly.

Allen Smith glanced at Xu Han, but he didnt say anything and didnt show any expression.


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