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When Zheng Tainan heard Liu Yans words and saw that Liu Yan was pointing at the purple lotus, he immediately wanted to die.

This purple lotus was the most precious item in his storage ring.

Zheng Tainan immediately felt some despair in his heart.

Hearing Liu Yans question, Zheng Tainan helplessly said, “This is the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

It can not be bought with the federation coin.

It is worth 300 low-grade origin stones!”

When Liu Yan heard this, he was a little surprised.

It was actually worth 300 low-grade origin stones.

Normally, a low-grade origin stone was equivalent to 100 million federation coins.

So, this Angry Buddha Purple Lotus was equivalent to 30 billion federation coins.

It was simply a sky-high price.

Moreover, one had to use the origin stone to buy it.

Normally, 30 billion federation coins wouldnt be able to buy it.

One low-grade origin stone could be exchanged for 100 million federation coins, but 100 million federation coins might not be able to exchange for one low-grade origin stone.

On the surface, the value was the same, but not many people were willing to exchange it.

Liu Yan turned his head and looked at the group of twins.

He said, “Did you hear that You owe him 300 low-grade origin stones.

Hurry up and write an IOU.”

Liu Qing and Liu Ning looked at each other.

Since when did they owe Zheng Tainan 300 low-grade origin stones What did it have to do with them

The two of them were somewhat unwilling.

However, when they saw Liu Yans cold eyes and thought of Liu Yans terrifying skills, the two of them compromised and wrote an IOU for Zheng Tainan.

When Liu Yan saw that the IOU had been written, he directly handed the IOU to Zheng Tainan and said indifferently, “Alright, Ill buy the Angry Buddha Purple Flower.

You can ask for money from the two of them.

You can leave now.

I want to rest.”

As Liu Yan spoke, he accepted the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

Zheng Tainans face was filled with pain when he saw this.

He wanted to stop Liu Yan from taking it, but he did not have the guts to do so.

Behind Zheng Tainan, Liu Qing and Liu Ning were even more hesitant.

Liu Yan had taken the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus, so why should they pay Zheng Tainan However, they did not dare to say anything.

They really did not want to offend Liu Yan.

After Liu Yan accepted the Purple Buddha Purple Lotus, he didnt care about the three of them and directly chased them out of the dormitory.

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At the same time, in the office.

The group of teachers looked at the scene on the camera and were a little stunned.

Of course, they knew that Liu Yans talent wasnt bad, and his strength was strong.

But after all, these three students of the Gifted Academy were also elites.

Their strength was good, and they had the advantage in numbers.

At first, they thought that these three people would be able to defeat Liu Yan easily because Liu Yan was outnumbered.

However, they did not expect that Liu Yans strength was ridiculously strong.

Liu Yan had shown how much stronger he was to the three before they even exchanged blows.

Zheng Tainan and the others were not Liu Yans match at all, and they did not even have the leeway to resist.

Just when the teachers of Lighthouse Academy heaved a sigh of relief, they discovered that Liu Yan was bullying the students of the Gifted Academy alone.

“I thought Liu Yan would just let them go, but he turned around and gave them a taste of their own medicine.”

“Liu Yans personality is still different from the rest of the students of our Lighthouse Academy.

He isnt too docile and wont be too polite.”

“Yes, the students of the other Lighthouse Academy might just let them go, but Liu Yan wont.”

“Needless to say, Liu Yans method of resolving the conflict is clever.

The effect is very good.”

“Yes, this way, the alliance of the three of them would be easily dissolved by Liu Yan.

Later on, Zheng Tainan was afraid of Liu Yans strength, so he didnt dare to ask Liu Yan for money.

He could only ask the twins for money.”

“But the twins didnt get the Angry Buddha Purple Flower, so they werent willing to pay such a sky-high price.

Thus, they will start fighting later.”


The teachers of the Lighthouse Academy were full of praise for Liu Yan.

Not only was Liu Yan powerful, but he was also extremely intelligent and had a deep understanding of human nature.

When the teachers of the Gifted Academy saw the situation, some were unhappy when they saw their students being bullied.

After all, that was the Angry Buddha Purple Flower, and it was extremely valuable.

It was a pity that Liu Yan snatched it away.

However, most of the teachers of the Gifted Academy didnt really care.

This sort of thing had happened many times within the Gifted Academy.

They had always advocated the survival of the fittest.

Now, an outsider proved he was stronger than their students.

There wasnt any essential difference.

When Murakami saw this scene, he nodded.

Although he hadnt seen Liu Yans true strength yet, from the simple display of skill just now, Liu Yans strength was indeed very strong.

In addition, he was also intelligent.

Perhaps, Liu Yan was really as Zhong Yuntian had said.

His strength was formidable, his talent was extraordinary, and he would become a top-notch expert in the future.

But as for whether he could become the hope of the future of mankind, Murakami still needed to observe Liu Yan more.

On the other side, Liu Yan had already chased away Zheng Tainan and the other two.

Zheng Tainan and the other two left Liu Yans dormitory dispirited.

Outside the dormitory building, many students from the Gifted Academy were waiting outside.

They had just learned that Zheng Tainan and the other two were going in to deal with a Lighthouse Academy student.

The three had even bragged about wanting to be the first to defeat a Lighthouse Academy student.

At this moment, many students from the Gifted Academy were waiting outside, wanting to see the results.

When they saw Zheng Tainan and the other two come out, everyone gathered around them.

“Look, look, theyre out.”

“Zheng Tainan and the other two must have taught the students from the Lighthouse Academy a lesson, right Three against one.

Theres no way they cant win.”

“Those students from the Lighthouse Academy look like obedient students.

I reckon their combat strength isnt that great.”

“Haha, I bet that student from the Lighthouse Academy was crying right now.”


However, when everyone walked closer, they discovered that a huge chunk of Zheng Tainans hair was cut.

Zheng Tainan and the other two looked disheartened like they had suffered a blow and had been wronged.

When everyone saw this, they were instantly shocked.

“Tainan, whats going on The three of you arent a match for one of them”

“Hahaha, your hairstyle is too funny, isnt it Did that Lighthouse Academy student cut it for you”

“Isnt it embarrassing The three of you cant even beat one student How pathetic!”

“Youre embarrassing our Gifted Academy!”

“Then whats the name of that Lighthouse Academy student Is He that strong”


Zheng Tainan was feeling extremely uncomfortable at this moment.

He was humiliated by Liu Yan.

Liu Yan also took his valuable Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

Now, he had to face everyone.

It was really embarrassing.

Zheng Tainan quickly lowered his head and ignored everyone.

He left dejectedly.

Liu Qing faced everyones questions and said helplessly, “I think his name is Liu Yan.

His strength is ridiculous.

Hes simply a monster.”

“Hes really a monster.

Dont make fun of us.

Even if you go over, you wont be able to defeat him.” Liu Ning also followed.

Following that, Liu Qing and Liu Ning also hurriedly left.

A wave of laughter came from behind them.


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