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When Zheng Tainan heard Liu Yans question, he immediately sneered.

“You dont want to Then youll face serious consequences.

To tell you the truth, I am an existence ranked in the top 30 of the Gifted Academys combat strength ranking.

My strength is very strong.

It would be easy for me to torture you.”

Zheng Tainan said with a proud expression.

Liu Qing smiled and said, “The strength of the two of us is not weak.

If you lend some pills to us, we can be friends.

You will be able to gain the friendship of the three top experts.

In the future, the three of us will protect you in the academy.

No one will dare to bully you again.

How good would that be”

Liu Ning added, “Oh right, you might not know this, but let me tell you something.

The rules of our Gifted Academy are different from those of your Lighthouse Academy.

The Lighthouse Academy does not allow students to fight amongst themselves, but our Gifted Academy not only allows it, we even encourage it.

If we make a move against you, as long as we dont kill you, our teachers will not interfere.”

Liu Yan, who was lying on the bed, was a little surprised when he heard those words.

It was no wonder why the rules of the Lighthouse Academy and the Heavens Choice Academy were so different.

In the Lighthouse Academy, fights between students were not allowed.

The students could only agree on a duel and then fight on the stage.

Usually, internal strife was prohibited.

However, Liu Yan did not expect that the Gifted Academy would not allow violence between the students.

Not only was it allowed, but it was also even encouraged.

No wonder they said that the strong preyed on the weak in the Gifted Academy.

This was indeed the case.

Based on what the three had told Liu Yan, it was fine for the students to fight each other as long as it didnt cause any deaths.

Initially, Liu Yan was still a little apprehensive, afraid that he would incur the displeasure of the teachers of the Gifted Academy if he were to fight them.

However, after learning the rules here, Liu Yan felt much more at ease.

At this point, he subconsciously looked at the girl in the corner opposite him and said, “Our Chinese Medicine Faculty is also going to have a program this year.

If your seniors hadnt graduated or…”

Qiao Nians previous batch of students had basically transferred to other departments in their second year.

It wasnt appropriate for Shen Yugui to say this directly in front of the new students.

So, he paused for a second and continued, “If you want to come up with a program, it will definitely only be produced by your batch.

Do you have any ideas If you do, you can raise them.”

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Everyone had discussed this topic before he arrived.

They even told the people who came later about how the Clinical Department almost snatched their private room.

After Shen Yugui brought it up, Song Tian was the first to speak.

“We just met someone from the Clinical Department.

They seem to be performing a dance this year.

As for us… we also want to perform a dance.”

She was cheerful and straightforward.

She didnt hide anything.

Her baby face was quite confident.

She raised her hand and looked around at the people in the private room, then said, “I learned folk dance for a few years.

I can do a solo dance.

But theres a problem.

I dont have a soundtrack.

It might not be very effective if I play the CD.

Who knows how to play an instrument Its best if we can coordinate!”

She had already asked the rest about their specialties when she first arrived.

Basically, no one wanted to go up.

She had learned folk dance for a few years and was very experienced in it.

It was fine for her to go up and take the lead.

She would also go up to represent the class when they were required to perform in her high school in the past.

She wasnt afraid of such occasions.

Seeing this, Liu Qing also hurriedly admitted his mistake and said, “Big Brother, we were wrong.

We know we were wrong.

Can you let us go”

“We are so sorry, Big Brother.” Liu Ning also asked with trepidation.

The three of them all looked flustered.

They wanted to leave, but they didnt dare to.

Liu Yan glanced at them and said indifferently, “Why are you in such a hurry to leave You dont want to borrow any more, right Sorry, I want to lend them to you now.”

As he said this, Liu Yan glanced at the three of them.

Then, he guessed that Zheng Tainan was the leader, had the highest grade of equipment, had the highest strength, and was probably the richest.

Liu Yan looked at Zheng Tainan and said indifferently, “Pour out all the items in your storage ring.”

“Ah No…” Zheng Tainan immediately looked troubled.

He did not want to cooperate at all, but he was extremely afraid of Liu Yan.

“Then it looks like we are going to fight.

Lets do it.” Liu Yan said indifferently.

He raised his hand as if he was going to fight.

Zheng Tainan panicked when he heard Liu Yan.

The scene of Liu Yan fighting was still vivid in his mind.

He did not want to fight with Liu Yan.

There was no need to think about the result.

He would be beaten up.

“No, no, no.

Ill do it.”

Zheng Tainan quickly cooperated and poured out all the things in his storage ring.

Liu Yan glanced at it, and his gaze immediately stopped on a purple lotus.

Relying on his A-grade skill Treasure Hunting, Liu Yan could sense that this purple lotus flower was the most precious treasure among them.

This purple lotus flower was also a medicinal ingredient and it was extremely precious.

It was even more precious than the bag of cultivation consumables that Liu Yan had just used.

Liu Yan was also a little surprised.

It seemed that the students of the Gifted Academy were indeed all elites.

Just looking at any one of them could make one so rich, to be able to take out such precious cultivation consumable.

Liu Yan pointed at the purple lotus and casually asked, “This thing looks pretty good.

How much is it”


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