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When Xu Han heard Alan Smith, he immediately laughed.

“Forget it.

I defeated you.

Now that were about to enter the fourth level of the Tower, I dont have the time to play with you.” Xu Han teased with a smile.

Alan Smith was slightly dissatisfied when he heard this.

Alan Smith was defeated by Xu Han last night, but Xu Han sounded like Alan Smith was always the loser.

That was not the case.

Alan Smith had competed with Xu Han many times.

Both of them had wins and losses.

So, Xu Han was truly shameless.

However, Alan Smith and Xu Han had known each other for some time.

Alan Smith knew Xu Han was a shameless person, so he ignored Xu Hans nonsense.

The students below looked at their reactions on the stage curiously and discussed animatedly.

“This Alan Smith looks so cold.

I feel that he is very powerful.”

“After all, he is a combat machine trained by the European Federation.

They say that his battle is extremely terrifying.

He even crushed the first three levels of the Tower.”

“We are definitely not a match for this kind of monster.”

“Xu Han looks quite ordinary.

How was he picked by the principal I really cant tell he could beat Alan Smith.”

“Hes a monster too.

Dont be deceived by his appearance.”


At this moment, Lan Jinqiu also glanced at these two genius students.

Lan Jinqiu also had some understanding of Alan Smith and Xu Han.

They could be considered the most influential people in Gifted Academy.

They were simply monsters, they would grow into top-notch experts in the future.

Murakami was willing to let Lan Jinqiu teach his two precious genius students.

Lan Jinqiu didnt expect Murakami to be so generous.

At this moment, Lan Jinqiu also looked at the students below and shouted, “Liu Yan, you should come up on stage too.”

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When Liu Yan heard this, he also directly walked forward.

All of the students of Lighthouse Academy heard about Liu Yan.

Previously, he had shone brilliantly in the freshmens grand examination.

In the space of the top hunting ground, Liu Yan had single-handedly defeated an SS-grade Earth Dragon and even subdue it.

This matter was widespread throughout the entire Lighthouse Academy.

Hence, Liu Yan had become a famous figure in the Lighthouse Academy.

And the appearance of Liu Yan immediately caused the students of the Lighthouse Academy and Gifted Academy to exclaim in surprise.

Although the appearance of Liu Yan hadnt changed much after reconstructing his physical body, there were many subtle changes.

The current Liu Yan could be described as perfect.

He was extremely handsome.

Alan Smith was tall and looked handsome.

However, he was less outstanding when compared to Liu Yan.

Alan Smith could make everyones eyes light up, but Liu Yan completely stunned them.

They began to wonder how could a perfect and handsome human like Liu Yan exist in this world.

“D*mn, is he Liu Yan Hes too handsome.”

“If I wasnt a man, I would have married him no matter what, haha!”

“Forget it, hes also the outstanding student of Lighthouse Academy who was trained by the principal.

His standards must be very high.”

“Why do I feel that Liu Yan is a little different from the last time I saw him His appearance hasnt changed, but hes much more handsome.”

“Yeah, hes changed too much.

I feel like his height has increased by a lot.”


At this moment, Liu Yan had also arrived in front of Lan Jinqiu and Murakami.

Xu Han sized up Liu Yan at this moment and teased, “Handsome, youre quite good-looking.

Many female students in our academy have been attracted to you in an instant.

I admit that you have a bit more charm than me.”

When the students below the stage heard Xu Hans words, they all laughed out loud.

“Xu Han, stop fooling around.

What kind of charm do you have”

“Xu Han, we believe you when you said youre strong but you dont have any charm at all.”

“Your tummy is huge, but you still dont want to exercise.

I really dont understand what youre thinking about.”


A bunch of objections immediately came from below the stage, but Xu Han acted as if he hadnt heard anything.

At this moment, Murakami also observed Liu Yan for a while.

He was impressed by Liu Yan, but he remained silent and didnt say a word.

After Lan Jinqiu instructed Liu Yan to temporarily follow the teachers of Gifted Academy, Murakami and the others were in charge of teaching him.

After that, Lan Jinqiu and Murakami announced a few more matters.

Then, they directly began the student exchange procedure.

The entire schools student exchange began.

The first step was to arrange the students accommodation, and they inspected all the items students carried.

Liu Yan and the few girls hurriedly parted ways.

After all, after the exchange, they wouldnt be able to live together.

They would have to live separately in the Gifted Academys dormitory.

Before leaving, Chu Long handed over a bag and said, “Brother Liu Yan, this is the cultivation item our vice principal wanted to give you.

I forgot to give it to you just now.

Hurry up and keep it well.”

After handing it over, Chu Long quickly left.

The staff was checking the students items before they headed to the dormitory.

Soon, it would be Chu Longs turn.

Liu Yan took the bag and took a look.

It was some consumables.

Their grades were not low.

They were all cultivation consumables above C-grade.

The highest one could even reach A-grade.

These medicinal ingredients and herbs were of great help to Liu Yan.

The awakened ones could only absorb them slowly after all.

However, because Liu Yan had the Divine Extraction, he could easily absorb them instantly.

However, with so many people around, Liu Yan naturally couldnt use them directly for the time being.

He carried the bag and went over to receive the inspection before entering the Gifted Academy.

Liu Yan went to the inspection area.

Then, the official personnel of the Gifted Academy checked his bag.

Although the two academies were cooperating this time, there were still many conflicts between them before, and there were even cases of big fights.

Therefore, they carried out the inspection extremely carefully this time.

Liu Yan did not notice the cultivation materials inside the bag were revealed.

Not far away, the three students of the Gifted Academy noticed Liu Yans bag.

The leader was a tall man, and beside him was a pair of twin brothers.

The leader said in a low voice, “Liu Qing, Liu Ning, look quickly.

That guy has many precious cultivation pills in his bag.

If we can obtain one of them, we can increase our cultivation.

If we can obtain all of them, we will be rich.”


The two twin brothers heard this and also carefully observed it.

At this time, they could no longer see the things in Liu Yans bag.

However, looking at the bulge in the bag, it seemed that there were indeed many good things.

“His bag is full of pills.

hes quite rich.” Liu Qing said in surprise.

Liu Ning immediately said with some dissatisfaction, “It is said that the Lighthouse Academys students have always been less arduous in their cultivation compared to us.

They are usually much more comfortable than us, but their strength is on par with ours.

It seems that they have enough cultivation ingredients to use.

These guys are lucky.

With so many pills, their strength can improve rapidly.”

The tall man in the lead was the leader of their small group.

His name was Zheng Tainan.

When Zheng Tainan heard this, he said disdainfully, “Thats right.

These fellows are really comfortable when they cultivate.

They have so many cultivation ingredients, especially this fellow.

Why dont we find an opportunity to snatch the bag from him With so many cultivation pills, we will be rich, and our strength will also improve a lot!”


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