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When the students of Lighthouse Academy heard the rules of the student exchange system proposed by Murakami, they were in an uproar.

“Sh*t, we are finished.”

“Murakami is trying to torture us.

Were so unlucky.

I cant imagine how miserable we will be.”

“Its over, its over.

Were going to be doomed this time.”

“I heard that the teachers of the Gifted Academy are very strict.

They are a bunch of psychopaths.

Our days are going to be miserable.”

“Its over.

Our days on the fourth level of the Tower are going to be miserable this time.

I dont think I can pass the exam.”


The students of the Lighthouse Academy broke down and discussed among themselves in despair.

Seeing this, Chu Long stuck out her tongue and said, “Its over.

Were going to be in trouble.”

Murong Xue didnt think too much about it and said indifferently, “What are you afraid of Its just a slightly harder exam.

Dont worry, youre strong!”

At this time, Luo Qingcheng also analyzed seriously, “Actually, Murakamis words are quite reasonable.

Our Lighthouse Academy and the Gifted Academy are both very strong, but they have two completely different educational methods.

If we combine them together and complement each other, it might be a good help to us.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan nodded slightly and felt that it made sense.

Both academies could become top-notch academies.

It meant that they had their own strengths and advantages.

The student exchange was a great opportunity for the students.

If they could accept a different educational method, perhaps there would be other gains.

Other than that, it would also be of great help to the academy.

They would be able to explore and improve the education method that was more suitable for their own academy and improve the education method.

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Lan Jinqiu, who was on stage, heard the discussions below the stage and glanced at them in annoyance.

He reprimanded, “Why are all of you making so much noise Be quiet.

Look at the students of Gifted Academy.

All of them are very well-behaved and didnt make a single sound.

I think Murakamis suggestion is very good.

All of you are a little too comfortable in the Lighthouse Academy.

Its a good opportunity to train in Gifted Academy!”

Although the students of the Lighthouse Academy were displeased and didnt approve of this exchange of students, this was the ultimate decision made by the academy and the Federations Education Department.

They couldnt change anything, so they could only remain silent.

At this moment, Lan Jinqiu also looked at Murakami and said respectfully, “Mr.

Murakami, you are right.

I had overlooked this point previously.

Since the Education Department had approved the changes, lets do it.”

Murakami nodded his head.

He said, “We can exchange our students right after this.

We will classify them according to their specialties and hand them to the corresponding instructors.

However, the talented students personally trained by the principals can now come up to the stage.

We can get to know them first.

We two will be in charge of them, Mr.


Hearing this, Lan Jinqiu naturally nodded her head in agreement.

Murakami first brought the two students personally led by the current batch of students from the Gifted Academy onto the stage.

As the two students walked onto the stage, it immediately caused a commotion.

Luo Qingcheng saw the situation and explained to Liu Yan, “The first one is a cold and expressionless blonde youth named Alan Smith.

He is currently the strongest student in the top two of Gifted Academy.

He has always been known as Gift Academys golden son.

His combat strength is extremely strong.

After all, he is a combat machine that the entire European Federation has created.

His combat strength is extremely terrifying!”

Liu Yan nodded his head slightly at the dinner.

In this world, black towers appeared randomly all over the world.

Later on, as technology gradually developed, the world had a new plan.

The countries of the European continent in the past formed the current European Federation.

Although the European Federations territory was not big, because of the rapid development of technology and society, its strength was formidable.

There were many black towers in the European Federation, and the European Federation was equally strong.

Besides being a genius, Alan Smith was also a combat machine trained by the European Federation with all their strength and resources.

His combat strength was naturally terrifying, and it was hard to imagine.

Apart from the European Federation, there were many other Federations.

Former Russia, Mongolia, and some eastern countries of the Asian continent formed the Red Star Empire.

Island countries, Peninsula countries, Southeast Asia, and other countries formed the Pan-ocean Community.

A few countries of the American continent formed the New Continent.

These administrative regions had their respective rights in the region, but they all belonged to the Blue Planet Federation Government.

Usually, they would compete in development, and there would even be occasional conflicts.

However, when the survival of the entire Blue Planet Federation Government or even the entire blue planets human race was endangered, they would form an alliance and fight the enemies.

At this moment, Liu Yan was sizing up Alan Smith, who had walked onto the stage.

Alan Smith had blonde middle-length hair, a towering height, a muscular body, and a cold yet confident face.

He was indeed worthy of being called the war machine.

Compared to the handsome and cold Alan Smith, another man who walked out from behind seemed a lot more ordinary.

He was not so dazzling and even looked a little ordinary and wretched.

The second person who walked out was a little fatty.

His face was full of smiles, and his face was full of indecency.

Luo Qingcheng continued to explain to Liu Yan, “The person behind is called Xu Han, who is also one of the top two people in the Gifted Academy.

He is the second generation of the worlds top rich family in Blue Planet.

He was originally the legitimate son of the top financial magnate in Korea.

Even after Korea joined the Pan-ocean Community, his family still has an important position in it.

They have high authority in the Pan-ocean Community.

Dont be fooled by his wretched appearance.

He looks very ordinary, but he isnt weak at all.

He and Alan Smith have always been at odds with each other.

The two of them are on par with each other, and there has always been no way to tell who is stronger.”

Murakami looked at the two people who had walked out and calmly explained, “I have personally taught these two students.

They are specially recruited because of their outstanding talents.

Their strength is also the strongest two in our current batch of Gifted Academy.

Ill have to trouble you to teach them later, Vice Principal Lan.”

Alan Smith walked up to Lan Jinqiu and calmly said, “Vice Principal Lan, please give me your guidance.”

Alan Smiths action immediately attracted the admiration of the students below him.

Behind him, Xu Han saw that Alan Smith had stolen all the limelight.

He immediately retorted, “Why do you all admire him Dont just look at his cold expression.

His actual strength isnt that great.

Yesterday, I pushed him onto the ground and rub his face with the dirt.


As Xu Han said this, he revealed a proud smile.

Coupled with his appearance, he did look a little wretched.

When Alan Smith heard this, he looked at Xu Han in annoyance and said plainly, “I already said that I wasnt in a good state yesterday.

Lets have another match tonight!”


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