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After Liu Yan learned the rules of the fourth level of the Tower, he was also a little surprised.

The fourth level had relatively easier rules.

As long as the students had the corresponding strength, they could get a good result.

One could smoothly pass the test of the fourth level of the Tower and even got a high score, brightening their futures.

Although they were not clear about the specific content of the exam, it seemed to cover all aspects.

As long as there were no problems in all aspects of strength, they would be able to pass.

At this time, Murong Xue, who was at the side, also said with some curiosity, “The students of Gifted Academy are very strong.

I want to see how powerful they are.”

Compared to the nervous Tower climbers, Murong Xue was confident in her strength and was filled with the desire to fight.

Luo Qingcheng nodded her head slightly.

She explained, “This Gifted Academy is on par with our Lighthouse Academy.

Both of them belong to the Blue Planets Federation and are two of the top academies.

The two academies are both allies and competitors.

Two academies have always been fighting for the title of the strongest academy.

There are always fierce competitions between the principals, the teachers, and the students from two academies.”

Upon hearing those words, Murong Xue couldnt help but be filled with anticipation.

She had already defeated every freshman of the Combat Technique School.

The remaining ones she could not defeat were the seniors and Liu Yan.

This time, Gifted Academy would undoubtedly allow her to have a good competition and see who was stronger.

At this moment, the other tower climbers in the surroundings were also discussing among themselves.

Some were hesitant, some were looking forward to it, and some were afraid.

Time passed bit by bit, and very quickly, it was time.

The entire plaza trembled, and the Tower merged successfully.

Another school square appeared on the other side of the Lighthouse Academys square.

On that square, there was a group of unfamiliar students.

Presumably, they were Gifted Academys tower climbers.

And on the other side of the two school squares, there were many huge buildings.

They should be the examination grounds for the fourth level of the Tower.

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The two school squares were on both sides, but the platform in the middle was connected.

On the other side of Lan Jinqiu, there was an old man.

The old man was wearing a black robe and had short yellow hair.

He looked a little strange.

The old man had a slightly hunched back and a sharp nose.

Together with his lifeless eyes, he looked a little gloomy.

Especially that blind eye, which made his entire appearance seem gloomy.

When the students of Lighthouse Academy saw this old man, they couldnt help but feel a little afraid.

At this moment, some senior students also started discussing in low voices.

“This is the principal of Gifted Academy, Murakami.

He is really scary.”

“Yeah, when we climbed the Tower last year, Murakami made things difficult for the students of our Lighthouse Academy.

This old man is really bad.”

“Shh, keep your voice down.

If he hears you, youll be in big trouble.”

“We need to see this Murakami again.

How annoying.”

“Fortunately, hes not the principal of our academy.

Otherwise, well be in trouble.”


Liu Yan was also a little surprised when he heard the discussions of the surrounding students.

He didnt expect that the principal of Gifted Academy would leave such a poor impression on the students of Lighthouse Academy.

When Liu Yan first saw Murakami, he also felt that Murakami was a little gloomy.

He didnt look like a good person at all.

But at the same time, Liu Yan also knew that the Federation would never allow a bad person to become the principal of Gifted Academy.

Holding such an important position would affect the future of the students of Gifted Academy.

In addition, there was no need to judge a person by his appearance.

As for what kind of person Murakami was, it would depend on the follow-up.

Many students below the stage did not like Murakami and even spoke ill of him behind his back.

On the stage, the Lighthouse Academys vice principal, Lan Jinqiu, had a face full of respect when he saw Murakami.


Murakami, how have you been” Lan Jinqiu said respectfully.

Liu Yan was slightly surprised when he saw this.

Lan Jinqiu had been to the high-level battlefields of the high-level Towers before, and he was naturally arrogant.

Yet, he was so respectful when he saw Murakami.

Perhaps, this Murakami wasnt what he looked like on the surface, Liu Yan guessed in his heart.

Murakamis expression was relatively calm when he saw Lan Jinqius respectful attitude.

He nodded indifferently and said, “We dont have time to chat anymore.

Lets get down to business.”

“Very well.” Lan Jinqiu nodded in agreement.

Murakami continued, “This time, we will change the rules.

The exam will be different than before.”

“Change the rules” Lan Jinqiu looked at Murakami in surprise and asked, “May I know what is in your mind, Mr.


The students below all had a bad feeling.

“Why change the rules The original rules are good enough.”

“What is this fellow trying to do this time Its not a good thing.”

“Last year, I almost succeeded in climbing the Tower.

However, this old fellow stood up and questioned my results, causing me to fail and not succeed in climbing the Tower!”

“I keep having a bad feeling.”


Murakami, who was on the stage, smiled faintly at this moment.

He glanced at the many students of the Lighthouse Academy and immediately said, “Our Gifted Academy and your Lighthouse Academy have been competing over the past few years.

Both of us wish to become the strongest academy in the Federation.

However, we couldnt decide who was the winner over the past few years.

In reality, both of our academies are very outstanding.

The students that we have nurtured are very powerful.

Many of them have grown into true experts.”

Lan Jinqiu nodded when he heard this.

He agreed with Murakamis point.

Even though the two academies had always been competing over who was better, the two academies performed really well.

Both of them were very strong.

Murakami continued, “In reality, the educational styles of our two academies are very different.

There are even significant differences.

We have our own strengths.

So, I was thinking that our educational methods only allowed students to receive one form of education.

Does it have certain limitations and restrictions on the growth of the students Is there any flaw in this educational method This time, I reported it to the Education Department of the Federation.

The application has also been approved, and we have modified the examination mechanism this time.”

“This time, the examination will be changed to an exchange of students.

That is, we will conduct the exchange of students.

Our teachers of the Gifted Academy will be responsible for guiding the students of your Lighthouse Academy.

As for your teachers at the Lighthouse Academy, they will be responsible for guiding the students of our Gifted Academy.

Under such circumstances, we will be able to test whether these students could improve their strengths and bring them all-round development after receiving different education methods from different teachers.”

“In addition, through this exchange examination, we will be able to test the flaws of our education methods and introduce better ways of education so that our respective academies can train their students in the future!”


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