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After Liu Yan returned to his car, he quickly took out a few pieces of high-grade equipment.

Liu Yan first took out the S-grade Raging Flame Gloves.

Although it was only relatively ordinary S-grade equipment, Liu Yan could not help but exclaim at its strength when he was holding it.

The seemingly small and thin gloves were quite heavy in the hands.

Liu Yan currently possessed terrifying strength.

He could feel their weight when he held the gloves in his hands.

It showed the gloves were extraordinary.

The awakened ones of the same level would likely not hold the Raging Flame Gloves.

They would not be able to use it.

For a martial arts prodigy like Murong Xue, she would probably be able to hold it, but she would not be able to use it flexibly.

Immediately after, Liu Yan used his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, on the S-grade Raging Flame Gloves.

A white light landed on the Raging Flame Gloves, and the Raging Flame Gloves immediately underwent some visible changes.

The color of the Raging Flame Gloves changed from yellow, which was the same color as the flames, to white, making it look extremely holy.

At the same time, the weight of the gloves suddenly increased by two to three times.

Liu Yan could feel it become even heavier.

At this moment, Liu Yan could barely hold it even with his super strong strength.

At the same time, a notification appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[ Divine Extraction of Raging Flame Gloves (S-grade) is successful.

Congratulations on obtaining: Blue Flame Gloves (SS-grade)! ]

Seeing the notification from Liu Yan, he was overjoyed.

As expected, he had succeeded.

He had upgraded an S-grade weapon to an SS-grade weapon!

In the entire Lighthouse Academy, there was probably not a single student who could possess an SS-grade weapon.

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com ,Please!

Even those teachers, principals, and even principal-level characters would find it difficult to possess SS-grade weapons!

According to Liu Yans understanding of the current situation, the defense equipment and weapon of the students in Lighthouse Academy were only around C-grade.

The outstanding students could only reach B-grade or A-grade.

Nobody in the Lighthouse Academy could get the S-grade weapons and defense equipment.

However, at this moment, Liu Yan possessed an SS-grade weapon!

Any single SS-grade weapon would bring about an unimaginable improvement.

Especially according to Liu Yans previous experience, after the Divine Extraction, as long as it was an S-grade weapon or an S-grade weapon or defensive equipment, it would have a powerful Gods Effect.

Liu Yan was instantly filled with anticipation.

He hurriedly checked the information on the SS-grade Blue Flame Gloves.

[ Blue Flame Gloves ]

Level: SS-grade

Description: It has terrifying blue flame damage.

Every punch has the power to destroy the world.

Rumor has it that the Blue Flame Gloves have a mysterious hidden attribute.

Effect: Attack 18,000, fire damage increased by 50% , fire resistance increased by 50%

Gods Effect: Blue Flame Strike (can store normal firepower and condense it into the ultimate blue flame.

It can burst out during battle!)


After Liu Yan finished reading the Blue Flame Gloves, he only had one feeling in his heart.

It was overwhelming and intimidating!

The Blue Flame Gloves, which was an SS-grade weapon, did not bring many effects.

It was not flashy, only a few simple ones.

However, every single one of them was incomparably terrifying and ridiculously powerful.

If the users attack was increased by 18,000, the terrifying attack power would probably be even stronger than the full-strength attack of almost all the students in Lighthouse Academy.

In other words, this effect could allow any ordinary student to possess the attack power of the current top geniuses of the academy.

Of course, the prerequisite was the students could use the Blue Flame Gloves.

The currently heavy Blue Flame Gloves, Liu Yan could only barely use them.

He estimated that he would have to activate the strength amplification skill, Earth Power before he could use them flexibly.

If even Liu Yan, who possessed such terrifying strength, could not fully use the gloves, let alone the others.

The remaining two effects of the Blue Flame Gloves were also extremely terrifying.

Fire damage and resistance were increased by 50% respectively, which was a huge increase.

It also meant that when Liu Yan used the A-grade skill, Flame Control, or shot arrows with fire attributes, he would receive a huge buff.

Lastly, the Gods Effect.

It stored ordinary firepower, condensing it into extreme firepower.

The blue fire produced an explosion.

It was equivalent to condensing ordinary firepower into a small explosion, and the effect was ridiculously strong.

Liu Yan could store more firepower he didnt use into the blue flame and burst it out in battle.

It was an extremely good combat skill.

After all, it was an SS-grade weapon, and the effect was ridiculously strong.

Liu Yan predicted that with the Blue Flame Gloves, his overall combat strength would increase by at least 30% or even more.

Other than that, in the introduction of the Blue Flame Gloves, it was said that the Blue Flame Gloves had hidden attributes.

It made Liu Yan curious, but he had no way of knowing.

He could only slowly explore it in the future.

Then, Liu Yan looked at the newly obtained intermediate storage ring.

[ Intermediate storage ring ]

Storage space: medium

Storage area: three meters

After wearing it, Liu Yan checked it.

The so-called intermediate storage space was about 100 square meters and about ten meters in height.

It was ten times the size of the previous elementary storage ring.

On the other hand, the storage area reached three meters.

The previous elementary storage ring did not have this attribute.

Only objects that came into contact with it could be put into the storage ring.

Now, it was much more convenient.

There was no need to touch it at all.

Liu Yan also used his SSS-grade skill, Divine Extraction, on the intermediate storage ring.

A white light landed on the intermediate storage ring, and a notification appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[ Divine Extraction of intermediate storage ring (A-grade) successful.

Congratulations: advanced storage ring (S-grade)! ]

Liu Yan checked the effects of the advanced storage ring.

[ Advanced storage ring ]

Grade: S-grade

Storage Space: Advanced

Storage area: 10 meters

Gods Effect: Teleportation (can teleport once within a 100-meter radius.

Currently, it can be used three times a day!)

Liu Yan saw the effect of the advanced storage ring and was extremely satisfied.

The storage space was increased by another ten times.

This way, Liu Yan would no longer worry about the storage ring not having enough space.

He could store a lot of things.

The storage area was also increased to ten meters.

The distance was not small, and Liu Yan could directly store things not far away in the storage ring.

Liu Yan could not help but think if he was fighting, could he directly store his opponents things, such as weapons, in the storage ring Liu Yan did not know if it was feasible.

If it were indeed feasible, it would undoubtedly be a mind-breaking strong move.

It seemed that he could try it when he was free.

Moreover, the advanced storage ring also had a Gods Effect, which surprised Liu Yan.

Previously, only weapons that had been upgraded to S-grade could obtain a Gods Effect.

He did not expect that functional equipment that had been upgraded to S-grade could also get a Gods Effect.


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