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The door of the forging room slowly opened, and Ling Feng slowly walked out.

However, Ling Fengs gaze was no longer as sharp as before.

He no longer had that sword-like aura that was unsheathed.

He looked a little weak and exhausted.

Seeing this, Shi Wanshan, who was at the side, hurriedly went up to support Ling Feng.

“Vice Principal Ling, its been twelve days, and you havent stopped forging for twelve days straight.

Youre pushing yourself too harsh.” Shi Wanshan said worriedly.

In order to forge high-grade equipment, many blacksmiths had to keep working.

They couldnt rest during the forging process, and they couldnt even sleep during the forging process.

Their goal was to keep forging and to prevent the materials from cooling down, so they could forge high-grade equipment.

High-grade equipment not only had harsh requirements on the materials, but the forger had to be very experienced.

For example, Ling Feng had been forging continuously day and night for twelve days.

A normal person would not be able to withstand two days of hard work.

The awakened ones would only be able to last a few more days.

They would not be able to forge continuously day and night for twelve days.

However, forging high-grade equipment required strength, precision, and timing.

At this moment, Liu Yan saw how exhausted Ling Feng was.

He could not help but admire Ling Feng for continuously forging for twelve days.

At the same time, he felt a little guilty.

After all, Ling Feng was forging equipment for Liu Yan.

That was why he worked so hard.

He did it for Liu Yan.

Liu Yan came in front of Ling Feng and said guiltily, “Vice Principal Ling, youve worked too hard.”

At this moment, Ling Feng barely managed to catch his breath.

He waved his hand and said weakly, “Its okay, Im glad.

Its my honor to be able to forge so many high-grade equipment pieces.

Im too tired to introduce you to the equipment.

You can go in and check it yourself.

Keep whatever is useful to you.

I believe some of them should be useful to you.”

Liu Yan thanked him again.

Then, he did not continue the small talk.

He entered the forging room and counted the equipment this time.

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The forging room that had just finished its long-term forging was still extremely hot.

Only Liu Yan had the A-grade skill, Flame Control, so his heat resistance was relatively high.

If it was an ordinary person, their skin would have long been scalded.

On the central stage of the forging room, there were all sorts of weapons and defensive equipment piled up, emitting a dazzling light.

Just by looking at the color, it was already quite extraordinary.

Liu Yan hurriedly went forward and looked through them one by one.

After looking through them, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

Among this pile of various types of equipment, more than half were B-grade equipment.

B-grade equipment was still extremely powerful.

The students could gain their combat power by equipping them.

Other than that, there were also a few pieces of A-grade equipment and a piece of S-grade equipment.

The S-grade equipment undoubtedly attracted the most attention from Liu Yan.

It was a pair of gloves, which seemed to be made of special material.

And the gloves were also the equipment that Liu Yan needed the most.

Liu Yan hurriedly checked the information of the only S-grade weapon.

[ Raging Flame Gloves ]

Grade: S

Description: Attacks are imbued with the power of flames.

Even a casual punch has terrifying power.

If one can use the power of fire elements to be extremely powerful, it will explode with even more terrifying power!

Effect: Attack 5,000

After Liu Yan finished looking at the effect, he was quite satisfied.

The gloves were just ordinary S-grade weapons.

It was incomparable to the two S-grade weapons that Liu Yan had obtained after using Divine Extraction.

However, this was an original S-grade weapon.

If Liu Yan used Divine Extraction, he should have had a chance to upgrade it to SS-grade.

The power of any single SS-grade weapon was unimaginable.

Especially after Liu Yans Divine Extraction was upgraded, most S-grade weapons and above would also have the Gods Effect, which would greatly increase their power!

Liu Yan looked at the remaining few pieces of equipment.

From the few pieces of A-grade equipment, he chose one suitable for the three ladies.

The rest of the equipment pieces were not weak, but they were somewhat dispensable to Liu Yan.

After checking, Liu Yan only saw one intermediate storage ring that was more useful to him.

Currently, Liu Yan was still using the elementary storage ring he had obtained from the first level of the Tower.

The space was gradually running out, so he could upgrade it.

After accepting the intermediate storage ring and a few pieces of equipment, Liu Yan walked out of the forging room.

At this moment, Ling Feng had rested for a while.

After eating a little, his complexion had slightly improved.

Although Ling Feng was still weak, he could at least stand and speak without problems.

When Ling Feng saw Liu Yan walk out of the forging room, he immediately asked with some anticipation, “How is it Are you satisfied with your harvest this time”

Liu Yan immediately nodded and bowed slightly in gratitude, “Vice Principal Ling, Ive troubled you too much this time.

The equipment you forge can bring great help to me and my friends.

We appreciate your help.”

Previously, when Liu Yan had troubled Ling Feng to forge the equipment through this batch of rare ores, he did not know many details.

Later, Liu Yan learned that forgers usually charged fees for forging equipment, and it was not cheap.

Especially when forging equipment of such a high grade, it was extremely taxing on the mind and stamina of the forger.

It was extremely taxing, and the price was sky-high.

Previously, Liu Yan didnt know about this at all, so he didnt bring it up.

It was equivalent to Ling Feng forging a batch of equipment for Liu Yan for free.

Although Liu Yan had provided a large number of rare ores, some of the equipment forged would even be given to the academy, so it was beneficial to the academy too.

However, Ling Feng did not mind helping Liu Yan at all.

Liu Yan was extremely grateful in his heart.

At this moment, Ling Feng waved his hand and said indifferently, “Why are you saying this I am willing to help you.

Moreover, you can provide so many rare ores.

It is also beneficial to me.

After forging so many high-grade equipment pieces in seclusion this time, I feel that my forging skills have improved a lot.

I also have to thank you.”

After chatting with Ling Feng for a while, Liu Yan decided to leave.

After all, it was getting late.

Liu Yan still needed to head to the fourth level of the Tower tomorrow.

Before Liu Yan left, Ling Feng handed a heavy bag to him, saying that it was the reward for the extra rare ores.

At this moment, Liu Yan only wanted to leave this place as soon as possible, so that he could find a place to use Divine Extraction to upgrade his equipment.

Liu Yan was extremely eager to see the powerful effects of his first SS-grade weapon, so he didnt pay much attention to it.

He immediately took the bag and returned to his sports car.


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