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At night, in the villa.

Liu Yan and a few other women were having dinner while chatting.

They were discussing their harvest from the Lighthouse Academy during this period.

They also discussed the preparations they needed to make in the last few days.

Murong Xue was in a good mood, and her face was full of smiles.

During this period, Murong Xue had gradually come to an understanding.

Previously, she had always wanted to surpass Liu Yan.

But in the end, she could not surpass him at all.

Instead, the gap between them had become bigger and bigger.

It had caused Murong Xue to suffer a severe blow, and she was a bit blue.

And after witnessing Liu Yans terrifying combat strength in the top hunting ground last time, Murong Xue came to a realization.

She no longer compared herself to Liu Yan, but herself.

She would continue to improve herself.

There was no need to be concerned about Liu Yans improvement speed.

Murong Xues face was full of joy as she said, “During this period, Ive learned a few combat skills in the Combat Technique School.

My strongest one is an A-grade combat skill.

Ive already mastered it and use it in actual combat too.

The other few combat skills Ive chosen are all B-grade and C-grade combat techniques.

I cant bite off more than I can chew.

I dont have enough time to learn many A-grade techniques.

After learning these B-grade and C-grade techniques, my combat strength will also be very good.”

When Chu Long and Luo Qingcheng heard this, they immediately felt a little admiration.

The awakened ones would need a long time to master an A-grade combat technique.

However, Murong Xue had only spent a month of hard training and had already mastered it.

She was indeed a rare martial arts genius.

“I had increased many levels too.

During this period, I have gained more than ten levels.

I have now reached level 32.

During these two months in Lighthouse Academy, my strength has increased quite a lot.” Murong Xue said again.

Liu Yan was also slightly surprised when he heard this.

He hadnt expected Murong Xue to increase her grade so quickly.

However, according to Liu Yans understanding, most of the first batch of new students had reached around level 30.

On the other hand, Liu Yan had the advantage of a higher level when he had just entered Lighthouse Academy.

However, in the past two months, he had been busy building a perfect foundation for his cultivation path and hadnt had the time to increase his level.

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Liu Yan fell behind in terms of level.

He was still level 20, the same level when he enrolled in the Lighthouse Academy.

However, Liu Yan did not care about this.

Strength was the most important thing, and the level was not that important.

In the past two months, Liu Yan had a great harvest.

His reconstructed body, strength, and talent had far surpassed his previous body.

Also, his strength had increased by quite a bit.

The most important thing was naturally the increase in talent, which would bring great growth to Liu Yan in the future.

Liu Yan had also made a huge improvement in combat skills.

In the Bizarre Plane, Liu Yan suddenly learned many S-grade skills and A-grade skills from the members.

His combat strength had increased tremendously.

Liu Yan, who had the SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, was simply incomparable in this aspect.

After that, Chu Long and Luo Qingcheng also talked about the situation between the two of them.


Because Chu Longs talent was very good and she was in a rare job class, she naturally received a lot of training and resources in the Logistics School.

Under the training, Chu Long also learned a lot of powerful skills.

Under the resources, Chu Long also reached level 30.

It could be said that she had used all kinds of rare medicines to forcefully increase her level.

Luo Qingcheng and Chu Longs situation was similar, but most of what she learned was the various knowledge of the Command School.

In some aspects, it could also play a significant role.

In the remaining two days, the three girls were finishing up.

However, the three girls were somewhat helpless because they did not have great equipment.

When they entered the school, the school had given them good equipment.

However, their strength had increased rapidly, and their level had also increased rapidly.

As a result, the current equipment could not keep up with their strength.

And at this time, if they wanted to change their equipment, they could only change equipment by themselves.

However, high-grade equipment had always been incomparably expensive.

Moreover, the three female occupations were all quite special, so it was difficult for them to find powerful equipment suitable.

“I heard that the Weapon School has a lot of great equipment.

We might be able to get some from there.

But recently, the vice principal of the Weapon School, Ling Feng, has been busy with something.

We cant see him.

Without his permission, it would be very difficult for us to obtain high-grade equipment from the Weapon School.” Luo Qingcheng said somewhat helplessly at this moment.

Murong Xue also sighed and said helplessly, “I dont lack money, we cant find good equipment.

I cant buy any good equipment, especially equipment thats suitable for us.”

Chu Long was more optimistic.

She said indifferently, “Actually, it doesnt matter.

Its easier to get good equipment in the Tower.

I think the other students equipment is not as good as ours.

Dont worry too much.”

When Liu Yan heard them talking about equipment, he immediately thought of Ling Feng.

If Ling Feng had finished forging all the equipment, there should be high-grade equipment suitable for them.

After all, Liu Yan had specifically told them that if they had high-grade equipment suitable for their class, they could forge it with enough materials.

However, Liu Yan was not sure how late Ling Feng could finish forging the equipment.

Liu Yan was not even sure if he could get the equipment before he left for the fourth level.

He could only wait helplessly.

Since Liu Yan wasnt sure about this matter, he couldnt tell the three girls in advance.

The next morning.

Liu Yan once again arrived at the Weapon School.

However, he still couldnt wait for Ling Feng to come out from morning to dusk.

The forging room was still flickering with flames.

It was obvious that the forging was still in progress.

However, Liu Yan also noticed that the flames in the forging room were even more intense than the previous day.

He could even feel the high temperature coming from inside.

With such signs, it meant that the equipment pieces should be done soon.

Perhaps Ling Feng would be able to complete the forging and come out of the forging room very soon.

On the third and final day, Liu Yan once again rushed to the forging room of Ling Feng and waited patiently.

Two days ago, Liu Yan was still a little anxious, but at this moment, Liu Yan became calmer.

Everything could only depend on fate.

It would be best if he could get it, but it was fine if he couldnt make it in time.

In any case, the equipment served as support.

Their strength was the most important.

The forging room was constantly filled with noises.

The noises were loud, but it didnt seem like the forging had ended.

Liu Yan waited until dusk.

Then, he saw that the noises in the forging room hadnt stopped and that the forging hadnt ended.

He thought that Ling Feng wouldnt be able to finish the forging in time and planned to leave.

It seemed that this batch of equipment could only be given to the Lighthouse Academy.

Liu Yan and the three ladies would not have the chance to use them.

However, just as Liu Yan turned around and took two steps, he heard the continuous commotion in the forging room.

Following the final loud noise, the entire forging room fell silent.

“It cant be such a coincidence, right” Liu Yan turned around in surprise and looked at the main door of the forging room.

At this time, the door of the casting room was slowly pulled open.


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