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Liu Yan was immersed in the joy of rebuilding his physical body.

There were three improvements, the perfect foundation of the physical body, the Extraordinary Five Senses, and the Superior Element Affinity.

Any one of them was a huge improvement, not to mention combining all three.

After rebuilding his physical body, Liu Yans attributes increased significantly.

His strength had increased by 30-40%.

In the future, Liu Yan would have greater increases in talent.

He now had a limitless future.

Liu Yan didnt dare to imagine how strong he would become after he had fully grown.

At this moment, Wu Huas voice interrupted Liu Yan.

“Why are you smiling Arent you ashamed of being naked” Wu Hua said unhappily.

Liu Yan recovered from his joy.

Only then did he realize that he was still naked.

Fortunately, only Liu Yan and Wu Hua were in the depths of the core origin stone.

It would be awkward if there were other people present.

Wu Hua threw over a set of clothes that he had randomly found.

His face also revealed a look of joy as he said, “Hurry up and put it on.

It seems that the reconstruction of your physical body went really well.

Does your strength improve a lot”

Liu Yan took it and hurriedly put it on.

Hearing Wu Huas question, he nodded excitedly and said, “Not bad.

Im very grateful to you and Principal Zhong.

The improvement is huge.

This is simply amazing.”

Previously, Liu Yan had guessed that the reconstruction of the physical body and the creation of a perfect foundation this time would bring him improvement in strength.

However, Liu Yan had never thought it would bring such tremendous improvement.

It was a little too strong.

Seeing this, Wu Hua knew that everything was going smoothly.

He nodded his head with some gratification and said with a smile, “Im glad everything is going smoothly.

Theres no need to thank Principal Zhong and me.

You worked very hard, so you deserved it.

Keep training, and improve your strength well.

Improving yourself one step at a time is the best way to repay principal and yourself.”

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Liu Yan was full of confidence.

In the past, Liu Yan was extremely strong with his SSS-grade talent.

Now that he had built a perfect foundation and reconstructed a perfect body, he was like a tiger with wings.

Liu Yan was confident in his future.

He would definitely grow into an expert.

At this moment, Wu Huas face was filled with smiles, but in his heart, he sighed.

Principal Zhong Yuntian had sacrificed a lot to help Liu Yan.

Wu Hua hoped that Liu Yan would not let Principal Zhong down.

However, Principal Zhong had instructed Wu Hua not to tell Liu Yan about his overdraft of his strength, nor could he tell anyone else.

Wu Hua promised Principal Zhong, so he would not tell Liu Yan now.

“Oh right, where is Principal Zhong I havent thanked him properly yet.” Liu Yan asked.

Wu Huas expression changed slightly, but he quickly regained his calm.

He said indifferently, “This morning, the military officer on the eleventh level of the Tower came down.

He had something important to do.

Principal Zhong has left the third-and-a-half-level central resting platform and is heading to the front line.”

“What Hes heading to the front line Didnt Principal Zhong get injured and his strength regressed Why is he heading to the front line again Isnt it a bit risky” Liu Yan was a little surprised and worried about Principal Zhong.

Wu Hua sighed, “He knows the risk too, but the situation at the front line is special.

After Principal Zhong learned that he was needed at the front line, he returned to the front line without hesitation.

By the way, he left a video for you.

You can watch it.”

Wu Hua sent the video to Liu Yan through the smart wristband.

Liu Yan used the smart wristband to create a virtual image and watched it.

In the video, Principal Zhong did not mention the difficulties that he had encountered when Liu Yan was rebuilding his body.

Instead, Principal Zhong smiled and looked relaxed.

Principal Zhong told Liu Yan that the process of rebuilding the body was extremely smooth.

He had recognized Liu Yans willpower.

Principal Zhong also believed that Liu Yan, who had rebuilt his body and built a perfect foundation, would obtain a perfect talent.

His cultivation path would be even smoother in the future.

He hoped that Liu Yan could maintain his original intention and continue to grow.

In addition, Principal Zhong only said that the situation at the front line was not too optimistic.

So, they needed Principal Zhong to return to the front line.

They wanted Principal Zhong to be the commander.

Therefore, he would be protected.

In addition, Principal Zhong told Liu Yan that if he wanted to join the army, do his best for the Federation, and contribute to the human race.

Then, he could only go up to the tenth level of the Tower.

Only after reaching the tenth level of the Tower would he be able to grasp the terrifying power of the laws of time and space.

Liu Yan had some understanding of this.

Above the superior elements, there was also the power of the laws.

However, the power of the laws was something that only top-notch experts had the chance to grasp.

As long as one could grasp any kind of power of the laws, they could become a top-notch expert.

They could influence the future of the human race and play a crucial role in the fate of the human race.

Finally, Principal Zhong told Liu Yan that he was looking forward to the day when Liu Yan truly grew up.

He would keep waiting for Liu Yans arrival there.

After Liu Yan watched the video, he went silent.

Although Principal Zhong looked relaxed and said carefreely, Liu Yan could still sense that something was wrong with the detail.

It was obvious that the front line was more dangerous.

Principal Zhong only said this so that Liu Yan wouldnt worry.

Liu Yan also looked forward to the power of laws, but that was something he could only be concern after he reached the tenth level.

At first, Liu Yan didnt have many feelings for Principal Zhong.

He was more likely to use Principal Zhongs resources and help to increase his strength.

But after spending time together, Liu Yan gradually developed some feelings for Principal Zhong.

It was hard not to be moved by Principal Zhongs selfless spirit.

Liu Yan looked at Wu Hua and asked, “The front line should be very dangerous, right Even if Principal Zhong is so powerful and the commander, he will still encounter danger, right”

Wu Hua hesitated for a moment in front of Liu Yan, but he did not lie.

The current Liu Yan was strong enough to tell him more things.

Wu Hua nodded and said, “Thats right.

The situation at the front line is ever-changing.

All kinds of situations can occur.

Even if Principal Zhong is well protected, he is not completely safe.

Therefore, I will wait for you to finish reconstructing your physical body before I head to the front line.

If nothing unexpected happens, we will meet on the battlefield on the tenth level.”

Liu Yan was silent for a moment when he heard this.

Soon after, he nodded and said, “All of you can rest assured.

I will definitely grow stronger.

We will meet on the tenth level of the Tower.”


That is very good.

I am also looking forward to that day.” Wu Hua revealed a smile as he said.

After which, Wu Hua gave some simple instructions.

After which, he bid farewell and left.

He was prepared to head to the front line of the battlefield on the tenth level of the Tower.

Meanwhile, Liu Yan, who had completed the reconstruction of his physical body and the creation of the perfect foundation, returned to his villa.

After two months of arduous cultivation to create the perfect foundation, Liu Yan had finally completed it and gained a lot.


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