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“After you, teacher!” Yuan Cheng, who was wearing a suit of armor, said respectfully.

Zhong Yuntian, who was wearing a cloth robe, nodded slightly and sat down.

Yuan Cheng followed him and sat across from him.

“Tell me, what makes you come down from the eleventh level” Zhong Yuntian asked directly.

Yuan Cheng nodded slightly and stopped chatting.

“At present, we have reached the eleventh level of the Tower.

The situation is roughly the same as when you were still there.

The key is the battle on the 10th level.” Yuan Cheng said directly.

Zhong Yuntian frowned when he heard that.

The battle on the frontline was nothing more than a battle with the fierce beasts in the Tower.

It was to expand the human world on the higher level of the Tower and obtain more precious resources.

Only then could humans have more resources for cultivation, and more experts would be born.

The top-tier experts were the ones who lead humanity to expand their world at the battlefront.

The awakened ones who were average in strength or relatively weak could not fight at the frontline at all.

They would be cannon fodder sending themselves to their deaths on the frontline.

When Zhong Yuntian was still at the frontline, he had just reached the tenth level of the Tower.

Now, he had already reached the eleventh level.

Logically speaking, after reaching the eleventh level of the Tower, the tenth level would be relatively safer.

There shouldnt be many large battles anymore.

At most, there would be some small-scale battles.

“Why are there still battles on the tenth level” Zhong Yuntian asked in puzzlement.”

Zhong Yuntian saw Yuan Chengs strange expression and immediately guessed something.

He said, “Its not a war with the fierce beast, but a war with human beings.”

Yuan Cheng immediately nodded and said, “We cleared the tenth level, and the powerful boss has been conquered.

Although there are still fierce beasts, its relatively safe.”

“However, a while ago, a fierce beast tide came.

These fierce beasts were obviously under the command of intelligent high-level fierce beasts.

They attacked in groups.

Their attack was orderly and extremely powerful.”

“You also know there are not only the humans of the Blue Planet, but also the humans of the Red Planet on the tenth level.”

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“However, after encountering the fierce beast tide, our views have diverged.”

“We, the Blue Planet, advocate fighting against the common enemy of mankind, the fierce beast.

Therefore, we formed an alliance.

We allocated resources rationally and worked together to fight against the fierce beasts.”

“However, the humans from the neighboring Red Planet dont think so.

They believe that only the strongest survive in natural selection.

Therefore, they advocate that whoever is stronger will be able to survive.

The strong will live to enjoy the resources, while the weak are not worthy of those resources.”

“In addition, they had been displeased with us giving part of the resources to the younger generation.

Later, a conflict broke out.”

“They thought we were spending limited resources to support the trashes.”

“At first, it was just a disagreement of opinions, and there were minor conflicts.

But later, the competition for precious resources escalated the situation.”

“More conflicts occurred.

Now, a fierce war has started on the tenth level.”

“We have our own opinions on the rights and wrongs of this war.

But no matter what, the war has already started, and it is impossible to end it in a short time.

Only by winning this war can we obtain the enormous precious resources on the tenth level.”

“No matter how difficult and dangerous the war is, we can not back down even a little!”

Zhong Yuntians expression changed when he heard this.

He did not expect that there would be a war between the humans and the Red Planet, which was a neighboring planet of the same galaxy.

When Zhong Yuntian was still on the tenth level of the Tower, he had already met the people from the Red Planet.

In the lower levels of the Tower, various regions would combine together.

While on the higher levels of the Tower, it would gradually fuse with the tower worlds of other planets.

When Zhong Yuntian first met the humans from the Red Planet, they only had some minor conflicts.

Both sides had always controlled themselves, putting more energy into dealing with the fierce beast.

But unexpectedly, as time went on, the frictions grew bigger and bigger.

Under the conflict of ideas and the competition for resources, disagreement gradually turned into a war.

Now, the scale of the war escalated to total warfare between two planets.

Zhong Yuntian naturally didnt advocate this kind of war.

After all, it was a war between humans and humans.

The fierce beasts were already so powerful and huge.

It was difficult for humans to deal with the fierce beasts.

It was undoubtedly an unwise choice to fight another human race.

However, the war had broken out, and there was no way to stop it.

Zhong Yuntian wouldnt say anything against it.

“What do you think about the current war situation” Zhong Yuntian asked again.

Yuan Cheng looked a little embarrassed and said, “As you know, there are more humans on the Red Planet than on the Blue Planet.

Naturally, they have more powerhouses.

The current war situation is not optimistic for us.

We have been suppressed, and the situation is precarious.

The reason I came down here is to ask you to return to the frontline.

We can use your command.

I believe that with your command, we can turn the tide!”

Zhong Yuntian finally understood the purpose of Yuan Chengs visit.

Yuan Cheng wanted to invite him back to the front line.

Zhong Yuntian was clear that his strength had regressed before.

This time, he helped Liu Yan by sacrificing his life force, strength, and talent, causing his strength to regress once again.

At this moment, he was no longer the legendary expert Zhong Yuntian of the past.

His strength was still sufficient in the lower levels of the Tower, but it was undoubtedly insufficient on the fearsome battlefield on the front line.

It was not an exaggeration to describe him as old and frail now.

However, since it was the Federations call and he was contributing to humanity, Zhong Yuntian did not hesitate.

He nodded and said, “Since the Federation needs me, I will go to the frontlines again!”

At the same time, Zhong Yuntian also felt that he was somewhat tired of staying in the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

This kind of comfortable environment was not suitable for him.

He thought that he belonged to the battlefield environment at the frontlines.

At this moment, Zhong Yuntian could not help but feel a little expectant of what the day would be like when he returned to the front line of the battlefield.

When Yuan Cheng saw Zhong Yuntian agree, he was immediately filled with joy.

He thought it would be more difficult to invite Zhong Yuntian back to the frontline.

After all, Zhong Yuntian had suffered a serious injury previously, and his strength had regressed.

Zhong Yuntian had already made a huge contribution to the Federation.

He could stay at the rear and enjoy a comfortable life.

However, Zhong Yuntian did not hesitate at all.

He refused to live a comfortable life and chose to head to the front line and return to the battlefield.

He chose to take risks and respond to the call of the federation.

He was willing to contribute to the Federation and humanity.

“Thank you so much.

However, the situation is dire.

I hope you can hurry up and leave.” Yuan Cheng said gratefully.

Zhong Yuntian nodded slightly and said, “I dont have anything to pack.

Ill just leave a video for a junior.”

After saying that, Zhong Yuntian left a video for Liu Yan and then told him about the matter of letting the vice principal take over the management of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

The frontline was important, but so was the backline.

After all, these students were the future experts and would be the mainstay of the front line in the future.

Students like Liu Yan had extraordinary talent and were the hope of humanity.

Hence, Zhong Yuntian naturally had to arrange everything properly before he left.

After making all the arrangements, Zhong Yuntian left the central resting platform on the third level of the Tower with Yuan Cheng and headed to the front line battlefield on the tenth level of the Tower.

On the other side, the cauldron in the depths of the core origin stone was still operating peacefully.

Wu Hua was waiting on the side.

Wu Hua had just received the news that Zhong Yuntian was heading to the front line.

Wu Hua also wanted to go, but he had to wait for Liu Yan to finish helping him.

After Liu Yan had successfully built a perfect foundation and reconstructed his body, he would come out of the cauldron.

Wu Hua could not help but feel a little worried at this moment.

Although the Federation invited Zhong Yuntian to the battlefront, it was mainly to command the battlefield.

He would not personally participate in the battle.

However, the situation at the front line was ever-changing.

No one could predict what the next step would be.

Meanwhile, Zhong Yuntian, who had just lost his strength once again, was clearly not strong enough on the front line of the tenth level.

If he was not careful, he might put himself in danger.

“Old buddy, you cant just leave.

When I get there, I will help you!” Wu Hua murmured in a low voice.

At the same time, some movement came from the cauldron.

Liu Yan had also reached the final stage of rebuilding his body and was undergoing the final reconstruction of his skin.

The final piece of skin was formed.

Liu Yan had finally completed the difficult reconstruction of his body this time, and he had also built a perfect foundation.

The moment the reconstruction was completed, Liu Yan immediately opened his eyes.

Liu Yan had already gradually woken up from his slumber.

However, in order not to disturb the process of rebuilding his body, he had been quietly waiting with his eyes closed.

Now that it was finally completed, the cauldron gradually calmed down.

Liu Yan stood up and walked out of the cauldron!


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