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Upon hearing this, Wu Huas expression changed slightly.

When Zhong Yuntian said it, Wu Hua already understood what he meant.

Zhong Yuntian wanted to sacrifice a certain level of cultivation and talent, and even overdraft a certain amount of his life to recharge the cauldron.

It could help Liu Yan complete the reconstruction, and build a perfect foundation.

This kind of energy would be purer and more timely than the energy extracted from treasures.

Naturally, it would allow Liu Yan to continue building a perfect foundation and rebuild his physical body.

However, the corresponding price was to sacrifice the cultivation, talent, and life of a former top-tier expert like Zhong Yuntian.

“Are you crazy You already had a sickness.

If you continue to overdraft, your life will still be shortened, and your strength will fall again.

Youll lose those forever!” Wu Hua said in a bad mood.

Zhong Yuntian smiled faintly.

He looked at Wu Hua and said, “Old friend, you also know my situation.

I have never been able to return.

I will never be able to reach the peak again.

Losing a little of my cultivation base and life will not have much of an impact on me.

I will merely go from a first-rate expert to a second-rate expert.

It will not have much of an impact on the human race.

However, if we help Liu Yan successfully reconstruct his physical body, there will be a chance for a top-tier expert to appear in the future.

An unprecedented expert that can completely change the situation of our Blue Planet.”

Wu Hua naturally understood Zhong Yuntians meaning.

Such an exchange was completely worth it.

If Wu Hua was willing to use his own cultivation to exchange, he would do the same.

But unfortunately, Wu Huas cultivation was not enough.

He simply could not do this.

And Zhong Yuntian was his good friend and also his old team leader.

Their feelings for each other over the past few decades were extremely deep.

He was somewhat reluctant to let Zhong Yuntian sacrifice him like this.

“Alright, we cant waste any more time.

I have decided!” Zhong Yuntian pushed Wu Hua away and walked forward.

Zhong Yuntian came in front of the cauldron and pulled out a pipeline that carried energy.

He immediately circulated his cultivation and struck out with his palm.

Wu Hua couldnt bear it, but seeing that Zhong Yuntian had decided, he also went forward to help.

With the injection of Zhong Yuntians powerful cultivation, the energy in the cauldron gradually became enough, and it also recovered its calmness.

It continued to reconstruct Liu Yans bones and flesh, and the process returned to the right track.

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As time passed, at first, Zhong Yuntians expression was still relatively calm.

But with the continued injection of powerful cultivation, Zhong Yuntian couldnt hold on for long.

His expression became serious, and he still gritted his teeth to hold on, overdrawing his cultivation, talent, and life.

It was not until evening that Zhong Yuntian finally completed the reconstruction of his bones and flesh.

Wu Hua, who had been impatient for a long time, rushed forward and pulled Zhong Yuntian down.

“Enough, enough.

The reconstruction of the bones and flesh has been completed.

The energy of the core energy origin stone should be enough for the rest of the reconstruction of the blood and skin.”

Wu Hua quickly pulled Zhong Yuntian down.

If this continued, Wu Hua suspected that Zhong Yuntian might die here on the spot.

At this moment, Zhong Yuntians face had become extremely pale after giving out his energy.

He looked a little older.

Zhong Yuntian quickly meditated while Wu Hua assisted him.

However, the damage was irreversible.

Zhong Yuntian could only try to stabilize himself, stop the damage in time, and try to control the subsequent damage.

It was not until late at night that Zhong Yuntian gradually recovered and stopped meditating.

“Phew, not bad.

I thought it would be much harder.” Zhong Yuntian said with a smile.

Wu Hua, who was at the side, could not laugh.

He knew very well that after the overdraft just now, Zhong Yuntian had lost at least a few decades of his life, and his strength had also dropped by a few grades.

Even worse, his talent had also been damaged twice.

It also meant that in the future, Zhong Yuntians cultivation would not be able to improve at all.

He could only stay at this cultivation level for the rest of his life.

He could no longer return to his peak.

It was the cruelest torture for people like them who had once become an expert.

They would rather die than be a weakling for the rest of their lives.

However, in front of reality, they could only be a weakling for the rest of their lives.

Wu Hua looked at the calm cauldron with a profound gaze.

He said slowly, “I hope that everything is worth it.

Liu Yan can grow up as we wish and become an expert.

He can eliminate the plight of humanity and lead us towards the dawn.”

“I believe in him.” Zhong Yuntian smiled.

Upon hearing this, Wu Hua also nodded slightly.

He also trusted Liu Yans talent and heart.

The subsequent reconstruction was more smooth.

Zhong Yuntians strength decreased again, and he was also quite weak.

He immediately left to rest, leaving everything here to Wu Hua.

On the third day, Zhong Yuntian was resting while waiting for good news from Wu Hua and Liu Yan.

Then, an officer came down from the eleventh level to look for Zhong Yuntian.

In a secret meeting room, Zhong Yuntian met the officer.

Although Zhong Yuntian looked normal, he was a lot weaker now.

In the meeting room, a middle-aged man wearing a battle armor was waiting solemnly with an imposing look on his face.

When the middle-aged man saw Zhong Yuntian, he immediately walked forward with a respectful face.

“Teacher!” The middle-aged man bowed slightly with respect, showing great respect to Zhong Yuntian.

Zhong Yuntian looked at the armband on the middle-aged mans shoulder and smiled faintly, “Yuan Cheng, your cultivation is higher than mine now, and your military rank is also higher than mine.

I should be the one saluting you.”

Hearing that, Yuan Cheng said with a serious face, “Teacher, what are you saying I wouldnt have my achievement without you.

You will always be my teacher, and you will always be the person I respect!”

Hearing that, Zhong Yuntian looked calm on the surface, but in his heart, he was gratified.

Zhong Yuntian was once an expert at the top of the Blue Planet.

He fought in the very frontline and was incomparably glorious.

However, in that big battle, Zhong Yuntian suffered a fatal and irreversible injury.

His cultivation fell, and he had no choice but to retreat here.

It would be a lie to say that he didnt want to return to the battlefield.

Zhong Yuntian had dreamed of becoming a top-tier expert again countless times.

He wanted to fight at the front, but unfortunately, he would never have the chance in this lifetime.

The middle-aged man in front of Zhong Yuntian, Yuan Cheng, used to be a small and unremarkable subordinate of Zhong Yuntian.

Now that Zhong Yuntians strength had retreated from the battlefield, Yuan Chengs strength had improved.

Yuan Cheng had achieved many meritorious deeds, becoming a top-tier expert and a general.

However, Zhong Yuntian was gratified to know that Yuan Cheng still respected him sincerely.

After all, he was the one who had brought Yuan Cheng up.

Although Zhong Yuntian couldnt become an expert and contribute to the human race and fought in the front, the subordinate he had trained had done it.

It could be considered a pretty good result.

Zhong Yuntians expression returned to normal, and he said calmly, “Lets talk about the old times later.

You must have something important to discuss if came down from the eleventh level to find me.

Lets hurry up and talk about it.”


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