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Principal Zhong Yuntians face was filled with reminiscence as he slowly recounted what had happened in the past.

“At that time, we had just broken through, and our strength had greatly increased.

We swept through the ninth floor of the Tower.

We were all very confident.”

“We thought that although the boss on the ninth floor was powerful, we could still easily deal with it with our combined strength.”

“But we didnt expect that the giant whale was so powerful.

It almost killed all of us in one hit.”

“We suffered a great blow.

Both our mental state and body were greatly damaged.”

“Later, we made a comeback, and our strength improved.

We took it seriously.”

“That battle lasted for three days and three nights, and the entire ninth level of the Tower was turned upside down.”

“In the end, we won at a heavy price.

We lost a comrade, and the others were also heavily injured.”

“I also suffered an injury in that battle.

It still affects me today.

After entering the tenth level of the Tower, I couldnt keep up, and finally retreated from the front line.”


After listening to Principal Zhong Yuntians explanation, Liu Yans expression became somewhat solemn.

He didnt expect the whale to be so powerful that it almost wiped out the legendary team.

Even though Principal Zhong and the others defeated the whale, they won with great difficulty and paid a painful price.

It could be said that Principal Zhong could only retreat from the front line because of the aftermath of this battle.

Only then did Liu Yan realize the importance of this Giant Whales Fragrance.

It was exchanged with the blood and lives of Principal Zhong and the others.

It was incomparably precious.

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“Principal, this Giant Whales Fragrance is too precious.

Why dont you use other things to create a perfect foundation for me This Giant Whales Fragrance is too precious and has a special meaning to you.

You cant just give it to me.” Liu Yan said somewhat unwillingly.

Although creating a perfect foundation was very important to Liu Yan, Liu Yan also understood the importance of this Giant Whale Fragrance.

It had a special meaning to the principal.

At this moment, Liu Yan didnt even want to use this precious Giant Whales Fragrance anymore.

He felt he would let the principal down and owed him too much.

When Zhong Yuntian heard this, he looked at Liu Yan with shock.

The awakened ones usually thought of ways to increase their strength.

They would use as many precious treasures as they could to increase their strengths as much as possible.

However, Liu Yan had such strong talent and strength, and he also desperately needed to increase his talent to create a perfect foundation.

Yet, he was willing to give up using such a precious treasure.

Zhong Yuntian glanced at Liu Yan.

Liu Yan revealed a sincere look and there was no hypocrisy in his eyes.

Now, Zhong Yuntian was even more determined to use the precious Giant Whales Fragrance to help Liu Yan.

With such a terrifying talent and mature thinking, Liu Yan could build a perfect foundation.

When he grew up in the future, he would become a top expert, the hope of humanity.

Zhong Yuntian waved his hand and said with a smile, “It is precious, but we have to make the best use of it.

Only this Giant Whales Fragrance can help you create a perfect foundation.

You cant do that with other materials.

You dont have to reject it.

Its decided then!”

Seeing that the principal was insistent, Liu Yan couldnt reject it anymore.

“Ill make some preparations.

You should also adjust your condition in the next few days.

Three days later, go to the core origin stone at the academys entrance.

You will reconstruct your foundation there!” Zhong Yuntian ordered seriously.

“Yes!” Liu Yan agreed.

Then, Zhong Yuntian sent Liu Tian out.

When Liu Yan returned to the villa, the sky had already darkened.

However, the villa was pitch-black.

There was a faint light of candles.

When Liu Yan entered, he saw a few women chatting around a few candles and did not turn on the lights.

When Liu Yan saw this, he immediately asked with some doubt, “What are you guys doing Why are the lights not on Its pitch-black.”

When Murong Xue heard this, she immediately said helplessly, “We cant turn it on.

Theres a blackout.”

“Blackout What happened” Liu Yan was immediately a little puzzled.

After all, the entire third-and-a-half level central resting platforms electricity was provided by the core origin stone.

During the freshmens big test, the academy had used so much energy to make a virtual match for Liu Yan.

So, the power was only temporarily cut off for a moment.

The core origin stone provided the entire third-and-a-half level of the Towers operation.

It supplied many areas, so it contained a massive amount of energy.

Providing electricity was only a small part of it, and there were very few actual power cuts.

At this time, Chu Long also complained, “There will be a power outage for seven days.

It will be hard to live without electricity.”

Luo Qingcheng explained, “The academy has informed us that they are going to do some secret experiment which requires a large amount of energy.

Thats why there will be a power outage for seven days.”

“What kind of secret experiment is it Its so powerful that it requires a power outage for seven days” Murong Xue asked with some doubts.

“I guess its a very powerful experiment.

The energy source of the core origin stone is so powerful, but they were still not enough to provide electricity.

How much energy will the experiment consume” Chu Long also guessed.

Liu Yan frowned slightly when he heard this.

Liu Yan had just left the principals office.

The principal said that he was going to prepare to build a perfect foundation.

The place where Liu Yan was going to build a perfect foundation three days later was the origin stone.

However, they immediately said that they were going to do an experiment.

The entire third-and-a-half level of the Tower would be without electricity for seven days.

It should not be a coincidence, right

Liu Yan had a guess in his heart.

He felt that the blackout had something to do with his building a perfect foundation.

Liu Yan did not expect that building a perfect foundation would require so much energy.

It caused the entire third-and-a-half-level of the Tower to run out of electricity.

They had to collect enough energy to help Liu Yan build a perfect foundation.

At this moment, the few girls were still complaining about how difficult it would be to live without electricity.

However, it was the academys decision after all.

Although the few girls were complaining, there was nothing they could do.

They could only endure it for the time being.

Late at night, Liu Yan lay in bed thinking.

The more he thought about it, the more Liu Yan felt that the power outage was very likely to be related to him.

After all, if it was other important experiments, the principal should participate in it.

If that was the case, the principal couldnt be free at this time to help Liu Yan.

However, as for the specifics, Liu Yan could only verify them later.

During these three days, Liu Yan could also take a break and properly adjust his condition.

Three days later, it was the day to build the perfect foundation.

Liu Yan couldnt help but look forward to it.

Using the four great treasures, plus the Giant Whales Fragrance that the principal gave him, these treasures alone were top-tier treasures.

And gathering so many top-tier treasures to create a perfect foundation, what kind of huge harvest would there be


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