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The teleportation arrays light flickered.

Liu Yan brought Murong Xue out of the teleportation array.

In the viewing hall of the top hunting ground, everyone saw Liu Yan walking out.

They were all extremely excited.

The entire hall was filled with applause and cheers.

As students of Lighthouse Academy, they had seen countless outstanding students with outstanding talent, and they had also seen many powerhouses.

However, it was the first time they had seen a student like Liu Yan, who had both terrifying talent and a strong temperament.

In addition, Liu Yan was still so young.

Liu Yan had already grown to possess such terrifying strength in his first year of Lighthouse Academy.

He had used his physical strength to defeat the terrifying S-grade fierce beast, Earth Dragon.

They could see Liu Yan had a limitless future.

He would definitely grow to become a top-notch powerhouse of mankind.

“Liu Yan, youre too amazing.

Youre practically my idol.”

“Liu Yan, can we be friends I admire you so much.”

“Can I give you my number”

“Idol, idol!”


The crowd cheered endlessly.

One after another, they went forward to talk to Liu Yan.

They worshipped Liu Yan endlessly.

After the battle between Liu Yan and Earth Dragon, not only did Liu Yan conquer Earth Dragon, but he also conquered countless Lighthouse Academy students.

Previously, some of these students had looked down on Liu Yan, some were jealous of Liu Yan, and some were resentful toward Liu Yan.

However, after witnessing the intense battle between Liu Yan and Earth Dragon, they all admired Liu Yan.

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Liu Yan had such talent, yet he was able to fight so hard.

He had such an elegant temperament, which made them all admire him endlessly.

When Liu Yan saw this scene, he was also a little stunned.

Some people came up to him to ask for his autograph, making him look like a celebrity.

When Murong Xue saw this scene, she teased, “Youve only been in the Lighthouse Academy for more than two months, and youve suddenly become a famous figure.”

Liu Yan was also a little speechless.

Naturally, he did not want to interact with these people.

The purpose of entering the Lighthouse Academy was to cultivate and improve ones strength, not to be an idol.

Liu Yan hurriedly took Murong Xue and ran away as if their lives depended on it.

In the parking lot of Northern Hunting Ground.

Liu Yan brought Murong Xue and met up with Luo Qingcheng and Chu Long.

When Chu Long saw Liu Yan, she said excitedly, “Brother Liu Yan, you are too amazing.

You actually defeated the Earth Dragon!”

Luo Qingcheng smiled and did not say anything, but she was also happy for Liu Yan.

This time, not only did Liu Yan successfully defeat the Earth Dragon, he even subdue it.

He had a fruitful yield.

Luo Qingcheng had learned a lot of things in the Command School.

So, she had learned some knowledge about the Earth Dragon.

The Earth Dragon was a powerful fierce beast with the dragon bloodline.

Not only it was strong, it still had a chance to grow and become a more powerful fierce beast in the future.

And with such a powerful pet, Liu Yan was like a tiger with wings.

In the future, his strength would be even more terrifying.

At this moment, Luo Qingcheng couldnt help but sigh.

Liu Yans strength was already extremely powerful, and after joining the Lighthouse Academy for more than two months, his growth speed was even more astonishing.

Liu Yans strength was already powerful, and his growth speed was even more terrifying.

It made people feel a little hopeless.

Fortunately, Liu Yan was her friend, so Luo Qingcheng didnt need to worry.

Because Liu Yans strength was powerful, she might have a chance to ask Liu Yan for help to find her sister in the higher levels of the Tower in the future.

Soon after, Liu Yan sent the three girls to the shopping mall and let them do their shopping and have fun.

Liu Yan had something important to do, so he left.

After leaving the shopping mall, Liu Yan drove in the direction of the office building.

At this point, Liu Yan had already collected the four great treasures agreed upon by the principal.

They were the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng for skin refining, the ice chalcedony for bone refining, the Purple Gold Taisui for flesh refining, and the Earth Dragon Blood for blood refining this time.

In the principals office.

Principal Zhong Yuntian looked at the four treasures in front of him and was somewhat stunned.

Zhong Yuntian had a good idea of the difficulty of obtaining any of the four treasures.

According to his expectations, it was impressive that Liu Yan could finally rely on himself to collect these four great treasures.

However, he did not expect that not only did Liu Yan successfully obtain these four great treasures, but he also only used such a short amount of time.

In total, it only took him two months.

It was really surprising.

Zhong Yuntian looked at Liu Yan with a special gaze and slowly said, “It seems that I have underestimated your talent.

It is really unfathomable.”

Zhong Yuntian knew the strength that Liu Yan had displayed previously.

Although Liu Yan was strong, it was impossible for him to successfully obtain these four great treasures in such a short amount of time

It was obvious that Liu Yan had been hiding his strength.

In the eyes of outsiders, Liu Yans strength was already extremely terrifying.

It was hard to imagine how strong he was.

But in reality, that was not Liu Yans full strength.

Liu Yan had been hiding his strength all along.

When Liu Yan heard this, he scratched his head awkwardly and smiled, he did not object.

When Zhong Yuntian saw this, he waved his hand and smiled indifferently, “Its fine, its fine.

Who doesnt have some secrets Dont worry, I wont ask too much.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan also heaved a sigh of relief.

Principal Zhong Yuntian also regained his composure, he said, “Since you have already found the four great treasures required to cultivate skin, bone, flesh, and blood, then I will also give you the Giant Whales Fragrance required to cultivate your internal organs.

Follow me.”

Liu Yan followed Principal Zhong Yuntian out of the office and came to a secret storage room.

The storage room was a special structure and extremely strange.

It seemed to be the principals exclusive storage room.

After Principal Zhong Yuntian opened the storage room, Liu Yan followed him in.

In the storage room, it was a little empty.

There was nothing else but a huge storage container.

Inside it was a milky white liquid that was slightly solidified.

“This is the Giant Whales Fragrance.” Principal Zhong Yuntian looked at the Giant Whales Fragrance in front of him with a look of reminiscence.

When Liu Yan saw this scene, he was a little curious and asked, “Principal, it seems that there are stories behind the Giant Whales Fragrance.”

Principal Zhong Yuntian nodded slightly, with a look of reminiscence, he said, “Yes, this is the final boss that I encountered when I was clearing the ninth level of the Tower.

At that time, our party was the top team in the Blue Planet and had the strongest combat strength.

However, when we encountered this giant whale, we still suffered a defeat.

In the first battle, all four of us were injured, and one of us was even seriously injured.

If we didnt run fast, we would have definitely died there!”

“Is this giant whale that powerful” Liu Yan was a little surprised.

After all, according to Principal Zhong Yuntian, they were the strongest team on the Blue Planet at that time.

They were a top-tier combat team, a legendary team.

Even so, they had top-tier combat strength and such powerful strength.

How could they crush by the giant whale in one move

Liu Yan found it hard to imagine just how terrifying the giant whales strength was to be able to do so.


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