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After the students heard Ning Shanshans explanation, their faces were filled with disbelief.

Previously, they had been wondering why Liu Yan insisted on challenging the Earth Dragon alone.

During the battle, he only used his physical strength and did not use any other attack methods.

At that time, they had thought that Liu Yan overestimated himself.

After all, the physical strength of a normal fierce beast was much stronger than that of a human awakened at the same grade.

It was what fierce beasts were good at, and the weak point of a human awakened.

Especially since the Earth Dragon was an earth-attribute S-grade fierce beast with the dragon bloodline, its physical strength was even more terrifying.

At first, when they saw that Liu Yan insisted on using his physical strength to fight the Earth Dragon, they thought it was Liu Yan who was out of his mind.

Now, it seemed that Liu Yan was a few levels higher than them.

From the beginning to the end, Liu Yan never intended to kill the Earth Dragon, but how to subdue it.

This was also why he chose a seemingly stupid yet impossible plan.

Liu Yan fought the Earth Dragon head-on, thus subduing the Earth Dragon.

Everyone admired Liu Yans achievement, they were also extremely envious.

It was an S-grade Earth Dragon.

Its strength was extremely terrifying.

It could continue to grow in the future, and its strength would become tremendously strong.

The others knew they might never surpass Liu Yan because Liu Yan now had Earth Dragon as his strong pet.

They could only jealous of Liu Yan because they knew they would never achieve what Liu Yan did.

The previous batch of awakened ones fought the Earth Dragon, but they were instantly crushed by the Earth Dragon.


Only a monster like Liu Yan could defeat the Earth Dragon alone and even subdue it.

At this moment, Liu Yan had already completed the signing of the contract.

The purple light that fell on Liu Yan and the Earth Dragon gradually disappeared.

Liu Yan and the Earth Dragon had also established a kind of connection, a telepathic connection.

At the same time, a notification appeared in front of Liu Yan.

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[ Divine Extraction successful.

Congratulations: Dragon Mark! ]

Seeing this notification, Liu Yan immediately had a baffled expression.

He had only signed a contract and didnt use Divine Extraction.

How could he suddenly obtain something

It was the first time such a situation had occurred after Liu Yan obtained Divine Extraction.

Liu Yan tried to check the information about the Dragon Mark, but there was no introduction to the Dragon Mark in the smart wristband.

Liu Yan did not even know where the Dragon Mark came from or what it was.

Liu Yan did not understand, so he could only figure it out later.

However, Liu Yan had a hunch that this Dragon Mark should be related to the deepening of the dragon bloodline in his body and the successful subduing of the Earth Dragon with the Dragon Bloodline.

However, as to what it was and how strong it was, he could only test this new skill in the future.

At this point, Liu Yan had finally successfully defeated and subdued the Earth Dragon and obtained the Earth Dragon Blood along the way.

Liu Yan walked toward Murong Xue with injuries all over his body.

The battle just now seemed extremely exciting, but it was dangerous.

Liu Yan used Dragonification, Earth Power, and Absolute Unrivaled three powerful S-grade skill buffs, as well as A-grade Soft Blade Boxing Gloves.

Still, he was only able to tie with Earth Dragon.

However, in terms of stamina and endurance, Liu Yan definitely could not compare to Earth Dragon.

In addition, his Earth Power also had a time limit.

Currently, it could only last for three minutes.

If Liu Yan could not end the battle within three minutes, Liu Yan would fall into a weakened state for ten minutes.

At that time, not to mention defeating the Earth Dragon in close combat to subdue it, even if he used other methods after falling into a weakened state, he might not be able to defeat Earth Dragon.

Fortunately, he managed to trigger the critical strike and defeated Earth Dragon.

At this moment, Liu Yan felt the weakening effect of Earth Power, and he had a rough idea in his mind.

Under the weakened state, his combat strength had decreased by more than half, and his combat strength was only about half his regular strength.

Although the weakening effect was quite obvious, it was still acceptable.

After all, when the Earth Power was activated, the buff was extremely exaggerated.

Normally, three minutes was enough to get rid of the opponent and end the battle.

Liu Yan had to pay attention to the timing of using Earth Power.

Murong Xue saw Liu Yan walking over and hurriedly went forward to support him.

She also looked at Liu Yan in disbelief.

Murong Xue naturally knew that Liu Yan was powerful.

During this period, she knew more than anyone else about Liu Yans true strength.

However, Murong Xue never expected Liu Yan had already become so powerful.

He could defeat Earth Dragon by himself with just his physical strength.

It was exaggerated.

Murong Xue still remembered that when she first met Liu Yan, she was able to fight Liu Yan to a standstill.

However, she realized that Liu Yans strength was growing too fast.

Even though her combat strength was also growing very fast, Liu Yans growth speed was even more exaggerated.

It could even be described as horrifying.

Liu Yans strength kept growing faster and faster.

He was simply a monster.

In the past, Murong Xue felt that although there was a gap between herself and Liu Yan, she could still catch up with him.

Later on, Murong Xue realized that she might not catch up with Liu Yans strength anymore.

So, she thought she could barely keep up with Liu Yan and not fell too far behind.

But now, Murong Xue realized it was just a wishful thinking.

During this period, her had a great advancement in the Combat Technique School, but Liu Yan was even more exaggerated.

Murong Xue only felt that the gap between herself and Liu Yan was getting bigger and bigger.

Especially this time, Liu Yan had subdued an S-grade fierce beast, the Earth Dragon.

Moreover, Liu Yans combat strength had once again increased tremendously after keeping Earth Dragon as his pet.

Not to mention defeating Liu Yan, Murong Xue never thought she could defeat the S-grade fierce beast with the dragon bloodline, the Earth Dragon in a short future.

Liu Yan, who was standing at the side, seemed to have noticed the loneliness and powerlessness in Murong Xues eyes.

He smiled and said, “You just need to focus on your own path.

Everyone has their own path.

Besides, Im also your teammate.

We will walk together.”

Hearing this, the disappointment in Murong Xues heart lessened a lot.

She also came back to her senses.

She did not need to care about Liu Yans improvement at all.

As long as she walked her own path, and continued to improve her strength, it would be fine.

There was no point in thinking about other things.

After the battle with the Earth Dragon, Liu Yan was already quite tired.

He did not have much combat strength.

Moreover, he had achieved his goal.

He had even exceeded the goal of this trip.

So, he did not have to stay in the space of the top-grade hunting ground any longer.

Seeing this, Murong Xue followed Liu Yan and left.

After all, she had fought many A-grade fierce beasts and gained combat experiences.

She had better actual combat mastery and familiarity with the combat techniques she had recently learned.


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