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In the viewing hall of the top hunting ground.

Many students were nervously staring at the battle on the big screen.

No one had expected that Liu Yan would still be able to stand up despite being injured.

Moreover, he would erupt with even stronger combat strength to fight against the Earth Dragon.

In fact, Liu Yan was even able to fight against the Earth Dragon with his physical strength.

It completely broke their understanding.

His opponent was an S-grade Earth Dragon, a powerful high-level fierce beast with the dragon bloodline.

It was undoubtedly a monster-level fierce beast, and its combat strength was terrifying.

In their understanding, some human experts could defeat the Earth Dragon.

However, they had never thought of facing the Earth Dragon head-on with physical strength.

The Earth Dragon was dozens of times larger than Liu Yan.

No matter how they looked at it, its strength was on a completely different level from Liu Yans.

However, they had no choice but to believe what they were seeing.

The seemingly small Liu Yan was actually on par with the terrifying Earth Dragon.

Everyone watched nervously.

At the same time, they couldnt help but worry for Liu Yan.

After all, Liu Yan and the Earth Dragon were on par with each other at the moment.

It might not be the case after Liu Yans stamina was exhausted.


Liu Yan was a human after all.

Under normal circumstances, his stamina was completely incomparable to the dragon-type fierce beast, the Earth Dragon.

Just when everyone was worried about Liu Yan, Liu Yan suddenly erupted with strength and sent the Earth Dragon back more than ten steps with a punch.

When everyone saw this, they were instantly shocked.

“Damn, whats going on”

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“Arent they evenly matched Why did the Earth Dragon take more than ten steps back”

“Looks like theyre not evenly matched.

Liu Yan has a chance of defeating this powerful Earth Dragon alone!”

“Hes even using his physical strength to defeat the Earth Dragon.

Isnt this too exaggerated”

“Liu Yans physical strength is so terrifying.

How could a human have such powerful physical strength!”

“Liu Yan is my idol!”


At the same time, the battle between Liu Yan and the Earth Dragon was in full swing.

When Liu Yan saw that he had triggered a critical strike and defeated the Earth Dragon, his eyes lit up.

Previously, Liu Yan had forgotten about this matter.

Other than using his dagger to attack, his other methods could also trigger the Dark Rangers Critical Strike Effect.

Liu Yan didnt use the Blade of the Night, so the critical strike chance was lower.

That was why he had only triggered it once after so many attacks.

Although the chance of triggering a critical hit was low, as long as it was triggered once, it would be able to break the balance of combat strength between the two sides.

Liu Yans punch caused heavy damage to the Earth Dragon.

In the later battles, Liu Yan would naturally be able to relax a little.

As long as Liu Yan triggered the critical hit once or twice, Liu Yan would be able to defeat the Earth Dragon.

Moreover, he could defeat the Earth Dragon with his physical strength.

There was no need for him to compete with the Earth Dragon in terms of stamina consumption.

The Earth Dragon looked at Liu Yan in shock.

It did not understand how this puny human could suddenly erupt with such terrifying strength.

However, the Earth Dragons arrogance did not allow itself to lower its head or escape.

It charged toward Liu Yan once again.

It was still using only its physical strength to attack.

Liu Yan naturally did not retreat.

Instead, he advanced and charged toward the Earth Dragon as well.

The human and beast once again collided violently.

Under the fierce battle between the human and beast, the ground continuously trembled.

After the exchange of blows, the situation was similar to what Liu Yan had expected.

Because the explosive punch just now had caused many injuries to the Earth Dragon.

Now that they had exchanged blows again, Liu Yan was able to suppress the Earth Dragon.

The scales of victory gradually shifted towards Liu Yan.

It was another intense battle.

Just when Liu Yan was starting to feel a little exhausted, Liu Yans violent punch triggered the critical hit again.

The Earth Dragon, which was already slightly injured, was knocked down to the ground by Liu Yans punches again and again.

Liu Yan seized the opportunity and rushed up to the back of the Earth Dragon.

He kept punching and punching down.

Fist after fist filled with power continuously aggravated the Earth Dragons injuries.

The Earth Dragon no longer could resist.

It gradually stopped resisting and lay on the ground.

Liu Yan saw the situation and said arrogantly, “Do you submit or not Submit or die!”

Liu Yan spent so much effort.

He could have easily defeated the Earth Dragon with the other attack methods, but he did not use them.

He only used his physical strength.

Liu Yan had to fight until he was injured to defeat the Earth Dragon.

His goal was to defeat the Earth Dragon head-on in the close combat the Earth Dragon was best at.

Only in this way would Liu Yan have a chance to make the arrogant dragon-type fierce beast submit and willingly follow him.

If he could not subdue it, Liu Yan had no choice but to kill the Earth Dragon.

The Earth Dragon looked at Liu Yan in despair and fear.

It did not expect a human to have such terrifying strength.

This human looked so young and insignificant.

The proud Earth Dragon finally chose to submit and chose to follow Liu Yan.

The Earth Dragon was more willing to follow such a powerful human and did not feel humiliated.

When Liu Yan saw that the Earth Dragon was willing to submit, he immediately let out a sigh of relief.

He quickly endured the injuries and fatigue on his body and took out some materials from his storage ring.

He placed them in a position to activate the soul contact.

A complicated purple hexagonal array appeared, and Liu Yan and the Earth Dragon began to sign the soul contact.

The awakened ones in the surroundings were all astonished when they saw this.

They had never expected that the horrifying Earth Dragon that they looked up to would not only be defeated by Liu Yan alone but also be subdued by Liu Yan.

It was an S-grade fierce beast, and it was an extremely rare and powerful dragon-type fierce beast.

To be able to subdue such a fearsome fierce beast, ones strength would be incomparably powerful in the future.

And the higher the grade of the fierce beast, the harder it was to subdue it.

It would often rather die than submit.

The dragon-type fierce beast was even more so.

It was extremely arrogant, and the arrogance in its bones made it impossible for it to submit to any living creature, especially humans who were insignificant in their eyes.

At this moment, Ning Shanshan was dumbfounded, but she suddenly thought of something.

She couldnt help but say, “No wonder Liu Yan didnt use any other attack methods, and only used his physical strength to fight against the Earth Dragon.

It turns out that he wanted to defeat the Earth Dragon with his fists.

Only then would the Earth Dragon be convinced and willingly follow Liu Yan!”

The doubts in Ning Shanshans heart were instantly swept away.

She understood Liu Yans motive for doing so.

At the same time, Ning Shanshan was also shocked by Liu Yans strength.

They were all thinking about how to defeat the Earth Dragon, but Liu Yan was thinking about how to defeat and subdue the Earth Dragon.

Ning Shanshan finally understood why Liu Yan wanted to fight the Earth Dragon alone.

If the two of them joined hands, even if they defeated the Earth Dragon in the end, it would be impossible to subdue it.

The Earth Dragon would not be convinced and would rather die.

Liu Yans plan was good, but it was based on his terrifying strength.

Using physical strength to defeat the Earth Dragon was simply impossible for others.


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