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Liu Yan hurriedly changed into the newly obtained Wind Rider Set.

After putting it on, he immediately felt that his various attributes had obtained a huge increase, and his body had become much lighter and stronger.

At the same time, he had also obtained two powerful skills.

At this point in time, the rest of the Awakened were basically still wearing F-grade equipment.

Occasionally, some would have one or two pieces of E-grade equipment, but almost none of them had D-grade equipment.

Yet Liu Yan was already fully equipped with D-grade equipment that was also a set compatible with his hunter class.

The gap between Liu Yan and the other Awakened was once again widened.

Liu Yan looked at the remaining equipment.

The equipment with the lowest grades had directly turned into materials.

Those with higher grades had turned into parts of the Wind Rider Set after Divine Extraction.

As for the normal graded equipment, they had turned into higher-grade equipment.

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As of now, after Divine Extraction had been used on all of the equipment, most of them were in the E-grade, and a small portion was in the D-grade.

To Liu Yan, these pieces of equipment were not of much use.

After all, he already had an even more powerful D-grade set of equipment, the Wind Rider Set!

However, to the other Awakened, these pieces of equipment were undoubtedly incomparably powerful.

As such, Liu Yan took these pieces of equipment to the trading platform and put them up for trade.

“Many pieces of E-grade and D-grade equipment available.

If you want them, come quickly.

First come, first served!” Liu Yan shouted.

Hearing that there were E-grade and even D-grade equipment, quite a number of Awakened immediately surrounded them.

They were about to enter the extremely dangerous level two of the Tower.

With even one more powerful piece of equipment, they would be able to greatly increase their strength.

With strength, they would be able to survive better and obtain even better equipment later on.

As such, high-graded equipment was very much needed by them.

They no longer had any more fierce beast corpses, so Liu Yan chose to exchange for various materials, herbs, spirit fruits, and so on.

These materials and consumables didnt have much use to the other Awakened at the moment since couldnt use them, so they were very willing to give them up in exchange for equipment.


But to Liu Yan, those things were very useful.

They hadnt transitioned their classes yet, so they didnt need those things.

Unlike them, Liu Yan had already changed his class to become a hunter.

At the moment, his attacking methods were mainly archery, traps, and familiars.

All three methods required a large number of resources and materials to upgrade.

Soon, the trades were completed.

The few pieces of equipment that were useless to Liu Yan were snatched up by other Awakened at high prices.

In turn, Liu Yan obtained a pile of materials, herbs, spirit fruits, and some gold coins.

“Bro, thank you so much.

With this equipment, my strength can be increased by 30%, and Ill have many more opportunities in the future!”

“Yeah, me too.

With this equipment, my chances of survival will be much higher.”

“My strength had been barely enough on level one.

I wonder what level two which is even more dangerous will be like.”


The few Awakened were extremely grateful to Liu Yan.

The equipment meant a lot to them.

With the equipment, their strength had improved considerably.

As such, they would have a better chance in the future whether in survival or improvement.

At the same time, they were also secretly shocked and terrified.

High-grade equipment, without exception, could only be obtained by hunting high-level beasts.

Since Liu Yan could take out several pieces of E-grade and even D-grade equipment at once, it meant that he had killed many high-level beasts.

What had this person experienced on level one of the Tower Could it be that he had wiped out a group of high-level beasts by himself


The few of them couldnt figure it out, but they didnt dare to ask too much.

They understood that since Liu Yan had been able to produce so many high-level equipments, his strength must be above theirs.

They simply could not afford to offend such an expert.

After the few of them left, Liu Yans heart was filled with joy.

In these three rounds of trading, he could be said to have gained both fame and fortune.

Not only were his actions of great help to these Awakened, but Liu Yan himself had also obtained an unimaginable amount of benefits.

After these three rounds of trading, his strength had once again received a qualitative increase.

At this moment, a notification sounded in the Tower.

[The reputation system is officially open!]

[By hunting fierce beasts, obtaining equipment, partners strength, obtaining money and materials, trading, and so on, you can obtain corresponding reputation points!]

[The rewards for the first round of reputation statistics are being distributed…]

Instantly, all the Awakened excitedly looked at the newly appeared reputation ranking.

Those who had performed well on level one were especially filled with anticipation.

It was said that those with high rankings on the reputation ranking list could receive unimaginable rewards.

At this moment, names appeared one after another on the ranking list.

The results were similar to what Liu Yan had guessed.

He had hunted many powerful beasts, obtained many equipment and resources as well as a wolf cub, and had also traded a lot with the previous three rounds of trading.

All of these combined gave Liu Yan extremely high reputation points.

Naturally, he was ranked first on the reputation ranking list.

Moreover, He guessed that his reputation points should be very much higher than the person ranked second.

At the same time, a notification appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[You have been ranked first in the reputation statistics this time.

Reward: 9 freely allocatable points that can be added anywhere!]

9 freely allocatable points as the reward


Logically speaking, the reward for being first on the ranking should be very rich and not so simple.

Very quickly, Liu Yan noticed the difference.

Although these 9 freely allocatable points sounded similar to the allocatable attribute points obtained from leveling up, their effects were vastly different.

Allocatable attribute points could only be added to the eight attributes, but these freely allocatable points could be added anywhere.

Liu Yan naturally wouldnt waste them on the eight attributes.

With Divine Extraction, he could easily improve his attribute points.

There was no need to waste these freely allocatable points at all.

Immediately after, he added these points to the class template that he had just obtained.


Currently, the archery, traps, and familiars section on Liu Yans class template were still empty.

He added three points to each column and immediately checked his class template.


[Steady Shot]-[Precise Shot]-[Rapid Shot]-[Long-range Shot] (to be unlocked)


[Create Traps]-[Remove Traps]-[Upgrade Traps]-[Multiple Traps] (to be unlocked)



[Familiar Identification]-[Taming]-[Absolute Order]-[Synchronize] (to be unlocked)

Seeing the changes that had occurred, Liu Yan was immediately pleasantly surprised.

He hadnt expected that the class templates would be improved by so much.

Every freely allocatable point could bring about a huge improvement.

With the usage of nine freely allocatable points, the increase was unimaginable.

Liu Yan understood that if he didnt have these points and relied on himself to attempt unlocking any one of these three columns, he would have to spend a lot of time, sweat, and effort, and even then, it would take God knows how long to achieve the unlocking of these nine columns.


But now, he had been able to do it all at once, and his strength had increased explosively!


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