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In the viewing hall of the top hunting ground.

The people outside were nervously watching the battle between Liu Yan and the Earth Dragon.

It included the batch of awakened ones who were instantly crushed by the Earth Dragon.

Those who were dead or seriously injured had been sent away.

Those who were slightly injured were still watching.

Everyone was a little surprised when they saw that even though Liu Yan withstood the attacks of the Earth Dragon.

“This Liu Yan is too exaggerated.

He actually has such strong physical strength.

He withstood the Earth Dragons attack.”

“Yeah, Ive never heard of anyone who could withstand the Earth Dragon with their physical strength before.”

“So what Its obvious that the Earth Dragon hasnt used its full strength yet, but Liu Yan has already used his full strength.

He will be defeated eventually.”

“Yeah, I dont understand why Liu Yan wants to deal with the Earth Dragon alone.

If he works together with Explosive Mage Ning Shanshan, wouldnt he be able to easily take down the Earth Dragon”

“Also, isnt Liu Yans long-range attack stronger Why does he want to fight the Earth Dragon in close combat Why does he want to fight in the domain that the Earth Dragon is best at”

“Why does Liu Yan look like hes not thinking clearly”

“Liu Yan wont be able to take the Earth Dragons next attack.

Hes already lost.”



Although everyone was surprised by Liu Yans terrifying strength, they were not optimistic about the follow-up battle.

At this moment, in a corner of the crowd, Chu Long saw this scene and was a little puzzled.

Although she did not understand Liu Yans specific strength, she knew that Liu Yans close combat strength was not the strongest.

His long-range attacks or assassination abilities were stronger.

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However, Liu Yan didnt use those stronger attack methods.

Instead, he insisted on using his physical strength to fight head-on with the Earth Dragon.

He wanted to fight in the domain the Earth Dragon was most proficient in.

“What is Brother Liu Yan doing Why is he fighting the Earth Dragon head-on Doesnt he have many stronger attack methods” Chu Long asked with some doubts.

Luo Qingcheng, who was at the side, had a thoughtful look on her face.

She also had some doubts.

Luo Qingcheng also knew that Liu Yan always knew what he was doing.

He was extremely smart.

Other than having good talent and powerful strength, his battle awareness and brain were extremely brilliant.

If that was the case, then Liu Yan must have another motive!

Not long after, Luo Qingcheng faintly guessed a possibility, but she also felt that it was somewhat inconceivable.

She said, “I remember that I have learned about the characteristics of fierce beasts.

Fierce beasts like dragons have a noble and powerful dragon bloodline, so they are extremely arrogant.

If you want to subdue a fierce beast like a dragon, the best way is to defeat it in terms of physical strength, which is the best way to subdue it.

However, no one usually uses this method because no one can defeat the earth dragon in terms of physical strength.

Is Liu Yan trying to subdue the Earth Dragon”

When Chu Long heard this, her eyes suddenly lit up.

She knew that Liu Yan had a pet.

His job class could subdue a pet.

So, Liu Yan was probably trying to subdue the Earth Dragon.

Chu Long could not help but look forward to it.

If Liu Yan could subdue the Earth Dragon, she could ride the dragon with him.

It was exciting just thinking about it!

At the same time, Liu Yan and the Earth Dragon were fighting intensely in the top hunting ground.

The Earth Dragon did not use its full strength.

Every subsequent attack became more violent, and Liu Yan could not hold on any longer.

Fortunately, Liu Yan finally managed to hold on for three seconds.

He hurriedly used his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction.

A ray of light landed on the Earth Dragon, and Liu Yan instantly felt his entire body warm up, and an upgrade appeared in front of his eyes.

At the same time, the Earth Dragons fiercer attack came again.

Even though Liu Yan relied on Absolute Unrivaled to defend with all his might, the disparity in strength between the two was too great.

Liu Yan was sent flying dozens of meters away in an instant.

Liu Yan spat out blood, and his injuries were not light.

However, Liu Yan did not care about his injuries at all.

He hurriedly checked the notification.

[ Divine Extraction of Earth Dragon (level 45, potential S grade) successful.

Congratulations! Obtained: Power of the Earth (S-grade)! ]

[ Power of Desolation (B-grade) has been successfully fused with Power of the Earth (S-grade), increasing Earth Power (S-grade) by 10%! ]

When Liu Yan saw the notification, his eyes lit up.

It was another S-grade skill.

Moreover, it was a strength-related skill.

Currently, what Liu Yan lacked the most was a strength-related skill.

He urgently needed to temporarily raise his strength and defeat the Earth Dragon with brute force.

Then, he could subdue the Earth Dragon!

Liu Yan quickly checked the effect of the newly acquired s-rank skill.

[ Earth Power ]

Grade: S-grade

Effect: after using it, you can absorb the Earths power to increase your physical strength.

You will receive a terrifying buff.

However, a powerful strength will burden your body, and you will fall into a certain period of weakness, current duration: 3 minutes.

Weak state: 10 minutes!

After reading the introduction, Liu Yan understood the newly acquired S-class skill, Earth Power.

Currently, he could absorb the power of the earth to increase his physical strength.

He did not know the exact extent of the buff, but it should be terrifying.

Currently, he could absorb Earth Power for 3 minutes, after which he would fall into a period of weakness for 10 minutes.

Did it mean that he could use the skill for three minutes, and there would be ten minutes cooldown afterward

Liu Yan was a little hesitant for a moment.

If Liu Yan could not defeat the Earth Dragon even after using Earth Power, he would not able to subdue it.

Besides, he was unable to kill it and obtain a bunch of rewards.

He would only be able to get the blood of the Earth Dragon to complete the cultivation of his perfect foundation.

On the other hand, if Liu Yan used another attack method instead of Earth Power, Liu Yan was confident that he could defeat the Earth Dragon.

However, he would not subdue the arrogant Earth Dragon.

He had no choice but to kill it.

After that, through the Divine Extraction, he would be able to obtain a large number of attribute points as well as the corpse of the Earth Dragon.

Almost every single piece of its body would be a treasure.

Of the two choices, one was more stable, and the other was high risk and high reward.

After all, the Earth Dragon had quite a lot of dragon bloodline.

If its dragon bloodline was successfully triggered, it might be able to grow into a terrifying SS-grade fierce beast, which would give Liu Yan a large amount of combat power increase.

After thinking for a while, Liu Yan immediately made up his mind.

He chose to take the high-risk option, trying to subdue the Earth Dragon!

At this moment, the surrounding people saw that Liu Yan was sent flying.

He even spat out so much blood and was heavily injured.

It was within their expectations.

Some gloated and mocked Liu Yan for overestimating his abilities to fight the Earth Dragon alone.

Some people admired Liu Yan for facing the terrifying Earth Dragon.

It was already very impressive for him to endure a few close combat attacks from the Earth Dragon.

Murong Xue also quickly ran over.

She planned to help Liu Yan up and bring him out to treat his injuries.

He had vomited so much blood just now.

His injuries looked very serious.

However, at this moment, Liu Yan slowly stood up and said indifferently, “Theres no need to come over.

The battle is not over yet!”


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