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Within the space of the top hunting ground.

Liu Yan confronted the Earth Dragon.

Compared to the Earth Dragons mountain-sized body, Liu Yan appeared extremely small in front of it.

The Earth Dragons gaze towards Liu Yan revealed a human-like disdain.

It was looking down on Liu Yan.

Liu Yans expression was calm as he prepared to make his move.

Facing a level 45 Earth Dragon, even though Liu Yan was confident, he did not dare to let his guard down.

He immediately activated his S-grade skill, Dragonification.

Immediately, Liu Yans appearance underwent some subtle changes.

Hard scales appeared on his knees and elbows, and two small horns appeared on his head.

However, Liu Yans inner body underwent a huge change.

His strength had increased, and his aura was also rising.

Not far away, Ning Shanshan and the other awakened felt a wave of pressure from Liu Yans body.

It was the suppression of a noble bloodline.


Everyone was a little surprised and incredulous.

What kind of transformation skill was this How could it be so powerful that it could directly suppress them

Fortunately, they were not Liu Yans enemies, so Liu Yans suppression was not mainly aimed at them.

If Liu Yan were to fight them, he would aim his frightening pressure at them, so it could directly suppress them.

Before the battle, their combat strength had already weakened, and their strength was directly suppressed.

Ning Shanshan also looked at Liu Yan in surprise.

Previously, during their great battle in the Bizarre Plane, she thought that Liu Yan had given all out to fight her.

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But now, it seemed that it was not the case at all.

Liu Yan had never used this powerful transformation in the Bizarre Plane.

The intimidating suppression from Liu Yan made Ning Shanshan even more surprised.

Even Lu Dajiang, the strongest member of the Soul Splitting Squad and the current top powerhouse among the students of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy, never intimidated Ning Shanshan as Liu Yan did.

Ning Shanshan was extremely shocked.

Had she underestimated Liu Yan Liu Yans strength was even more terrifying than she had imagined.

At this moment, the Earth Dragon in the distance felt a trace of the dragon bloodline in Liu Yans body and immediately changed its attitude towards Liu Yan.

Its initial disdain turned into seriousness.

The Earth Dragon roared towards the sky.

The huge dragons roar caused the surrounding people to feel immense pressure and could not help but retreat.

However, Liu Yan did not move at all.

His eyes were fixed on the Earth Dragon.

The Earth Dragon was also staring at Liu Yan.

A great battle was about to break out.

Liu Yan knew that this battle was not as simple as obtaining the blood of the Earth Dragon.

Liu Yan also wanted to subdue the Earth Dragon so that he could successfully take it as his pet and fight for Liu Yan in the future.

And the best way to subdue the Earth Dragon was undoubtedly to defeat it in its best close combat field.

Therefore, unless it was absolutely necessary, Liu Yan did not plan to use his dark rangers explosive assassination ability and archery ability to fight the Earth Dragon.

Liu Yan chose to take the initiative to attack the powerful Earth Dragon.

In his Dragonification state, Liu Yans strength had greatly increased, especially physical strength.

Now, Liu Yans close combat strength was over the top.

Liu Yan immediately used his S-grade skill, Absolute Unrivaled, and his combat strength again received a significant buff.

After charging in front of the Earth Dragon, Liu Yan used his B-grade skill, Power of Desolation, and his strength increased tenfold.

With the addition of two S-grade skills and a B-grade skill, Liu Yans close-combat strength had reached a terrifying level.

At this moment, this was almost the peak of Liu Yans close-combat strength.

Then, Liu Yan used the method he learned in the Eastern Medicine Garden to gather all of his strength into his fist and threw a punch.

The Earth Dragon seemed to have noticed Liu Yans intention at this time.

It wanted to win in close combat against Liu Yan.

The Earth Dragon did not even spit out its dragon breath.

It also charged at Liu Yan.

The two finally collided.

As soon as they exchanged blows, Liu Yan knew that even if he had used all his strength in close combat, he was still no match for the Earth Dragon.

Fortunately, there was not much of a difference.

Liu Yan could still barely hold on with the terrifying defense of Absolute Unrivaled.

He could still stand firm on the spot.

As long as he could hold on, Liu Yan would have a chance to defeat the Earth Dragon in close combat.

Although Liu Yan had already displayed his peak combat strength in close combat, Liu Yan could continue to increase his close combat strength.

The way to increase his strength was naturally to use the Earth Dragon in front of him.

As long as he could hold on for more than three seconds, Liu Yan could use the Divine Extraction.

An Earth Dragon that was level 45 and had an S-grade talent would definitely give Liu Yan a large increase in strength.

After his strength increased, he had a chance to defeat the Earth Dragon in close combat.

If he could not defeat the Earth Dragon in close combat, Liu Yan could only bear the pain and use his other combat methods.

However, Liu Yan had a faint feeling that even if he defeated the Earth Dragon, he would not be able to subdue the Earth Dragon.

He would not be able to let it become his pet and fight for him in the future.

Although the Earth Dragon only had a trace of dragon bloodline, it was still a dragon bloodline after all.

It had the arrogance of a dragon and would not easily submit to any creature, especially humans who were as weak as ants to them.

At the same time, Ning Shanshan and the others in the distance also watched the battle between Liu Yan and the Earth Dragon.

They saw that Liu Yan was not sent flying by the Earth Dragons attack but was barely able to hold on.

Although Liu Yan looked extremely miserable and exhausted, he was indeed able to hold on.

Everyone was extremely shocked.

“I didnt expect Liu Yan to be so powerful.

He hasnt been killed by the Earth Dragon yet.”

“Yeah, he managed to hold on.

He was able to hold on against the powerful Earth Dragon by himself.

It seems that we have underestimated Liu Yans strength.”

“So what Liu Yan used his full strength, but he was still not a match.

It seems that the Earth Dragon has not used its full strength yet.”

“If Liu Yan cooperated with us, we would definitely be able to kill the Earth Dragon.

Unfortunately, Liu Yan is too arrogant.

He insisted on fighting the Earth Dragon alone.”

“His strength is really strong, but hes arrogant and ignorant.”

“Well attack the Earth Dragon together after Liu Yan is defeated.

At that time, the Earth Dragons strength will be somewhat depleted, and we will have a chance.”


At this moment, Ning Shanshan was also extremely surprised when she saw this scene.

She did not expect Liu Yan to be able to withstand the Earth Dragon alone.

Although Liu Yan could barely hold on temporarily, it was still extremely exaggerated.

Ning Shanshan immediately looked at Liu Yan in the distance with a strange gaze.

Ning Shanshan knew that the key should be in the transformation skill just now.

Others might not know, but Ning Shanshan could tell that Liu Yans transformation skill seemed to have a trace of the dragon bloodline.

“This guys future limit is a little high!”

Ning Shanshan could not help but sigh, but at the same time, she was also a little puzzled.

Even if Liu Yan was so strong, it was obvious that he could not deal with the Earth Dragon alone.

Why didnt he join forces with her If they worked together, Liu Yan could hold on for the time being.

Then, she could take down the earth dragon with a burst of violent attacks from behind.


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