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When everyone heard this, their expressions turned extremely ugly.

Being rejected by Ning Shanshan in public was a little embarrassing.

Especially when there were so many of them.

They were all outstanding individuals in the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

Their combat strength was not bad.

However, they were rejected by Ning Shanshan.

Although they were a little displeased, they did not dare to refute or say anything.

After all, they had similar strength as the awakened ones who previously confronted the Earth Dragon.

However, those awakened ones who fought the Earth Dragon were instantly defeated in one strike.

Those awakened ones suffered different degrees of injuries or even death.

In that case, it seemed they were not good enough to deal with the Earth Dragon.

It was normal for Ning Shanshan to dislike them.

At this moment, Ning Shanshan walked up to Liu Yan and asked, “Liu Yan, why dont we work together to kill the Earth Dragon Well then share the loots.”

The people around were shocked.

Many of them wanted to work with Ning Shanshan, but they were directly rejected by Ning Shanshan.


Unexpectedly, Ning Shanshan actually took the initiative to invite Liu Yan to work with her

The goddess of explosive techniques, Ning Shanshan, who had always been cold and aloof, had never taken the initiative to work with anyone!

The surrounding people suddenly felt unfairness and jealousy in their hearts.

Even though Liu Yan was a popular figure in the academy and a genius that even the principal valued highly, he had only recently joined the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

No matter how good his talent was, he hadnt truly grown up and didnt have much combat strength.

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And even if Liu Yans combat strength wasnt bad, how could he have the combat strength of so many of them

There were dozens of them, and they were not weak.

In the upper house of Lighthouse Academy, their combat strength was in the middle and upper range.

Many of them were the outstanding ones in Lighthouse Academy.

Now, everyone thought Ning Shanshan was biased and wanted to help Liu Yan.

“This Liu Yan is really lucky.”

“It cant be helped.

He has such good fortune, such good talent, and such good popularity.

Its really rare to see someone who can win the flavor of the Explosive Mage, Ning Shanshan.”

“Sigh, his luck really makes people envious.

Unlike us, we can only cultivate step by step slowly to gain our strength.”

“This Liu Yan, his luck is really good!”


The surrounding people kept discussing, and their tone could not hide their jealousy towards Liu Yan.

They thought that Liu Yan was just a favorite child of luck.

But at this moment, the people watching from the hall did not think so.

Instead, they felt that this was reasonable.

After all, they had just witnessed Liu Yans battle scene.

They knew that Liu Yan was an extremely talented freshman.

His combat strength was quite formidable.

“Its completely reasonable for Ning Shanshan to look for Liu Yan to work together.

Why are these people jealous”

“Thats right.

Although Liu Yan is a new student, his combat strength is already sufficient.”

“If you ask me, among the awakened ones in the top hunting ground, other than Explosive Mage Ning Shanshan, the strongest should be Liu Yan, right”

“Why do I feel that Liu Yans combat strength isnt weaker than Ning Shanshans”

“Ning Shanshan is cooperating with Liu Yan.

Its a strong alliance.”

“The other awakened ones are weaker.

Its meaningless no matter how many there are.

Theyre all cannon fodder.

Ning Shanshans decision to cooperate with Liu Yan instead of them was the right one.”

“I feel like theres a chance to defeat the Earth Dragon this time.

If Ning Shanshan and Liu Yan work together, there might really be a chance!”


At this moment, the audience inside and outside the top hunting ground had completely opposite views of the scene in front of them.

However, the people on both sides were staring at Liu Yan, waiting for his response.

However, Liu Yan directly rejected Ning Shanshans invitation without hesitation, “Im sorry, I dont want to cooperate.”

Hearing this, Ning Shanshan was stunned, as if she did not expect Liu Yan to reject her.

In her opinion, countless people dreamed of working together with her.

Even the top expert of the Soul Splitting Squad was eager to work together with Ning Shanshan.

Ning Shanshan had the title ofExplosive Mage, which was not something that could be bragged about.

Indeed, she had an extremely terrifying explosive power.

In Ning Shanshans opinion, she had already given Liu Yan enough face by taking the initiative to invite him in front of everyone.

However, she did not expect Liu Yan to reject her directly.

At the same time, Ning Shanshan also did not understand.

They would only have a chance to kill the Earth Dragon if both of them worked together.

Why would Liu Yan reject her

If Liu Yan rejected her, how would he kill the Earth Dragon

Killing the S-grade Earth Dragon was extremely attractive to everyone.

Ning Shanshan did not believe that Liu Yan would not be interested in slaying the Earth Dragon.

However, even though Ning Shanshan was displeased, she did not ask too much when Liu Yan rejected her.

Instead, her face fell, and she walked to the side.

When the surrounding people saw this, they were stunned.

They did not expect such a scene to happen.

From their point of view, Ning Shanshan gave Liu Yan a face by inviting him.

It was Liu Yans honor, and it was impossible for Liu Yan to reject her.

However, they did not expect Liu Yan to reject Ning Shanshans invitation without any hesitation.

It was really hard to understand.

“What kind of situation is this Liu Yan in How can he reject such a thing”

“This is the opportunity Ive dreamed of, yet this Liu Yan rejected it”

“Is this Liu Yans brain not good He can even reject the goddess of explosions, Ning Shanshans invitation!”

“Goddess Ning Shanshan, look at me, Im willing to cooperate with you!”


Murong Xue was slightly taken aback at this moment.

She had thought that Liu Yan was going to accept her invitation and work together to fight this powerful Earth Dragon.

After all, Ning Shanshans combat strength was terrifying.

Ning Shanshan, who had the nickname of Explosive Mage, had the highest explosive output among the students in the academy.

In addition, Liu Yans combat strength was also extremely terrifying.

If Ning Shanshan and Liu Yan worked together, they would definitely have a great chance of defeating this Earth Dragon.

Murong Xue had some doubts in her heart, but she understood Liu Yan quite well.

She immediately guessed that Liu Yan might have his own motives, so she did not ask any more questions and chose to believe Liu Yan.

At this moment, Liu Yan faced the questioning voices around him, but he did not waver at all.

His expression was calm.

Liu Yan knew that if he worked together with Ning Shanshan, he would definitely be able to defeat this Earth Dragon.

However, Liu Yans purpose for this trip was not limited to this.

Liu Yan could obtain the Earth Dragons dragon blood by himself.

As long as he injured the Earth Dragon, he could easily obtain the Earth Dragons dragon blood.

Hence, Liu Yan did not need to work with anyone to accomplish his goal.

Other than this, Liu Yan had other ideas.

The moment he saw the Earth Dragon, Shadow Wolf conveyed to Liu Yan that the Earth Dragon seemed to contain quite a lot of dragon bloodline.

If the Earth Dragons dragon blood was stimulated in the future, it would grow up and become a truly top-notch fierce beast.


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