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The Earth Dragon appeared at the top hunting ground.

The first few students who encountered it did not even have the time to react.

They were heavily injured and were almost killed instantly.

They were terrified by the Earth Dragon.

They hurriedly pressed their smart wristband.

Then, their bodies turned into phantoms and left the top hunting ground.

At the same time, it also meant that their training in the top hunting ground had ended.

The appearance of the Earth Dragon and its powerful aura immediately attracted a large number of students.

From afar, Liu Yan had also used his A-grade skill Omniscient Insight to sense an intimidating aura.

“This aura is so powerful.

It must be an S-grade fierce beast.

Lets go over and take a look!”

Liu Yans face was filled with joy.

He hurriedly brought Murong Xue and rushed in that direction.

Liu Yan could sense that this aura was incredibly strong.

It was even much stronger than an ordinary S-grade fierce beast.

Such a powerful aura should be the Earth Dragon that Liu Yan was looking for!


At this moment, in the viewing hall, the audience was excitedly watching the scene of the Earth Dragon.

The Earth Dragon was extremely powerful among the S-grade fierce beast, but it was also a rare beast.

The Earth Dragon rarely appeared in the top hunting ground.

Most of the audience was not qualified to enter the top hunting ground.

Those who could enter the top hunting ground would enter to try their luck even though they were strong enough.

At this moment, they felt honored to be able to witness the battle between an expert of their peers and the powerful S-grade fierce beast, the Earth Dragon.

“This Earth Dragon is too powerful.

It almost killed those students in an instant.”

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“I know those seniors.

They are all very strong.

I didnt expect that they were almost killed.”

“Fortunately, they triggered the smart wristband in time and were able to escape.

Otherwise, they would definitely die here.”

“It seems that most of the awakened ones are rushing towards the direction of the Earth Dragon.”

“Liu Yan and Murong Xue are also rushing towards the direction of the Earth Dragon.”

“Explosive Mage Ning Shanshan is also rushing over there.”

“This time, theres Explosive Mage Ning Shanshan from the Soul Splitting Squad, top-notch combat strength students from our academy, and the arising genius Liu Yan.

There might be a chance for everyone to defeat this Earth Dragon together.”

“I also feel that theres a chance.

This time, more students have entered the top hunting ground, and their strength isnt weak either.

If they work together, they might really have a chance to take down this Earth Dragon.”

“Its said that this Earth Dragon appeared two years ago, but many of the academys experts could not defeat it.

I wonder if they could do it this time.”


At the same time, Luo Qingcheng and Chu Long also saw this scene.

Chu Long couldnt help but say with some worry, “This Earth Dragon looks terrifying.

Will Brother Liu Yan be in danger”

Luo Qingcheng, on the other hand, appeared relatively calm.

Instead, her expression was a little strange as she said, “Why do I have a strange feeling that Liu Yan is looking for this Earth Dragon”

Previously, Luo Qingcheng had some doubts.

It was obvious that Liu Yan was carrying out special training.

However, after Liu Yan entered the top hunting ground, other than the initial encounter with the Thunder Howling Wolves, Liu Yan did not attack anymore.

It seemed that he did not find the fierce beast that he wanted.

After this Earth Dragon appeared, Liu Yan immediately brought Murong Xue and rushed towards it.

It seemed that this Earth Dragon was Liu Yans target.

Chu Long was a little surprised when she heard Luo Qingcheng.

Brother Liu Yan was actually going after the Earth Dragon

In the space of the top hunting ground.

The awakened ones had already rushed to the distance of the Earth Dragon and were preparing to attack together.

There were thirty to forty awakened ones, and they were all outstanding students of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

After some discussions, they attacked together.

They were powerful, and there were many of them.

Even though the Earth Dragons strength was terrifying, they still felt they had a chance.

If they could take down the Earth Dragon before the others arrived, the Earth Dragon would belong to them.

An S-grade Earth Dragon had a trace of the dragons bloodline.

If they split it among 30 to 40 people, everyone would be able to prosper.

However, the situation was one-sided from the start of the battle.

Although these people were quite strong, they were no match for the Earth Dragon.

The Earth Dragon crushed or even killed several awakened ones.

Some wounded students had unfortunately died after the battle.

Although they had many people, they were not on the same level as the Earth Dragon.

They did not have the advantage in numbers at all.

Everyone felt the despair of dying.

A wave of mournful wails sounded.

Soon after, they activated their smart wristband and left the top hunting ground.

They ended their trial this time.

At this moment, another batch of awakened ones arrived one after another.

The awakened ones included Ning Shanshan, Liu Yan, and Murong Xue.

Everyone had just witnessed the scene of the group of awakened ones fighting the Earth Dragon from afar.

They had seen the terror of the Earth Dragon.

Even though they had more people and were stronger than the previous batch, they did not dare to approach the Earth Dragon and watched from afar.

When Liu Yan arrived and saw that it was indeed the Earth Dragon, he was thrilled.

This top hunting ground was only open for one day a week, and the Earth Dragon did not show up every time.

Liu Yan did not expect to be so lucky to meet the Earth Dragon on his first visit.

Liu Yan secretly decided that he must seize this opportunity and take down the Earth Dragon in one go.

He would get the last treasure he needed.

Then, he would start his cultivation plan to build a perfect foundation.

Liu Yan quickly checked the information about the Earth Dragon through the smart wristband.

[ Earth Dragon ]

Potential: S

Level: 45

Description: Contains a trace of the dragon bloodline, unlimited potential, terrifying combat strength…

The simple description indicated the terror of the Earth Dragon.

Potential: S , level: 45, terrifying strength.

Although the Ancient Draconic Croc that Liu Yan had met on the third level of the Tower had a potential of SS-grade, its actual level and strength were suppressed.

In terms of combat strength alone, this Earth Dragon was no weaker than the Ancient Draconic Croc from before.

Liu Yan became serious.

He had to give it his all in this battle.

If he missed this opportunity, who knew when he would be able to encounter this Earth Dragon next time

At this moment, everyone was also looking at the Earth Dragon nervously.

They wanted to make a move, but they were afraid that they werent a match for it.

However, after seeing Ning Shanshan, everyone suddenly felt that there was some hope.

Ning Shanshan was a member of the legendary Soul Splitting Squad of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

She was known as the Explosive Mage and possessed extremely powerful combat strength.

If Ning Shanshan joined the battle, they might have a chance.

Immediately, many people came forward and respectfully invited Ning Shanshan.

Facing everyones passionate invitation, Ning Shanshan said coldly, “Your strength is not enough.

No matter how many people there are, its useless.

Just watch from the side, lest you increase the casualties.”


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