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In the viewing hall of the top hunting ground.

Everyone thought that Liu Yan and Murong Xue would be killed by this group of powerful A-grade fierce beasts, the Thunder Howling Wolves.

Although the two of them were famous geniuses among the freshmen of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy, they were still freshmen after all.

No matter how good their talent was, their strength had yet to truly grow.

They should have a hard time facing a group of Thunder Howling Wolves.

Moreover, the two of them had been surrounded by this group of Thunder Howling Wolves right from the start.

They were at the disadvantage.

However, they had not expected that Liu Yan would choose to take the initiative to attack despite the dangerous situation.

From their point of view, in such a situation, Liu Yan and Murong Xue had their backs to each other, fighting the Thunder Howling Wolves together.

In this way, it would be much safer for them.

Only then would they have the possibility of defeating the Thunder Howling Wolves.

Liu Yan charging forward recklessly was undoubtedly giving away his life and even putting Murong Xue in danger.

When the crowd saw Liu Yan charging forward alone, they criticized Liu Yan.

They felt he had too little battle awareness and was too reckless, disregarding his teammate.

However, what happened next greatly exceeded their expectations.


Murong Xue displayed a terrifying defense.

She was able to block the attacks of two Thunder Howling Wolves.

However, Liu Yan was even more surprising.

Liu Yan easily parried and even launched counterattacks against the Thunder Howling Wolves.

Shortly, Liu Yan severely injured the six Thunder Howling Wolves.

This scene completely exceeded everyones expectations.

They felt that it was extremely unbelievable.

Even the best of the senior students could not believe what they had seen.

This was especially so for Liu Yans combat style.

It looked simple, but it was extremely complicated.

They couldnt see through it at all.

“Whats going on Murong Xue is a tank.

I understand why she could defend against two A-grade fierce beasts, but whats going on with Liu Yan”

“D*mn, Liu Yans combat strength is too terrifying.

He single-handedly repelled six Thunder Howling Wolves”

“What kind of combat technique is this It looks so powerful.”

“It is indeed powerful.

It seems to be a set of combined techniques.

While blocking the attacks of the Thunder Howling Wolves from multiple directions, he also launched an attack.

He easily dealt with six Thunder Howling Wolves.

He has both offense and defense.

His combat techniques grade is probably not low.”

“Is this the strength of a genius freshman Its so impressive!”

“Thats useless.

Liu Yan only defeated the Thunder Howling Wolves.

He didnt really finish off them.”

“Yes, the truly terrifying thing about the Thunder Wolves is that they launched their combined skills.

Once they launched their combined skills, Liu Yan wouldnt be able to block them at all.”

“Liu Yan will fail.

He still has to end this trial.”

“Its just a high-grade combat skill.

Its nothing extraordinary.

I have such a high-grade combat skill, and my combat strength is also terrifying.”


Everyone was surprised by Liu Yans strength, but at the same time, they were somewhat jealous of Liu Yans high-grade combat skills.

They didnt think Liu Yan could deal with these Thunder Howling Wolves.

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At this moment, in the top hunting ground.

After Liu Yan heavily injured six Thunder Howling Wolves, he looked in Murong Xues direction.

Although facing two Thunder Howling Wolves was a little difficult for Murong Xue, she could still deal with them.

Her defense wasnt a problem at all.

She could easily block the two A-class fierce beast wolves with her shield and not even activate her defense skill.

When Liu Yan saw this scene, he was also a little surprised.

It seemed that Murong Xue had improved quite a lot during this period.

Liu Yan clearly remembered that Murong Xue had some powerful defense skills.

If it was in the past, Murong Xue would need to use those skills to block them.

Now, she didnt need to use a skill to block two Thunder Howling Wolves.

It seemed that Murong Xue could even block these eight Thunder Howling Wolves with her full strength.

The remaining two Thunder Howling Wolves couldnt take down Murong Xue.

At the same time, they noticed that the other six companions had lost, so they hurriedly retreated.

The eight Thunder Howling Wolves stood together, staring at Liu Yan and Murong Xue.

They didnt surround Liu Yan and Murong Xue anymore.

The eight Thunder Howling Wolves stared at Liu Yan and Murong Xue.

They seemed afraid of Liu Yan and Murong Xues terrifying strength.

Murong Xue looked at Liu Yan in surprise.

Liu Yan had defeated six Thunder Howling Wolves so easily.

His combat strength was indeed terrifying.

Murong Xue knew Liu Yan very well.

He had many different combat styles.

Close combat was the weakest of Liu Yans many combat styles.

But even so, Liu Yans close combat ability was still incredibly strong.

Murong Xue immediately let out a helpless sigh.

Was this the difference between a genius and a monster

Murong Xue had great talent since she was young.

She also diligently studied and trained herself.

She had always been far ahead, and it was difficult for her to find an opponent among her peers.

But ever since she met a monster like Liu Yan, Murong Xue had been dealt a blow time and time again.

After she had entered the Combat Technique School, the Combat Technique School focused on her training and her hard work increased her strength by quite a bit.

However, compared to Liu Yan, it seemed that Liu Yans strength had increased even more.

Murong Xue sighed.

Liu Yan was stronger than her, and the speed of his improvement was even faster than hers.

The gap between them was growing larger and larger.

Murong Xue felt despair and a deep sense of powerlessness.

However, Murong Xue did not think too much at this moment.

She stared at the Thunder Howling Wolves in front of her and frowned slightly.

“They are activating their combined skill.

We have to stop them quickly!”

At this moment, the eight Thunder Howling Wolves were flashing with lightning all over their bodies.

Lightning attribute energy gathered around them.

It was obvious that they were going to activate their combined skill.

Liu Yan saw this and nodded slightly.

He immediately took out the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow from his storage ring.

A-grade skill, Flame Control, was activated.

Arrows condensed from the fire attribute appeared one after another.

Consecutive Arrows!

Liu Yan shot out eight arrows consecutively at the Thunder Howling Wolves.

Liu Yan completed the action flawlessly.

From taking out the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow to condensing the arrows and then shooting the arrows, the entire process was almost instantaneous.

The Thunder Howling Wolves on the opposite side had no time to react.

Just as they were about to activate their combined skill, they were hit by the arrows.

Eight fire attribute arrows accurately hit the eight Thunder Howling Wolves.

Six Thunder Howling Wolves that were heavily injured by Liu Yan were hit by the terrifying arrows.

They immediately fell to the ground and died.

The remaining two wolves were also heavily injured.

At the same time that Liu Yan made his move, Murong Xue had already charged forward.

She easily finished the last two heavily injured wolves with her grade-S weapon, Crystal Gloves, and a shield.

At this point, Liu Yan and Murong Xue had easily killed the Thunder Howling Wolves!

Murong Xue looked at the eight Thunder Howling Wolves on the ground and was stunned.

They killed eight Thunder Howling Wolves easily.

Murong Xue immediately looked at Liu Yan in surprise.

They could defeat these Thunder Howling Wolves because of Liu Yans terrifying combat strength.

In this battle, she did not play much of a role.


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