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Ning Shanshan nodded slightly when she heard Liu Yan.

Previously in the Bizarre Plane, she had already witnessed Liu Yans terrifying combat strength.

Although Liu Yan was a new student, he was absolutely qualified to come to the top hunting ground in the Northern Hunting Ground.

Ning Shanshan had already lost her consciousness in the Bizarre Plane because of the bewitchment of Purple God Taisui during the battle with Liu Yan.

However, she now had a clear memory of the battle with Liu Yan.

After coming out of the Bizarre Plane, the more Ning Shanshan thought about it, the more ridiculous she felt.

Although she had lost her consciousness, her combat strength was extremely terrifying.

She did not expect Liu Yan could defeat her under such circumstances.

After this incident, Ning Shanshan also realized how powerful Liu Yan was.

She finally understood why the principal had arranged for Liu Yan to enter the Bizarre Plane to train with Soul Splitting Squad.

“You shouldnt need help, right” Ning Shanshan asked again.


Previously in the Bizarre Plane, Liu Yan had saved her life.

If Liu Yan needed help, she was willing to give a hand.

However, she was clear about Liu Yans terrifying combat strength.

Perhaps Liu Yan didnt need her help at all.

When Liu Yan heard Ning Shanshan, he smiled and shook his head.

“Theres no need.”

“Then Ill be leaving.” Ning Shanshan said coldly and left.

Liu Yan was not surprised by Ning Shanshans reaction.

He already knew Ning Shanshans character.

Seeing Ning Shanshan leave, Luo Qingcheng could not help but ask, “Liu Yan, how do you know Ning Shanshan She is my idol!”

Chu Long also asked curiously, “Yes, she is one of the legendary figures in our Lighthouse Academy.

Brother Liu Yan, how did you meet such a powerful person”

Murong Xue, on the other hand, said with a strange expression, “Liu Yan, what happened between you and Ning Shanshan Why do I feel that your relationship is not ordinary”

Murong Xue could tell that Ning Shanshan was an extremely arrogant person.

From the fact that Ning Shanshan looked down on almost everyone around her, it could be seen that her character was extremely arrogant.

And for such an arrogant person to take the initiative to greet and chat with Liu Yan, they must have an unusual relationship.

When Liu Yan heard Murong Xues words, he suddenly felt her tone was a little strange.

Why did it have a hint of jealousy

Liu Yan secretly laughed in his heart, but he said calmly, “We were training together as teammates.

Thats how I know her.

We arent that close.”

“Brother Liu Yan, you teamed up with Ning Shanshan Thats neat!” Chu Long exclaimed when she heard it.

Luo Qingcheng was also surprised, “I didnt expect your strength to improve so quickly.”

Murong Xue was also a little surprised when she heard that.

They were all clear about Liu Yans talent.

It was undoubtedly terrifying.

However, Liu Yan was only a new student after all.

He had just come to Lighthouse Academy not long ago, and his strength had not fully grown.

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As for Ning Shanshan and the rest of the Soul Splitting Squad, they were the legendary figures of the Lighthouse Academy.

They were the top combat strength among the students of the Lighthouse Academy.

As a new student, Liu Yan was already able to form a team with the top combat-strength students.

It was quite impressive.

Luo Qingcheng suddenly came over curiously, “Tell me, what Ning Shanshan is like in private”

Chu Long also came over with a curious look.

Liu Yan saw the situation and also felt a little helpless.

Ning Shanshan was a famous figure in the Lighthouse Academy.

Her strength was strong, and she was cold.

Naturally, she was full of mystery, which made the students of the Lighthouse Academy very curious.

Liu Yan did not have much contact with Ning Shanshan, but after interacting with her for seven days, Liu Yan also realized that Ning Shanshan was not cold.

She did not like to pay attention to people who had nothing to do with her.

Following that, Liu Yan briefly chatted with the three girls about some private matters of Ning Shanshan while he headed to the top hunting ground.

The gazes of the people around Liu Yan were filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred.

A cold goddess like Ning Shanshan greeted him, and he had three beauties beside him.

They were three beauties with different styles.

One was a cute girl, the other was a sexy lady, and the other was a fierce goddess.

It was really enviable.

“Who is this guy He knows goddess Ning Shanshan, and he has three beauties beside him.

Hes a b*stard!”

“Im already satisfied with having such a beauty by my side.

He has three.

No, four by his side!”

“Why do I feel that this guy looks a little familiar I feel like Ive seen him somewhere before.”

“Isnt that Liu Yan!”

“Isnt that the Liu Yan who shone brilliantly in the freshmen examination Hes known as a once-in-a-century genius”

“Its Liu Yan.

He can be said to be the most talented student in our Lighthouse Academy at the moment.”

“So what Talent doesnt mean strength!”

“Hes heading towards the top hunting ground.

Lets follow him and take a look!”


Many students were instantly extremely curious about Liu Yan.

With such a great talent and so many beautiful women by his side, it was truly enviable.

Following this, many of the students followed Liu Yan over.

At this moment, Liu Yan and the others had arrived at the top hunting ground.

They saw that there were even more people in the hall, and it was almost full.

All of them were watching the situation in the top hunting grounds on the projection.

Liu Yan observed for a moment.

The top hunting ground had just opened, so the students who entered had not encountered any powerful fierce beasts.

Almost all of them were A-grade fierce beasts.

However, even if they were A-grade fierce beasts, they were already extremely powerful.

It was difficult for the students who entered the hunting ground to fight them.

Many students could not defeat the powerful fierce beasts and fled in all directions.

Liu Yan looked at Luo Qingcheng and Chu Long and said, “You two wait here first.

Murong Xue and I will go in first.”


Luo Qingcheng and Chu Long nodded.

After that, Liu Yan brought Murong Xue to the teleportation array of the top hunting ground.

After submitting their identity verification, the two of them stepped into the teleportation array.

After a flash of white light, Liu Yan and Murong Xue appeared in the top hunting ground area.

This was an independent space.

Looking up, it was a vast expanse of white, and nothing could be seen.

Looking from afar, it was relatively empty.

There were many small hills of different heights.

The entire environment looked empty.

There were many other trial-takers in the surroundings.

Although it was very difficult for most of these trial-takers to kill an S-grade fierce beast, they still wanted to enter and try their luck.

If they could pick up scraps or kill an S-grade fierce beast together, they could instantly become rich.

Even if they didnt meet one, there was still a pile of A-grade fierce beasts here.

It would allow them to have a good trial and train their actual combat ability.

Murong Xue looked at her surroundings and said, “This is the outer area.

It is where the teleportation array is.

There arent many fierce beasts here.

We will only encounter fierce beasts after we go deeper.

We should look out for each other.

We should look after each other and try our best not to end this trial earlier.

Try to stay here for a while longer.”

Liu Yan was clear about the rules here.

If they encountered a strong fierce beast and the situation became extremely dangerous, they could use the teleportation ring to leave this place instantly.

However, that would also mean that he had ended this trial.

If he wanted to enter the top-grade hunting ground again, he would have to wait until next week.

Everyone would only have one chance to enter the top-grade hunting ground once a week for the trial.

It was a rare opportunity, so they naturally had to cherish it.


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