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Liu Yan saw Ling Fengs shocked expression and was certain that these rare ores were indeed very precious.

Liu Yan was glad that he had a good harvest.

Meanwhile, Treasure Pangolin was extremely mad.

It regretted giving these rare ores to Liu Yan back then.

But at this moment, it was already too late.

Liu Yan looked at Ling Feng and said with a smile, “Vice Principal Ling, how is it This batch of rare ores should be pretty good, right”

Ling Feng did not reply to Liu Yans words.

Instead, he walked over to the rare ores that Liu Yan had taken out with a face full of disbelief.

He looked at each of them carefully as if he was afraid of damaging these rare ores.

Ling Feng, who had always been arrogant, had such an expression and action at this moment.

The scene looked really strange.

Only Liu Yan and Ling Feng were in this office.

If there were other people present, they would definitely be extremely shocked.

If people spread Ling Fengs reaction out, it would cause a huge commotion within the Lighthouse Academy.

Ling Feng picked up a gray ore and carefully observed it a few times.

His voice was slightly trembling as he said, “This is Titan Iron, a top-grade rare ore that can be used to forge S-grade defensive equipment!”

Ling Feng picked up one rare ore after another.

After carefully observing and identifying them, his face was filled with shock.

“This is Nether Iron, an ore that can be used to forge S-grade staffs!”

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“This burning iron is not bad either.

Its an ore that can be used to forge weapons and defensive equipment above A-grade.

Its not easy to get this many burning irons.”

“This is mithril, a rare ore that can be used to forge high-grade storage rings.”

“This is Yanji Ore, a rare ore that can be used to forge special equipment!”

Ling Feng finished identifying the ores one by one.

They were all extremely rare ores.

Even the worst one could be used to forge B-grade equipment.

Many ores could be used to forge A-grade or even S-grade equipment.

One of them was even one of the materials used to forge SS-grade equipment.

After identifying it, Ling Feng looked at Liu Yan in surprise and said, “Liu Yan, where did you get so many rare ores These rare ores were not only good in quality, but they were also top-grade rare ores.

The entire Weapon School could not produce this many top-grade rare ores.

These ores were simply a treasure trove.”

Liu Yan was also a little surprised when he heard this.

Although Liu Yan did not recognize these rare ores before, through his Treasure Hunting skill, he knew that these rare ores were extremely rare.

Their quality should be quite good.

However, Liu Yan did not expect that these ores could be so rare that they could make Ling Feng so excited.

It seemed that he got really lucky.

He got a good load of treasures!

Meanwhile, Treasure Pangolin was about to go crazy.

Those were the rare treasures it had collected for many years since it was young.

In the past, it usually slept with these treasures.

With these treasures around, it could sleep soundly.

Then, it met Liu Yan, and its treasures were snatched away by Liu Yan.

At that time, Treasure Pangolin took the initiative to seek Liu Yans help and placed its treasures with Liu Yan.

At this moment, Treasure Pangolin was regretful.

It should never have given these treasures to Liu Yan.

At this moment, Liu Yan quickly lied, “Ahem, Vice Principal Ling, I accidentally found this batch of ores during my training.

It is a surprise.

Since these ores are very rare, they should be used to forge some high-grade equipment, right I like to have some equipment pieces for my friends and me.”

After hearing Liu Yans explanation, Ling Feng naturally knew that Liu Yan was hiding something from him.

However, Ling Feng did not care.

Everyone had their secrets, so he would not ask too much.

Especially a top-notch genius like Liu Yan.

Ling Feng thought that Liu Yan had encountered many fortuitous encounters, so he had more secrets about him.

There was no need to care about these things at all.

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At this moment, Ling Feng had recovered a little from his earlier shock.

He had calmed down a little.

When Ling Feng heard that Liu Yan was going to hand over these top-grade rare ores to him to forge high-grade equipment, Ling Feng was instantly delighted and even excited.

This was a rare opportunity.

After being excited, Ling Feng quickly calmed down.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “These top-grade rare ores are very precious.

My skill is enough to forge them.

However, I also need to carefully analyze them before I start.

In addition, although these ores of yours are rare, there are also many types of them.

So, we can make many types of equipment.

You have many choices.”

When Liu Yan heard that Ling Feng was willing to help him forge, he immediately felt relieved.

Liu Yan knew that although these ores were rare, he did not know how to forge equipment by himself.

Besides, other forgers could not fully utilize these rare ores.

Only a top-tier forger like Ling Feng could maximize the use of this batch of rare ores in his hands.

“Vice Principal Ling, thank you for being willing to help me forge equipment.

Im not in a hurry here.

You can take it slowly.” Liu Yan said gratefully.

Hearing this, Ling Feng waved his hand and said, “Dont worry.

Its my honor to use these top-grade rare ores to forge equipment.

Its a win-win situation for us.”

After hearing Ling Fengs words, Liu Yan roughly understood what Ling Feng meant.

Previously, Liu Yan went to the Weapon Schools equipment warehouse to collect equipment pieces.

In the entire Weapon Schools equipment warehouse, S-grade weapons and defensive equipment could be counted on ones fingers.

There were also not many grade-A equipment pieces.

Liu Yans rare ores could at least forge B-grade equipment.

Most of them could forge A-grade equipment and S-grade equipment.

The Weapon School did not have these rare ores before.

At this moment, Liu Yan was also extremely happy.

He did not expect Treasure Pangolin to be so skillful.

It collected many useful ores.

Treasure Pangolin probably found these rare ores in the deepest layer of the Southern Mine.

The deepest and most precious ores had almost been plundered by Treasure Pangolin.

Treasure Pangolin had been collecting treasure for many years, but they were robbed by Liu Yan.

At this moment, Ling Feng also said, “How about this, just tell me whatever equipment you needed later on.

Ill follow up and forge it according to the situation.

Although your ores are extremely rare, they involve a wide range of things.

We might not have enough materials for some of the equipment.

For example, we cant forget the SS-grade weapon because we only have a few materials.

As for the rest of the materials, forget about our Weapon School, we probably wont find them on the central resting platform of the entire third-and-a-half level of the Tower.”

Liu Yan nodded slightly when he heard this.

He had already expected such a situation.

Forging high-grade equipment required an extremely large amount of materials, and many of them were extremely rare ores.

Especially equipment that was S-grade or above, which required more precious materials.

Although Liu Yan had a large batch of ores, it was still not enough to forge complete SS-grade equipment.

It was enough to forge an S-grade weapon at most.

Liu Yan did not need to bring the ores he did not need.

Liu Yan did not know how to forge equipment, so he might as well leave them in the Weapon School.

It could be considered Liu Yans contribution.

Or, he could use them to exchange some benefits.

“Then, Ill sell the extra ores to Weapon School.

I will tell you what equipment I need after I think about it.” Liu Yan thought for a while and said.


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