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The three girls now knew Liu Yan was hiding something.

Although they were curious, they had no way of knowing.

“If you dont want to say it, then save it.

Who cares” Murong Xue said in a bad mood.

They knew that Liu Yans matter was a secret.

After all, the principal decided to train Liu Yan personally, so they didnt ask any more questions.

They also guessed that it should be a tough cultivation.

Perhaps, Liu Yans improvement during this period would be even more terrifying than the three of them.

Chu Long and Luo Qingcheng did not really care about these things.

They were not combat personnel, so they did not really care about these things.

In addition, Liu Yan was their teammate.

The improvement of Liu Yans strength was actually a good thing for them.

Meanwhile, Murong Xue felt a little helpless in her heart.

When she first met Liu Yan on the second and a half levels of the Tower, she felt that she was no weaker than Liu Yan.

In fact, she even thought that they were on par.

Murong Xue had been working hard on the first three levels of the Tower.

Now, she worked even harder in Lighthouse Academy to increase her strength as fast as possible.

However, she found that the gap between her and Liu Yan became bigger and bigger.

Murong Xue looked at Liu Yan helplessly.

She couldnt understand how this guys strength could increase so quickly.

His talent was really outstanding

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The next day at noon.

Liu Yan woke up later than usual.

He walked out of Luo Qingchengs room.

The three girls had all gone to their respective schools early in the morning, busy with their studies and cultivation.

On the contrary, Liu Yan had a rare chance to relax in the past two days.

The top hunting ground in the Northern Hunting Ground would only open on Sunday.

Liu Yan could freely use his free time during these two days.

Liu Yan thought for a moment and decided to make a trip to the Weapon School first.

Liu Yan went to the Weapon School first.

When Liu Yan was in the Western Mine, besides finding the ice chalcedony, he also obtained a pile of rare ores from Treasure Pangolin.

The precious mithril was the most ordinary item among these ores.

Liu Yan could not recognize most of the rare ores before.

However, Liu Yan currently had the Treasure Hunting skill.

He understood these ores were extremely rare.

Perhaps they could be made into high-grade equipment.

And the best place to make equipment was undoubtedly the Weapon School.

Liu Yan directly drove to the Weapon School.

After entering, he came to the vice principals office and knocked on the door.

“Come in!”

The cold voice of the vice principal of the Weapon School, Ling Feng, was heard.

Liu Yan pushed the door open and walked in.

He said respectfully, “Vice Principal Ling.”

Ling Feng was a little surprised to see that it was Liu Yan who had arrived.

During this period, Liu Yan disappeared many times.

Just like the other vice principal, Ling Feng had asked Principal Zhong about Liu Yan, but he received the same reply.

Principal Zhong said Liu Yan was busy with his special cultivation, so he didnt have the time to go to the four great schools for the time being.

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It made the vice principal of the few schools furious.

After all, they had previously agreed that Liu Yan belonged to the four great schools and was jointly nurtured by Principal Zhong.

In the end, Principal Zhong had taken all of Liu Yans time, so the vice principals were not happy.

Although Principal Zhong was powerful, the four great schools each had their extraordinary aspects.

After all, to be able to stand tall in the upper house of Lighthouse Academy for so many years, they still had quite a bit of foundation.

Naturally, they all wanted to teach Liu Yan their special knowledge and skills.

However, Principal Zhong did not care about their unwillingness.

He only said that Liu Yan indeed had important cultivation recently and that Liu Yan could only go to the four great schools after the important cultivation.

The vice principals of the four great schools tried to negotiate with Principal Zhong but to no avail.

They could only helplessly return to their respective schools and wait for the results.

When Ling Feng saw Liu Yans arrival, he was naturally a little surprised.

Ling Feng frowned slightly and said, “Have you finished your cultivation with Principal Zhong Why do you have the time to come to my place”

When Liu Yan heard Ling Fengs words, Liu Yan felt a tinge of jealousy in Ling Fengs cold tone.

After all, Ling Feng had given him a set of excellent equipment on the first day.

At this moment, Liu Yan was still a little embarrassed.

After all, he had taken a gift from Ling Feng.

Liu Yan scratched his head.

He smiled awkwardly and said, “Cough cough, Vice Principal Ling, Im sorry.

Ive had some special circumstances recently, so I havent come to the Weapon School recently.

The principals special training hasnt ended yet.

Im only here temporarily because Im free.”

Seeing Liu Yans attitude, the anger in Ling Fengs heart was immediately reduced by half.

He understood the principal and Liu Yan quite well.

Having special training could greatly increase ones strength, so it was the most important thing.

“Alright, alright.

I know about that.

I wont argue with you.

Tell me, why did you come to find me today” Ling Fengs tone was slightly gentler.

Although Ling Feng had always been overbearing, his attitude towards Liu Yan was somewhat different.

After all, Liu Yan was a rare genius that only appeared once in a hundred years.

Besides, Ling Feng was quite impressed by Liu Yans state of mind and attitude.

It was rare to see a genius that could have such an exaggerated talent yet possess a calm state of mind.

Therefore, when he first met Liu Yan, Ling Feng had already determined that Liu Yan would definitely grow into a top-notch expert in the future.

It was also why he wanted to participate in the training of Liu Yan and teach Liu Yan everything he learned.

It was a pity that Liu Yan had been busy with special cultivation recently and didnt have much time, so Ling Feng hadnt had the opportunity to teach Liu Yan.

When Liu Yan heard Li Feng, he directly opened his storage ring and took out a pile of rare ores.

“Vice Principal Ling, I recently obtained a batch of rare ores by chance.

The quality should be very good.

I like to ask you to check on them.” Liu Yan said with a smile.

The moment Liu Yan took out these rare ores, Treasure Pangolin let out a dissatisfied voice.

It said that these rare ores belonged to it.

How could Liu Yan take them out for others to see and even use them

Liu Yan comforted Treasure Pangolin in his heart.

They had been keeping these rare ores.

It would be better to put them into good use.

Otherwise, it would be very wasteful.

However, Treasure Pangolin didnt listen to Liu Yan at all.

It continued to clamor for Liu Yan to take back the rare ores.

Knowing that he couldnt persuade Treasure Pangolin, Liu Yan didnt bother with it anymore.

In any case, Treasure Pangolin was now put away.

If Liu Yan didnt let it out, it wouldnt be able to come out at all.

It wouldnt be able to do anything to Liu Yan.

When Ling Feng heard Liu Yans words, he glanced at Liu Yan.

As the vice principal of the Weapon School, he had seen all kinds of rare ores before.

Naturally, he didnt care much about the rare ores that Liu Yan took out.

Ling Feng said somewhat helplessly, “I am the vice principal of the Weapon School.

If you want to identify these ores, you can take them to the Identification Department.

You can also study there.

Such small matter…”

However, halfway through his words, Ling Feng suddenly stopped.

When Ling Feng saw the rare ores that Liu Yan took out, his face was filled with disbelief and shock.

Ling Feng couldnt believe the scene in front of him.

Some rare ores were almost extinct!


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