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On the desert in the southern suburbs.

Liu Yan drove his origin powered sports car and sped past, heading towards the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

At this moment, when Liu Yan recalled the past few days in the Bizarre Plane, he still felt like he was in a dream.

Although it was an illusion created by the Purple Gold Taisui, everything was so real.

Time had passed, and he had a good harvest.

Although it was a little dreamy, the harvest of these seven days was extremely huge.

He had gained three powerful skills, and two of them were even S-grade skills.

However, Liu Yan also knew that he had gained these three powerful skills because of his powerful teammates.

Liu Yan had basically copied what they had gained for the past few days.

Apart from that, Liu Yan also got a substitute enchanted puppet, the advancement of the Divine Extraction, and obtaining the Purple Gold Taisui as he wished.

All kinds of gains were extremely rich.

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Besides that, Liu Yan also became closer with his teammates, the Soul Splitting Squad.

The Soul Splitting Squad was currently the strongest in the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

It represented the strongest combat strength of the students of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

Liu Yan now had a deep connection with them.

They might come in handy in the future.

After all, they were all extremely talented and powerful students.

They would definitely ascend to the higher levels of the Tower.

In the future, Liu Yan would have the chance to meet them again.

Up to this point, Liu Yan had already found three of the four treasures he needed.

After finding the last one, Liu Yan would be able to go to the principal to complete the creation of the perfect foundation.

This time, the Purple Gold Taisui he got was something else.

He could not help but look forward to how powerful the perfect foundation would be.

It was noon.

Liu Yan thought it was still early, so he headed straight to the office building of Lighthouse Academy.

He sped all the way to the office building.

After parking the car, Liu Yan went straight to the principals office.

He came to the door and gently knocked on it.

“Come in.”

Principal Zhong Yuntians kind voice sounded.

Liu Yan pushed the door open and entered.

Zhong Yuntian raised his head and saw that it was Liu Yan.

He saw how cheerful Liu Yan was and immediately guessed the result.

“It seems that you have a fruitful yield.

Did you obtain the Purple Gold Taisui” Zhong Yuntian asked.

“Yes, I have obtained the Purple Gold Taisui.” Liu Yan nodded and replied.

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“Not bad.” Zhong Yuntian praised.

Zhong Yuntian knew how hard was it to get the Purple Gold Taisui.

It was a huge test of ones temperament.

Liu Yan was able to complete the test on time and finally obtain the Purple Gold Taisui.

He must have experienced great difficulties.

Zhong Yuntian said nostalgically, “It seems you have experienced many difficulties on this trip.

Thinking back to the time when I was cultivating, I also experienced all kinds of difficulties.

At that time, I felt frustrated and exhausted, but now it becomes a fond memory.

Those were the times.”

When Liu Yan heard Zhong Yuntians words, he looked at Zhong Yuntian with slight confusion.

He did not quite understand what Zhong Yuntian meant.

Zhong Yuntian looked at Liu Yans somewhat dazed look.

He immediately smiled and said, “You will understand in the future.

Although it is hard to climb the Tower along with the challenges and even life-threatening dangers at any time, it is also the best time for you to improve yourselves.

When you are on the battlefield in the future, you will truly understand what cruelty is.”

Liu Yan seemed to understand a little when he heard this, but he didnt understand the details.

After all, Liu Yan was inexperienced and hadnt gone to the battlefield.

So, he couldnt understand Zhong Yuntians current state of mind.

Zhong Yuntian waved his hand and said with a smile, “Alright, lets not talk about this anymore.

Lets talk about your next treasure acquisition, which is also your last treasure.”

Liu Yan heard this and immediately became interested.

He looked at Zhong Yuntian.

After all, Liu Yan had already found three of the four treasures needed to create a perfect foundation.

He was only missing this last one.

Liu Yan looked forward to collecting the last treasure to create a perfect foundation.

Principal Zhong Yuntians face turned cold.

He began to explain, “This last treasure is the Earth Dragons Blood needed for blood refinement.

You need to go to the Northern Hunting Ground and hunt the Earth Dragon there to obtain its dragons blood!”

“Earth Dragon” Liu Yan was immediately filled with anticipation after hearing Zhong Yuntian.

All fierce beasts that were related to dragons were insanely strong.

Just like the Ancient Draconic Croc that Liu Yan met on the third level of the Tower.

It was originally just a crocodile.

One day, it absorbed a little of the dragons blood and grew into such a powerful SS-grade fierce beast.

If its strength was not restricted, it would not be killed by Liu Yan.

Furthermore, the Ancient Draconic Croc would have slowly grown up to be extremely terrifying if it had not met Liu Yan.

An SS-grade fierce beast had unlimited growth potential.

This time, Liu Yan needed to hunt the Earth Dragon.

Liu Yan couldnt help but be somewhat expectant.

When the time came, what kind of huge harvest could the Earth Dragon bring to him through the Divine Extraction

Liu Yan was excited, but Principal Zhong Yuntian thought Liu Yan was shocked.

Zhong Yuntian hurriedly smiled and said, “Dont worry, its just an Earth Dragon.

Although it has the bloodline of a dragon, its extremely rare and hasnt grown up yet.

However, this Earth Dragons strength is still not weak.

Its potential is S-grade, and its level has reached level 40.

It might be a little difficult for you.

You can find your own teammates to hunt it.

No matter what method you use, as long as you can obtain the Earth Dragons Blood in the end.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

Potential of S-grade and level 40.

Although Earth Dragon was powerful, Liu Yan was still confident in fighting it.

It was just that he would need to expend some effort.

Previously, he could even deal with the SS-grade Ancient Draconic Croc, Liu Yan, let alone an S-grade fierce beast.

However, Liu Yan knew why he was able to deal with the SS-grade Ancient Draconic Croc back then.

It was because the Ancient Draconic Croc had been suppressed, and its strength had been greatly restricted.

If the Ancient Draconic Croc was not suppressed, Liu Yan might not have been a match for it at its peak.

However, the current Liu Yan was no longer the same as before.

During these few days in the upper house of Lighthouse Academy, especially during these three training sessions, Liu Yans strength had received a huge increase in all aspects.

His overall combat strength had also increased by several times.

“I understand.

I will hunt down the Earth Dragon and get its blood as soon as possible.” Liu Yan nodded his head and replied.

Zhong Yuntian saw that Liu Yan did not show any fear, he immediately nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “Not bad.

This is very good.

Even if the opponent is strong, it is not undefeatable.

Just think of a way to overcome the difficulties and win.

However, the Earth Dragon rarely appears in the Northern Hunting Ground.

It only appears on Sunday.

You can go there every Sunday to try your luck.

However, you also need to be prepared.

You have to make sure you are strong enough to hunt the Earth Dragon.

Otherwise, you will end up horribly.

Thats about it.

After you obtain it, come and find me.

I will give you the materials needed to refine your internal organs and help you build a perfect foundation!”

“Okay, I understand.” Liu Yan replied.

Following that, Principal Zhong Yuntian instructed Liu Yan to leave after telling Liu Yan about some matters he needed to pay attention to in the Northern Hunting Ground.


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