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Liu Yan and the others were about to leave.

Although they had reaped a lot from this adventure in the Bizarre Plane, they were all physically and mentally exhausted.

The many days of bewitching by the Bizarre Plane had already exhausted them.

Just as they were about to leave, Lu Dajiang said in surprise, “Look inside this warehouse.

Why is there a fire”

Hearing that, they all looked inside the Southern Warehouse.

When they entered the Bizarre Plane, they didnt pay attention to the inside of the Southern Warehouse.

After all, it was only a tiny house with nothing inside.

At this time, they looked inside the house.

Unexpectedly, they saw a flame ball.

The flame ball was not small and was purple.

Interestingly, nothing was burning inside the fire.

This flame ball seemed to be burning on its own.

It looked extremely strange.

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Ning Shanshan suddenly remembered something and said, “I remember when Liu Yan left the Bizarre Plane, he set a fire.

Could it be that the two worlds are connected If that the Bizarre Plane burns, this place will burn as well”

Wei Feng also remembered and said, “Thats true.

At that time, the flames in the Bizarre Plane were also purple.

They looked exactly the same as the flames here.”

“How strange.” Liu Qingrou also looked at the flames in front of her with curiosity.

Under their observation, the purple flame was burning fiercely.

After a while, the flame gradually burned out.

Then, a purple thing remained after the fire became weaker.

It emitted purple-gold flames and looked extremely magical.

Seeing this, the few of them were a little puzzled and walked forward to observe.

Liu Yan walked forward and was immediately stunned.

The purple-gold color and its appearance were very similar to a Ganoderma.

Wasnt it the Purple Gold Taisui

“This is the Purple Gold Taisui!” Liu Yan cried out in surprise.

Liu Yan could not find the Purple Gold Taisui even after searching through the entire Bizarre Plane.

When he returned to the outside world, he unexpectedly found the Purple Gold Taisui.

When the others heard this, they immediately understood.

“This is the Purple Gold Taisui.

Rumor says it is an S-grade treasure.

It can bring unimaginable benefits to the user when used for cultivation.” Lu Dajiang said in surprise.

Wei Feng nodded slightly and said, “I have also heard about it.

Many students of the Lighthouse Academy have come here to look for the Purple Gold Taisui.

However, they found nothing and returned in failure.”

Liu Qingrou glanced at Liu Yan and said, “Liu Yan, are you here to look for the Purple Gold Taisui this time Before you left the Bizarre Plane, you also went mad and kept talking about the Purple Gold Taisui.”

“Is that so Do you want this Purple Gold Taisui for a special purpose” Ning Shanshan also looked at him with puzzlement.

The few of them had heard about the power of the Purple Gold Taisui, but they had no idea how to use it.

Liu Yan didnt avoid the question.

He nodded and admitted, “Thats right.

I came to the Bizarre Plane for the Purple Gold Taisui.

I didnt expect that I couldnt find it in the Bizarre Plane.

Instead, I found it here.”

At this moment, the old space array master slowly walked over and explained calmly, “In fact, the Bizarre Plane and storage rings that youve seen before are created by the Purple Gold Taisui.

It has powerful spiritual power and can create illusions.

It can help you improve your strength, but it can also test your mind.

The reason why the school has been allowing outstanding students to enter the Bizarre Plane is actually to test the inner weaknesses of outstanding students.

After all, your talents are very good.

Your state of mind will be the most crucial component of your future cultivation.

It allows you to overcome the hardships in the future and truly grow up to become powerful awakened ones.”

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Hearing this, Liu Yan and the others finally understood.

No wonder when they were in the Bizarre Plane, they felt a little carried away, and they could not behave and think rationally.

It turned out that they were in an illusionary realm, and with the deception of the Purple Gold Taisui, it was even easier for them to lose their sanity.

Even though Liu Yans mind was relatively firm, he eventually fell into Purple Gold Taisuis trick as well

If not for Treasure Pangolin using the Soul Suppressing Bell to wake Liu Yan up, Liu Yan would not have been able to recover from the illusion.

“I have never lost my mind before.” Wei Feng nodded.

Lu Dajiang scratched the back of his head regretfully and said with some regret, “So all the gold and silver treasures inside are illusions Theyre not real at all Thats such a pity!”

Seeing this, Ning Shanshan immediately said unhappily, “Dajiang, why are you still thinking about those golds and silvers If it werent for those golds and silvers, you wouldnt be in such great danger this time.

If you dont wake up, you wont be able to come out at all!”

Liu Qingrou was also a little surprised at this moment.

She said, “I didnt expect that this illusion could be so real.

Its really amazing.”

At this moment, the old man smiled and continued, “The five of you have exceeded my expectation.

The previous batch of students could only successfully come out of the Purple Gold Taisui at most, but they didnt break the illusion of Purple Gold Taisui.

It seems that this Purple Gold Taisui is destined to be yours.

The five of you can decide on your own!”

The few of them looked at each other when they heard this.

The Purple Gold Taisui was an extremely powerful treasure.

Its grade was as high as an S-grade and extremely precious.

However, there was only one Purple Gold Taisui, and only one out of the five of them could obtain it.

Ning Shanshan, who had always been against Liu Yan, said, “Then give it to Liu Yan.

Doesnt he need it”

Liu Yan was surprised.

He didnt expect Ning Shanshan to be the first one to speak up for him.

Lu Dajiang nodded and said, “I have no objections.

If it werent for Liu Yan, we wouldnt have been able to come out of the Bizarre Plane.

Its perfectly reasonable to give this Purple Gold Taisui to Liu Yan.”

Wei Feng and Liu Qingrou also nodded in agreement.

Although the Purple Gold Taisui was precious, they didnt know how to use it.

Even if they got it, they couldnt maximize the benefits.

Liu Yan came to Bizarre Plane to look for the Purple Gold Taisui to continue his cultivation.

In addition, Liu Yan saved the four of them in the Bizarre Plane.

He had made the biggest contribution, so he should get the Purple Gold Taisui.

In the end, everyone agreed to let Liu Yan get the Purple Gold Taisui alone.

Liu Yan didnt refuse his teammates generosity.

He nodded and said, “Thank you.

I really need the Purple Gold Taisui.

Ill take it, haha.”

As he said this, Liu Yan went forward and put away the Purple Gold Taisui.

The only regret of this trip was that he had succeeded in obtaining the Purple Gold Taisui.

Liu Yans trip was undoubtedly extremely successful, and he had reaped a full harvest.

At this moment, Liu Yan finally understood the spatial array masters reminder before entering the Bizarre Plane.

If one searched without a purpose, one might be able to find it.

In that case, that was indeed the case.

Liu Yan did not persist in finding the Purple Gold Taisui in the Bizarre Plane.

Instead, he made good use of the treasures inside to raise his strength.

He did not waste any time.

Instead, in the end, he successfully obtained the Purple Gold Taisui.

Everything went surprisingly well.


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