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“Damn, how did Liu Yan get to the top of the rankings”


“Is there something wrong with the rankings How is this possible”

“I saw him go out alone.

How could he hunt so many Tower defense beasts alone!”

“I think he must have encountered some injured fierce beasts and got lucky.

That must be it!”


“If thats the case, its possible.

Otherwise, hes not strong either, so how could he kill so many fierce beasts alone”


The few Awakened on the resting platform looked at the ranking list as they discussed.

Liu Yan was relieved when he saw that he was ranked first.

Previously, he hadnt paid attention to the ranking list when he entered the central nest for the probable huge harvest.

He didnt think that he would still be able to enter the rankings after leaving the central nest.

According to the instructors introduction before entering the Tower, ones ranking on the list would have a certain effect on ones reputation.

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Reputation points would only be officially available after entering level two of the Tower.

Apart from the rankings this time, many other aspects like battle strength, money, teammates, equipment, and so on would affect ones reputation points.

The higher ones reputation points were, the richer ones rewards would be.

As for the details, he would only know when he officially entered level two of the Tower.

Following this, Liu Yan opened the trading platform and began to check.

He had gathered too many hemostatic herbs in the central nest.

At that time, he was only focused on gathering, so he didnt notice at all that the 100 cubic meters of his storage rings space were almost full.

He only realized this after he left.


Hemostatic herbs werent very precious and were nothing compared to those precious spirit fruits.

Therefore, Liu Yan didnt plan to waste his Divine Extraction on the hemostatic herbs.

He planned to sell more than half of them to exchange for some money.

Then, he would use the money to see if he could buy some other useful things.

After entering the trading platform, Liu Yan checked the price of the hemostatic herbs.

It was not very precious, so it wasnt priced very high.

The original price was only 10 gold coins per talk.


However, Liu Yan noticed that as of now, the price of the hemostatic herbs had reached 300 gold coins per stalk, which was 30 times higher than its original price!

The prices of all the items on the trading platform would change according to demand.

Liu Yan looked at the Awakened around him and suddenly understood.

After experiencing the beast tide, the other Awakened werent as strong as Liu Yan who had not been injured.

They were more or less covered in wounds.

At this time, the item they demanded the most was naturally the hemostatic herbs.

With so much demand from the Awakened, but not much supply, it was only natural that the price of the hemostatic herb rose, increasing by thirty times.

At the same time, Liu Yan discovered that these Awakened had many fierce beast corpses.

The fierce beasts had all been killed by these Awakened.

After they brought the corpses back and removed some useful parts, they no longer had any use for the fierce beast corpses.

After all, they didnt have Liu Yans powerful skill Divine Extraction, making it so that they couldnt obtain attribute points through the extraction of fierce beast corpses.

As such, they were selling the fierce beast corpses, but not many people were buying them.

As a result, the price of the fierce beast corpses was much lower than usual.

Liu Yan was secretly delighted.

To think there was such a good thing.

With this, Liu Yan could use the one too many hemostatic herbs he had to exchange for fierce beast corpses that were extremely precious to him.

It was truly worth it.

Thinking about this, Liu Yan came to the front of the few Awakened.

“How much are you selling these fierce beast corpses for How about I use the hemostatic herbs to exchange with you How many hemostatic herbs for a fierce beast corpse” Liu Yan asked.


When the Awakened heard this, they were instantly overjoyed.

The fierce beast corpses were already of no use to them and it was just so that they were worried that they wouldnt be able to sell them.

At the same time, the hemostatic herb was exactly what they needed and something they couldnt afford.

But now, to think someone was willing to use the hemostatic herbs to exchange for the fierce beast corpses with them.

At the same time, when the other Awakened heard Liu Yans words, they crowded over.

“I have the fierce beast corpses too.

Can I exchange for the hemostatic herb with you”

“Bro, can you give me some hemostatic herbs in exchange for the corpse My wound is still bleeding.”

“Me too.

I have a serious injury.

If I cant heal it quickly, Ill be in danger when we enter level two!”

“Bro, can you trade with me first”


For a moment, many of the Awakened on the resting platform all wanted to trade with Liu Yan.

Seeing this, Liu Yan was also quite surprised.

He didnt expect the hemostatic herb to be so scarce.

Seeing that these people were so lacking in hemostatic herbs and had so many wounds on their bodies, while he did have a lot of hemostatic herbs with him, Liu Yan did not raise the price too much.

In the end, he decided to offer 10 stalks of hemostatic herbs for each level one fierce beast corpse, and 30 stalks for each level two fierce beast corpse.


As for level three fierce beast corpses, Liu Yan did not see any at all.

These people probably did not manage to kill any level three beasts.

Hearing Liu Yans offer, the Awakened were instantly ecstatic.

“Thank you so much.

To think you have offered such a low price!”

“Ill never forget your kindness in saving my life!”

“I finally feel the warmth of the Federations Awakened, thank you so much!”


For a moment, the Awakened were abnormally excited.

In fact, Liu Yans current exchange price was already much higher than usual.

Normally, how could ten stalks of hemostatic herbs be exchanged for the corpse of a level one beast

However, considering the current circumstances, the price was relatively cheap.

Very quickly, the trades proceeded.

The Awakened felt that they had profited.

After all, they had obtained incomparably precious hemostatic herbs just with useless fierce beast corpses.

As for Liu Yan, he had profited even more.

To think he had obtained for a pile of beast corpses with something that he had no use for and had intended to throw away.

With these beast corpses, God knows how much stronger Liu Yan would be after he used Divine Extraction on them.

Very soon, the transactions were completed.

Liu Yan brought the pile of beast corpses to a corner and began to use Divine Extraction.

[Divine Extraction of level 1 fierce beast corpse successful.

Obtained: strength 2, vitality 3, agility 1!]

[Divine Extraction of level 1 fierce beast corpse successful.

Obtained: strength 2, agility 1, spirit 3!]

[Divine Extraction of level 2 fierce beast corpse successful.

Obtained: strength 7, agility 5, EXP 5!]


Before the remaining ten times of Divine Extraction could be used up, Liu Yan had directly leveled up, reaching level 4!

[Congratulations on having enough EXP and leveling up.

You have reached level 4.

You have gained 8 attribute points that are free to be allocated!]]


Liu Yan had noticed that he was not far from leveling up, but was indeed still a little short.

He did not expect to receive a small amount of EXP from using Divine Extraction on the fierce beast corpses!

Liu Yan glanced at his attribute panel.

He had obtained 8 allocatable attribute points, and his various attributes had been increased a little.

Especially his agility attribute, which had increased a lot as he leveled up.

Liu Yan guessed that it was because he had transitioned to become a hunter, which was why his agility had increased so much.

As expected, the number of times he could use Divine Extraction had already been reset.

The maximum number of times he could extract it had increased from 20 to 40.

With this, he had more than enough chances to use his talent!

Looking at the remaining fierce beast corpses, Liu Yans face was filled with joy.

He was prepared to continue using Divine Extraction on them.


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