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Liu Yan looked at the ground that had been attacked by Liu Qingrou, his face full of confusion.

He could not understand how a priest could have such a powerful attack.

At this moment, Liu Qingrous attacks had already arrived continuously.

At this moment, it was already too late for Liu Yan to dodge.

He could only Dodge in time.

Liu Yan only had two choices now.

He could activate his S-grade skill, Sonic Speed, and easily dodge it.

Or, he could use his newly acquired S-grade skill, Absolute Unrivaled, to take it head-on.

Naturally, Liu Yan chose Absolute Unrivaled.

Liu Yan did not want to use his trump card, Sonic Speed, except his life was in danger.

A flash of light flashed across Liu Yans body.

Absolute Unrivaled activated it, and his defense increased significantly.

He directly took this attack head-on.

After taking the attack head-on, Liu Yan was immediately shocked.

Liu Qingrous attack was much stronger than Wei Fengs.

Previously, when Liu Yan used Absolute Unrivaled to face Wei Feng, it was relatively easy.

However, Liu Yan could not take Liu Qingrous attack even though he used Absolute Unrivaled.

After fighting for a while, Liu Yan quickly realized something was wrong.

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After Liu Qingrou fought for a while, some rare and precious medicinal herbs flew toward her.

After that, the medicinal herbs quickly withered.

Obviously, Liu Qingrou had absorbed the essence of the medicinal herbs.

Liu Yan was surprised that Liu Qingrou could absorb the power of the medicinal herbs so quickly.

At the same time, he also had a rough guess.

The reason why Liu Qingrous current strength was so strong was probably because of the large number of medicinal herbs.

Because Liu Qingrou had absorbed a large number of rare medicinal herbs, the power in Liu Qingrous body was boasted for a short period.

It was not inferior to Lu Dajiang and Wei Feng.

At this moment, Liu Qingrou was a priest, yet her combat strength was this terrifying.

After roughly understanding the situation, Liu Yan immediately complained bitterly in his heart.

He initially thought that the priest Liu Qingrou should be the easiest to defeat and the best to wake up.

In the end, it turned out to be so troublesome.

Now, withstanding Liu Qingrous attack was already extremely difficult for Liu Yanlet alone, defeating Liu Qingrou.

Liu Qingrous light attack contained terrifying power.

However, Liu Yans eyes were filled with anticipation.

Liu Qingrous strength had increased by so much.

If he could get close to her for three seconds and use Divine Extraction, it would bring him unimaginable benefits.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan immediately activated Absolute Unrivaled and approached Liu Qingrou.

Liu Qingrou continued to attack.

However, Liu Yan used Absolute Unrivaled and did not dodge.

He resisted the attack and rushed forward.

Liu Yan had a hard time dodging Liu Qingrous attacks, and it wasted a lot of time.

So, he might as well not dodge.

After Liu Yan withstood several attacks from Liu Qingrou, he was already in front of Liu Qingrou.

Seeing Liu Yan approaching her, Liu Qingrou raised her hand and struck again.

Her eyes were glowing with intense red lights.

However, Liu Yan raised his hand and caught Liu Qingrous wrist, stopping Liu Qingrous attack.


Liu Qingrou was stopped by Liu Yan.

She wanted to use her other hand to attack again but was also grabbed by Liu Yan.

Even though Liu Qingrou was a priest and her physical strength was not strong, with the support of the many rare medicinal herbs, her strength was not weaker than Liu Yans.

Seeing that he could not hold on any longer, Liu Yan hurriedly activated his B-grade skill, Power of Desolation.

His strength instantly increased by ten times, and he gained the upper hand in battle.

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At this time, the contact time had already reached three seconds.

Liu Yan hurriedly used his SSS-grade talent skill, Divine Extraction, on Liu Qingrou.

A white light flashed, and a notification appeared before Liu Yans eyes.

[ Divine Extraction of Liu Qingrou (A-grade talent, level 48) successful.

Congratulations on obtaining Pure Body (A-grade)! ]

When Liu Yan saw the notification, his eyes immediately flashed with joy.

Pure Body

Liu Yan hurriedly checked the effects of the newly obtained skill.

[ Pure Body ]

Grade: A-grade

Effect: Passive skill.

It can significantly increase the absorption effect of medicinal ingredients, medicinal herbs, potions, and so on.

It will not leave behind any medicinal dirt.

During daily cultivation, it can also double the efficiency of absorbing the essence of the sun and moon, increasing strength.

It will give endless benefits to future cultivation.

Seeing the effect, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

He didnt expect such a passive skill to be more like a cultivation body.

Pure Body not only allowed Liu Yan to increase the absorption effect when he used all kinds of medicinal herbs in the future, but it also didnt have any side effects.

In daily cultivation, it could also bring Liu Yan many benefits.

Liu Yan immediately understood.

It seemed that Liu Qingrou could absorb so many medicinal herbs in the past few days because she had refined Purity.

It allowed her to absorb so many rare medicinal herbs.

At the same time that he understood everything, Liu Yan also felt a little helpless.

Liu Qingrou had made Purity, allowing her to absorb the power of the surrounding rare medicinal herbs.

This was why she could temporarily possess extremely powerful strength.

Such a powerful Liu Qingrou wasnt so easy to defeat.

In fact, she was even harder to defeat than Wei Feng, who had just become a warrior.

At this moment, a terrifying power erupted from Liu Qingrous body, and she broke free from Liu Yan.

Under the terrifying power, Liu Yan was sent flying dozens of meters away.

He landed on the wall before stopping, and a loud sound rang out from the impact.

Liu Yan stood up with his arm.

If not for the terrifying strength of his own body, he would have been either dead or injured.

Liu Yan looked at Liu Qingrou in front of him with some fear.

He was thinking about how to deal with her.

Liu Yan had a stronger attack method.

Whether it was the S-grade weapon, Blade of the night, or the S-grade weapon, Flying Cloud Mystic Bow, he could use elemental power to burst out with terrifying strength.

However, that would also hurt Liu Qingrou.

After all, Liu Yan only wanted to wake Liu Qingrou, not hurt her.

Moreover, if Liu Yan hurt Liu Qingrou so severely that she couldnt leave the world of strange things, Liu Yan would lose more than he gained.

Liu Yan didnt want to hurt Liu Qingrou and caused him to be trapped in the Bizarre Plane.

At this moment, Liu Qingrou didnt continue to attack Liu Yan.

It seemed that the attack just now had used up a lot of her strength.

At this moment, she was grabbing a pile of rare medicinal herbs and absorbing them to extract their strength.

Seeing this scene, Liu Yans eyes immediately lit up.

Liu Qingrou used Purity to absorb the strength of these rare medicinal herbs for her own use, temporarily increasing her combat strength by a large margin.

It gave Liu Yan a hard time defeating her.

Although Liu Yan did not have Purity to absorb the power of these rare medicinal herbs, he had just obtained Pure Body, so he should be able to achieve this step.

He should also be able to use rare medicinal herbs like Liu Qingrou to increase his own strength temporarily.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan immediately tried it.

Regardless of whether he could temporarily increase his strength or not, Liu Yan had Pure Body and could also quickly absorb these rare medicinal herbs.

It would not bring any harm to Liu Yan, only benefits.

Liu Yan grabbed a pile of rare medicinal herbs beside him.

He did not look carefully at what it was and directly eat it.

In the past, Liu Yan would not have dared to swallow so many rare medicinal herbs so quickly.

He might have died instantly.

However, now that he had Pure Body, Liu Yan seemed to have no scruples.


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