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“Dajiang, how are you Are you okay”

Liu Yan pushed Lu Dajiang and asked.

Lu Dajiang was exhausted and a little confused.

He looked like he was about to collapse.

He asked faintly, “What happened to me just now”

Liu Yan saw how clueless Lu Dajiang was and immediately understood.

Lu Dajiang should have lost consciousness just now, but he still had memories.

“You must have been affected by something in Bizarre Plane.

You must be alert.

Dont lose your consciousness again.

Ill call the others.

We dont have much time left.

We have to wake everyone up before we can leave this place!” Liu Yan hurriedly said.

Then, he quickly left.

Lu Dajiang regained his senses and looked at the mountain of gold and silver beside him.

He quickly resisted the temptation and looked away from the gold and silver.

Lu Dajiang had almost lost himself in these golds and silvers.

On the other side, after Liu Yan left the Fortune Hall, he hurried to the next Skill Hall.

When Liu Yan arrived at the Skill Hall, he saw that Wei Feng was still immersed in cultivation.

Wei Feng was cultivating all kinds of skills and seemed very obsessed with them.

And from the looks of his cultivation, Wei Feng had succeeded.

It seemed that Wei Feng had already mastered a combination skill and was practicing it more skillfully.

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“Brother Wei, wake up.

We have to leave now!” Liu Yan shouted.

Wei Feng ignored Liu Yan and continued to cultivate.

At the same time, Liu Yan noticed that Wei Fengs eyes were also slightly red, even more so than Lu Dajiangs.

Apparently, Wei Feng had also lost consciousness.

At this time, there was not much time left.

Liu Yan could not waste any more time.

He had to wake them up quickly.

Liu Yan came to Wei Fengs back and grabbed Wei Fengs shoulder, stopping him from cultivating.

“Brother Wei, stop cultivating.

Youll have plenty of time to cultivate after you get out of here.” Liu Yan shouted.

Wei Feng thought that Liu Yan had ruined his good deed, so he turned around and roared, “Dont ruin my cultivation!”

Wei Feng directly attacked Liu Yan after roaring at him.

Liu Yan had already expected Wei Fengs reaction.

He immediately lifted his soft blade boxing gloves and activated his B-grade skill, Power of Desolation.

With the strength amplification of 10 times, Liu Yans strength had reached a terrifying level.

At the same time, Liu Yan activated his Blazing Tyrant Fist and clashed with Wei Feng.

Wei Fengs strength was strong.

Moreover, he was a warrior class, so he was good at attacking and defending.

Although Lu Dajiang was also incredibly strong, he was still a tank.

Lu Dajiang was good at defense, but his offensive ability was limited.

When fighting with Wei Feng, Liu Yan instantly knew Wei Fengs offensive ability was much stronger than Lu Dajiang.

Therefore, Liu Yan used his full strength in close combat during the fight.

He didnt dare to be careless.

However, Liu Yan was still at a disadvantage.

He barely held on even after using treasures to increase his strength.

Liu Yan gritted his teeth and continued to parry Wei Feng.

Finally, the contact time reached three seconds.

After meeting the requirements for Divine Extraction, Liu Yan directly used Divine Extraction on Wei Feng.

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A white light flashed, and a notification appeared before Liu Yans eyes.

[ Divine Extraction of Wei Feng (A-grade talent, level 45) successful.

Congratulations: Unrivaled (A-grade) ! ]

[ Unrivaled (A-grade) , Absolute Defense (A-grade) , Counterattack Storm (A-grade) , Blazing Tyrant Fist (A-grade) successfully fused.

Congratulations: Absolute Unrivaled (S-grade)! ]

Liu Yan was a little surprised when he saw this.

He did not expect that after obtaining the new skill, Unrivaled, from Wei Feng.

Moreover, he could fuse the four powerful grade-A skills into one grade S skill!

Liu Yan quickly checked the skill effects of both peerless and true peerless.

[ Unrivaled ]

Grade: A

Effect: Offensive combination skill.

Among tens of thousands of soldiers, the head of a general will be taken.

It has a terrifying continuous offensive ability!

[ Absolute Unrivaled ]

Grade: S

Effect: Offensive and defensive combination skill.

The offensive ability is terrifying and the defensive ability is also incredible.

At the same time, it allows users to counterattack with explosive attacks after receiving damage.

During the attack process, the fire elemental power can be fused to increase the power.

Seeing the description of the skill, Liu Yans face was instantly filled with ecstasy.

After all, it was an S-grade skill and incomparably powerful.

The previous four skills were all extremely powerful.

Counterattack Storm and Absolute Defense were both powerful defensive counterattack skills.

On the other hand, Blazing Tyrant Fist was a powerful explosive attack skill.

As for the Unrivaled that Liu Yan newly obtained skill from Wei Feng, it was a combination of offensive skills.

Although the explosive power wasnt as terrifying as Blazing Tyrant Fist, it had the advantage of being able to maintain its combat strength.

It was a combination of powerful continuous combat strength.

At this moment, the four powerful skills had directly merged into an S-grade skill, Absolute Unrivaled.

It had become a powerful combination skill that could be used in both offense and defense and could be used in battle continuously.

With Absolute Unrivaled, Liu Yans close combat strength had received a huge increase.

Facing Wei Feng who was charging at him once again, Liu Yan directly activated Absolute Unrivaled.

The terrifying S-grade skills power allowed Liu Yan to finally face Wei Feng head-on.

Liu Yan used the skill he obtained from Wei Feng to deal with Wei Feng.

However, Liu Yans Absolute Unrivaled was even more powerful.

After all, it had merged with the other three powerful skills.

Even though Liu Yans physical strength was weaker than Wei Fengs, Absolute Unrivaled was much stronger than Unrivaled.

In an instant, he made up for the difference in physical strength between Liu Yan and Wei Feng.

The two of them were equally strong, facing each other head-on.

It had been a long time since Liu Yan fought with someone with similar strength, so he was happy.

However, after fighting for a while, there was still no winner, and Liu Yan could not wake Wei Feng up.


Liu Yan was aware of it.

He could not continue to delay any longer because time was limited.

When Liu Yan came out from the innermost part of the Bizarre Plane to call them, there were only six hours left.

And just after waking up Lu Dajiang, there were only five hours left.

Five hours.

Liu Yan had to wake up Wei Feng and the other three, and they couldnt go any further than that.

If they delayed for even one second, they would be trapped in this Bizarre Plane.

If they stayed in the Bizarre Plane, they would be unable to leave for the rest of their lives.

Liu Yan didnt want this to happen.

Immediately after, Liu Yan directly activated his A-grade skill, Flame Control, and his body was covered with a terrifying fire elemental power.

Under the cover of the fire elemental power of Flame Control, the might of Absolute Unrivaled instantly increased by a lot.

Liu Yan instantly suppressed Wei Feng.

Very quickly, Liu Yan gained an upper hand in the battle.

He continuously launched attacks that overwhelmed Wei Feng.

In the end, Liu Yan suddenly unleashed the attack that he had just received from Wei Feng.

With the explosion, two punches sent Wei Feng flying, and he crashed into a wall far away with a loud sound.

Liu Yan stepped forward and arrived in front of Wei Feng.

At this time, Wei Feng had woken up.

The red light in his eyes disappeared, and he regained his consciousness.

Seeing that Liu Yan was about to step forward and attack again, Wei Feng hurriedly said, “Im awake, stop!”

Seeing this, Liu Yan finally noticed that Wei Feng had woken up and stopped what he was doing.

“Brother Wei, youre finally awake.”


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