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In the Bizarre Plane.

Liu Yan immersed himself in the refinement of the enchanted puppet.

During the process, he came into contact with a pile of treasures.

Liu Yans talent and skill were showing signs of advancing again.

Time flew by.

Liu Yan immersed in it for the past few days.

Six days later, Liu Yan finally completed the production of the enchanted puppet.

Looking at the new enchanted puppet in front of him, Liu Yan could not suppress the joy on his face.

Liu Yan hurriedly checked the effects of the new enchanted puppet.

[ Substitute-enchanted puppet (tier 3)]

Grade: A

Effects: average combat strength, but can block death for its master at any time (can only be used once)

A simple introduction showcased how powerful the new substitute-enchanted puppet was.

In the future, Liu Yan would have two lives.

If he encountered any dangerous situation and could not escape, he would be able to use the substitute enchanted puppet to avoid death once.

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And with that, Liu Yans actions on the higher levels of the Tower could be more radical in the future.

He could venture the places that he couldnt before.

After all, there was a chance to avoid death, and he could afford to make mistake.

Although it was only one time, it was already extremely powerful.

And after using it once, if Liu Yan could continue to find the corresponding materials, he could refine it again.

At that time, the substitute-enchanted puppet could help Liu Yan resist death once more.

If there were more rare materials and souls, and he could refine them into a higher-level substitute enchanted puppet, it would not be just one time.

Liu Yan hurriedly put away the enchanted puppet, and then his gaze fell on the many treasures in the hall.

These treasures were of extremely high grade.

Although Liu Yan could not take them away, he could use Divine Extraction to raise the grade of these treasures.

During the refining, Liu Yan also discovered that extracting these high-grade treasures seemed to benefit his talent, Divine Extraction.

Thus, during the past few days, Liu Yan had been taking extra time to extract the various treasures in the hall.

At this point, Liu Yans SSS-grade talent skill was already showing signs of advancing.

Each treasure could only be extracted once and raised by one grade.

Plus, there were tons of treasures in the hall.

In these six days, Liu Yan had only extracted half of the Divine Extraction.

After refining the substitute-enchanted puppet, Liu Yan was finally free.

He immediately picked up a treasure and used Divine Extraction without even looking at it.

Notifications kept appearing before his eyes.

[ Divine Extraction of Demon Subduing Tower (A-grade) successful.

Congratulations: Celestial Fiend Demon Subduing Tower (S-grade)! ]

[ Divine Extraction of Heart-Protecting Mirror (B-grade) successful.

Congratulations: Spirit-Protecting Mirror (A-grade)! ]

Liu Yan continued to carry out Divine Extraction on these high-grade treasures.

Notifications kept appearing before his eyes.

After an unknown period, a different notification finally appeared before Liu Yans eyes.

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[ Congratulations, Divine Extraction (grade SSS, Tier 2) has been successfully upgraded! ]

Seeing this, Liu Yan hurriedly stopped what he was doing and checked the effect of his talent skill after it had been upgraded.

[ Divine Extraction (Tier 3)]

Grade: SSS

Effect: Divine Extraction can extract everything and obtain a mysterious effect.

Extraction condition: any object can extract a special effect after three seconds of contact.

Seeing the effect of Divine Extraction, Liu Yans face was instantly filled with joy.

When Divine Extraction was at tier 1, it could extract many things, but most gains were still relatively small.

Liu Yan could only get better gains by extracting the corpses of the fierce beast or the awakened.

This was why Liu Yan searched the corpses of all sorts of the fierce beast and the awakened in the Tower during that period.

The awakened used the Divine Extraction to increase his strength.

Later, when the Divine Extraction advanced to tier 2, the range of the Divine Extraction became much wider.

As long as there was a gene fragment, it could be extracted by Divine Extraction.

Since then, it became much more convenient.

Liu Yan had obtained some skills from many fierce beasts and even some humans.

But even so, there were still certain limitations.

After all, it was not easy to get a body part with a gene fragment.

But now that Divine Extraction had advanced to tier 3, everything became much more convenient.

Now, it did not need a gene fragment.

Liu Yan only needed to contact the subject for three seconds to carry out Divine Extraction.

Liu Yan couldnt help but feel some anticipation.

There were many outstanding students and strong instructors in the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

If he could touch all of these people for three seconds, he could use the Divine Extraction to increase his strength.

If Liu Yan could extract all of them, he didnt dare to imagine how powerful he would be.

In the past, Liu Yan didnt dare to think about this at all.

But now that he had advanced to the tier of Divine Extraction, everything seemed to be much more convenient.

Although three seconds wasnt a short time, it wasnt long either.

It was still relatively easy to achieve.

It wasnt like in the past, where the target could only be extracted if they were directly injured or killed.

Now, as long as Liu Yan touched the target for three seconds, he could carry out the Divine Extraction.

It was simply too convenient.

Liu Yan immersed himself in joy for a while.

He then looked at the many high-grade treasures left in the hall.

Then, Liu Yan continued to use Divine Extraction.

Liu Yan couldnt take these treasures away even if he increased their grades.

However, during the extraction, Liu Yans SSS grade talent, Divine Extraction, was also becoming more proficient and improved.

If he could extract all the treasures in the hall, perhaps his talent and skill would be able to advance again.

A tier 3 Divine Extraction was already so powerful.

If he could advance again, Liu Yan felt that he would be invincible, so he was naturally looking forward to it.

At this time, Liu Yan did not notice that the time was almost up.

Treasure Pangolin, who was playing around, realized there were only six hours left on the timer.

It quickly came to Liu Yans side and pushed Liu Yan, trying to wake him up.

However, at this moment, Liu Yan was completely engrossed in extracting these high-grade treasures.

In his eyes, there were only these high-grade treasures.

Treasure Pangolin pushed him for a while, but Liu Yan still did not have the slightest reaction.

He was completely engrossed in it.

Treasure Pangolin immediately became anxious.

There wasnt much time left before they left the Bizarre Plane, but Liu Yan was still immersed in it.

Treasure Pangolin looked at Liu Yan.

He was obviously awake, but there were only these high-grade treasures in his eyes.

He couldnt see Treasure Pangolin at all.

His eyes were even slightly red.

It seemed that Liu Yan had gone mad.

At this moment, Liu Yan had gone crazy.

All he could think of was extracting the high-grade treasures in the hall.

Then, his Divine Extraction would probably advance once more.

A tier 3 Divine Extraction was already so powerful.

A tier 4 Divine Extraction should be heaven-defying!


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