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Liu Yan was in the middle of a hemostasis herbs plucking frenzy in the central nest to the point he was almost uprooting the entire ground there.

As he was plucking the herbs, he detected a figure not too far ahead with Spirit Vision.

He immediately became alert as he gripped the Myriad Beast Bow in his hand tightly and looked over.

He was greeted by a small wolf cub that was quietly eating the not-many herbs on the ground.

Only then did Liu Yan remember that the blue flame skeleton wolf had looked in this direction reluctantly before it died.

So it turned out that the boss was worried about this wolf cub.

Could it be that this wolf cub was its child

At this time, the wolf cub had also discovered Liu Yan, but it was not afraid.

Instead, it ran over and munched away at the hemostasis herbs that Liu Yan had just plucked, completely unwary of him.

Seeing this, Liu Yan put the Myriad Beast Bow away, squatted down, and tried to touch the wolf cub.

Unexpectedly, the wolf cub was willing to be extremely close to him.

It even took the initiative to keep rubbing itself against Liu Yans hand, seemingly attached to him.

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Could it be because of the skill Animal Affinity Liu Yan guessed.

On the other hand, he had just transitioned to becoming a hunter, so it was just as well that he needed to subdue beasts to be his familiars.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan hurriedly tried and issued a contract.

Seeing the contract, the wolf cub signed it without hesitation.


Soon, the contract bound the wolf cub and Liu Yan.

With that, he could instantly sense the wolf cub, which meant that he had successfully subdued it.

As such, he had obtained his first familiar!

Liu Yan quickly checked the wolf cubs stats.

[Shadow Wolf]

[Level: 1]

[Potential: B-grade]

[HP: 200/200]

[MP: 100/100]

[Strength: 18]

[Vitality: 17]

[Agility: 21]

[Spirit: 15]

[Adaptability: 15]

[Talent: Unawakened]

[Skills: None]

Its level was very low, and its talent was not awakened yet, meaning it did not have much combat power just yet.

However, what surprised Liu Yan was that the wolf cubs potential had actually reached B-grade, which was even higher than the blue-flame skeleton wolf just now.

He immediately realized that if the shadow wolf were to truly awaken and grow up in the future, its strength wouldnt be any weaker than the blue flame skeleton wolf just now.


At the same time, outside the central nest, the few remaining Awakened had finally succeeded in resisting the beast tide and successfully survived.

Those who were able to survive were almost all experts.

After hunting down enough Tower defense beasts, they had already obtained the qualifications to enter level two of the Tower.

Although Zou Yu and Zhou Peng werent strong, their talents were of quite a high grade.

As such, after suffering some injuries, they had managed to survive and obtain the qualifications to enter level two of the Tower.

When they saw Liu Yans name at the bottom of the ranking list, the two of them immediately laughed.

The other Awakened also started to discuss.

“Everyone, look, to think Liu Yan even dared to go out on his own previously.

What a joke.”

“Look at his rank at the bottom, I wonder if he even killed a single Tower defense beast!”

“He probably just barely survived.

If he cant enter level two of the Tower, its still useless though.

The weak will still die in the future, theyre doomed to die.”

“The Awakened in the top three are really amazing.

The third in rank has already reached level 2, and the first has even reached level 3.”


“To be able to reach level 3 on level one of the Tower, he is truly incredible!”

On the other side, Liu Yan carefully inspected the central nest.

After making sure that there was nothing else to harvest, he took the wolf cub and left the place.

As soon as Liu Yan exited the place, a series of notifications sounded in the Tower.

[The trial on level one of the Tower has ended.

Congratulations on passing the trial and obtaining the qualifications to enter level two of the Tower!]

[Next, we will proceed with the teleportation.

We wish all of you to survive and continue fighting as well as becoming stronger on level two!]

Immediately, hexagram arrays appeared beneath the feet of the remaining Awakened.

These were unique teleportation arrays.

The same teleportation array also appeared beneath Liu Yans feet.

Although Liu Yan had left the ranking area and was temporarily not on the ranking list, he had indeed killed enough Tower defense beasts.

Therefore, he was still qualified to enter level two of the Tower.


The teleportation array lit up, and Liu Yan felt a wave of dizziness before the feeling suddenly disappeared.

When Liu Yan opened his eyes again, he had already arrived in another world in the blink of an eye.

Looking at the surrounding environment and recalling what his instructor had said earlier, he knew that this was the middle of levels one and two of the Tower.

It was a resting platform built by a senior Awakened.

On this resting platform, everyone could have a certain amount of time to rest and recuperate.

They could also trade and exchange information to better survive and become stronger in the later levels of the Tower.

It was said that all first three floors had such a platform.

At this moment, on the resting platform, the Awakened in the top three on the ranking list were gathered together and chatting.

The rest of the Awakened also came over one after another.

“Your ranking in the top three should be stable.”

“Wow, the three of you have killed the most Tower defense beasts and are the strongest.

Youre really amazing!”

“Please take care of us in the future.

Well follow you in the future!”


The grades of the talents of these three Awakened werent low, but they werent the highest either.

On the contrary, the Awakened who had high-grade talents had all died.

This was the magical part of the Tower.

Having a better talent meant having a higher starting point, a higher limit, and a better chance.

However, whether or not a genius could become an expert depended on each persons luck.


At this moment, after experiencing the dangerous battles and baptism of blood, the three Awakened in the top three had finally obtained their current achievements.

As such, they were extremely happy.

However, at this moment, Zou Yu exclaimed, “Look, why are the rankings changing”

When the other Awakened ones heard this, all of them looked over.

They saw that on the ranking list, Liu Yan, who was originally at the bottom, was continuously rising through the ranks.

Liu Yan, who was not far away, also noticed this.

Only then did he understand that leaving the scoring area meant that he would only temporarily be excluded from the rankings.

After leaving the central nest, the points he had obtained would then be totaled into the rankings, which made it only natural that his ranking would continue to rise.


Liu Yan recalled his experience.

First, it was the wild wolf pack, then the wolf king, and after that the blue-flame skeleton wolf.

Along the way, although he had focused on increasing his strength and obtaining more gains, making it so that he did not put all his energy into hunting the Tower defense beasts guarding the tower, just with the fierce beasts he had hunted along the way, he had completely surpassed the other Awakened by leaps and bounds.

As such, the points he had obtained had naturally far surpassed that of the other Awakened.

Following this, under the gaze of Liu Yan and the group of Awakened, just as Liu Yan had expected, his ranking leaped and surpassed the other Awakened one by one, finally stopping when his name was in the first place.

The ranking list didnt show his points, but Liu Yan was clear that his points had definitely far surpassed the other Awakened.

The group of Awakened on the resting platform were instantly astonished.


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