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Liu Yan searched for the refining method to upgrade the enchanted puppet in his mind.

The current enchanted puppet was only at tier 2, which was around the combat strength of a level 5 to level 10 awakened.

The combat strength of an enchanted puppet was related to the material.

The higher the rank of an enchanted puppet, the rarer and higher the materials needed.

In addition, the enchanted puppet also had different ways to improve its combat strength.

The most basic way was to improve its combat strength using rare and high-grade materials.

However, it would inevitably be harder to improve its combat strength this way, and the further it went, the more difficult it would be.

Because Liu Yan had the SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, his combat strength increased absurdly fast.

Naturally, the enchanted puppet would have a harder time keeping up with Liu Yans strength.

If the enchanted puppet could not keep up with Liu Yans strength, it could not provide practical help to Liu Yan anymore.

Liu Yan checked and found that the materials were relatively complete.

The most he could do was to increase the enchanted puppets combat strength to tier 4.

Its strength would be about the same as a level 30 awakeneds combat strength.

As such, it would be helpful to Liu Yan, but not in the future.

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After all, Liu Yan would need to improve himself in the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

By the time he truly entered the higher levels of Tower, his strength would have improved quite a bit.

At that time, an enchanted puppet whose combat strength was comparable to a level 30 awakened would no longer be able to provide much help to Liu Yan.

And if Liu Yan wanted to advance the enchanted puppet to tier 5 or even higher, the materials here were sufficient.

All kinds of rare casting materials such as adamantine, mithril, and other rare materials were available, and it was adequate.

However, higher-level enchanted puppets also needed stronger souls.

However, Liu Yan could not find a stronger soul for the time being.

Besides the basic combat enchanted puppets, there were substitute enchanted puppets, space enchanted puppets, and life enchanted puppets.

When he saw the space enchanted puppet and life-enchanted puppet, Liu Yans eyes instantly lit up, and he hurriedly checked them.

The space-enchanted puppet could utilize the power of space and transform into an extremely powerful assassin in space.

At the same time, it possessed all sorts of functions and was extremely powerful.

As for the life-enchanted puppet, besides its original battle consciousness, it had its own thoughts.

It could carry out all sorts of complicated commands from its master and had a certain amount of healing abilities.

It was equivalent to a priest.

When it reached a certain level, it would even have its own life and become a living being.

Afterward, Liu Yan immediately gave up after looking at the conditions for the completion of the space-enchanted puppet.

Not only did it need all kinds of rare materials, but it also needed space power and life power.

Currently, Liu Yan had no way of obtaining them.

As for the enchanted puppet that was further behind, Liu Yan had no intention of continuing to look at it.

No matter how powerful it was, he could not obtain it.

Just looking at it made his heart itch.

Liu Yan could not help but turn his gaze to the second direction, the substitute-enchanted puppet.

As its name suggested, the substitute-enchanted puppet could block a certain amount of attacks for its master.

When it reached a high level, it could directly become a substitute and help its master block fatal attack.

When Liu Yan saw this effect, he became interested.

This effect was too powerful.

No matter what level Liu Yans strength had reached, he could still help him.

Liu Yan hurriedly checked the conditions.

A puppet that could be used to substitute death many times required a lot of materials to make.

Liu Yan had never even heard of a few of the materials.

There were not enough materials here.

However, there were enough materials for the one-time use of the enchanted puppet.

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Liu Yan immediately became interested and planned to refine it into a one-time use substitute enchanted puppet.

Although it could only be used once, it could save his life once.

As long as Liu Yan had this substitute enchanted puppet, he would have a second life.

No matter what danger he encountered, Liu Yan would be able to escape safely once.

According to what Liu Yan knew, the higher levels of the Tower would be extremely dangerous.

There might even be a powerful fierce beast that surpassed its level.

Although a fierce beast on the first three levels of the Tower could be powerful, it would only be at a fixed level.

It would not be too ridiculously strong.

However, it was not the case on the higher levels of the Tower.

It was very likely that a powerful fierce beast that should have been on the eighth level would appear directly on the fourth level.

As a result, the danger would increase exponentially.

On the other hand, if Liu Yan had this substitute puppet, he would be much safer.

Liu Yan also had a lot of tolerance for mistakes.

He could carry out some risky operations with high rewards.

The rewards would be even greater.

In any case, he would have a chance to avoid death.

Liu Yan took a quick look.

Although refining this substitute enchanted puppet was troublesome, it should be enough to end in seven days.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan hurriedly collected all the materials he needed.

He then took out the timer and looked at Treasure Pangolin, who was happily playing among the pile of treasures.

He instructed, “Remember to wake me up when there are six hours left on the timer.

You must remember that if you miss it, we will all be stuck here.”

When happy Treasure Pangolin saw Liu Yans solemn face, it immediately understood the importance of the matter and nodded hurriedly.

Seeing that, Liu Yan felt relieved and began to refine.

In the next few days, Liu Yan was immersed in refining the substitute enchanted puppet.

As the refinement went deeper, Liu Yan also gradually immersed himself in it.

Slowly, Liu Yan found that during the process of refining the enchanted puppet with the help of the Divine Extraction, his Divine Extraction seemed to have advanced under the influence of these treasures.

At present, Liu Yans Divine Extraction had already advanced to tier 2 with the help of the golden fruit.

Although Liu Yan could use Divine Extraction on many things, only the fierce beasts corpse or the awakeneds corpse would give a greater harvest.

Only then could one obtain a large number of attributes or new skills.

After reaching tier 2, there were many improvements.

As long as it was a part of the fierce beast or the awakeneds gene fragment, it could also be extracted by Divine Extraction.

It would yield a good harvest and be a lot more convenient.

Feeling that the Divine Extraction was about to advance, Liu Yan was a little excited.

He did not know what would happen when the Divine Extraction advanced to tier 3.

However, there was no doubt that the SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, would bring about a huge improvement every time it advanced.

It would improve Liu Yans strength greatly.

Immediately after, Liu Yan continued to immerse himself in it.

He also intentionally came into contact with more treasures during the refining process and used more Divine Extraction to increase the grade of the materials used, allowing the Divine Extraction to complete this advancement.

While Liu Yan was immersing himself in the process, Treasure Pangolin was happily rolling and playing among a pile of treasures.

Although these treasures were of no use to it, it would be thrilled as long as it could touch the treasures.

From time to time, it would remember Liu Yans instructions and look at the timer.


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