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In the dark tunnel, Liu Yan continued to go deeper.

The four teammates had already stayed in their favorite areas.

Lu Dajiang, who was a tank, stopped at the fortune area.

Wei Feng, who was a warrior, stopped at the skill area, cultivating all sorts of powerful skills.

Liu Qingrou, who was a priest, stayed in the medicinal ingredient area and used all kinds of rare medicinal herbs to increase her strength.

Ning Shanshan, who was a mage, stayed in the equipment area, trying out all kinds of high-grade equipment, and learning the corresponding combat techniques among the equipment.

Along the way, the four teammates parted away, leaving only Liu Yan alone.

As Liu Yan gradually ventured deeper into the Bizarre Plane, the number of treasures also increased.

If they could bring out treasures from any of the halls, it would be sufficient to completely change the strength of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

However, it was a pity that they could not bring any items out of the Bizarre Plane.

They could only use and raise their strength here.

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Furthermore, it was only opened once every five years, and only five people could enter each time.

Hence, the slots were limited.

This time, Liu Yan walked for quite a while before a bright light gradually appeared in front of him.

The bright light was attractive.

At the same time, Liu Yan used his A-grade skill, Treasure Hunting, and detected that there were many treasures in front of him.

These treasures were far more precious than any of the previous halls.

At this time, Treasure Pangolin was also extremely excited.

It seemed that this was where it wanted to come to the most.

Since there was no one else around, Liu Yan let Treasure Pangolin out.

As soon as Treasure Pangolin appeared, it rushed forward in a hurry.

It looked like it couldnt wait any longer.

Seeing this, Liu Yan also hurriedly followed.

After walking out of the somewhat dark tunnel, his eyes suddenly widened.

The light was a little dazzling, and Liu Yan adapted to it for a while.

Then, he looked over, and Liu Yan was shocked.

It was the Treasure Hall, and there were many treasures in the hall.

At this moment, Treasure Pangolin was already bathing in all kinds of treasures.

Liu Yan also followed Treasure Pangolin and looked at the various treasures in front of him.

[ Heart Protection Mirror ]

Grade: A

Effect: can protect the heart and mind, extremely strong defense

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[ Soul Calming Bell ]

Grade: S

Effect: a mysterious ancient treasure, able to suppress the soul, repel the soul, and directly attack the soul.

Liu Yan looked over.

There were only a few B-grade and below treasures.

Almost all of them were A-grade treasures, and some were even S-grade treasures.

Liu Yan was a little surprised.

Any one of these treasures was extremely precious.

If he took one out of the Bizarre Plane, he would cause a huge commotion.

Although the quantity was not as much as in the previous Skill Hall, Medicinal Ingredient Hall, and Equipment Hall, there were still several hundred treasures here.

If these high-grade treasures could be taken out, perhaps the strength of the entire upper house of Lighthouse Academy could be doubled.

At this moment, Liu Yan had no time to care about Treasure Pangolin.

He hurriedly searched for the Purple Gold Taisui among the many treasures.

After searching for a while, Liu Yan was a little disappointed.

Every treasure here was extremely precious, but none of them was the Purple Gold Taisui that Liu Yan needed the most.

Liu Yan looked around and was stunned.

The previous halls had an entrance and an exit.

This treasure hall only had one entrance, which was the entrance that Liu Yan had just entered.

It meant that there were no other halls anymore.

This treasure hall was already the deepest place in the Bizarre Plane.

Liu Yan had carefully searched through the previous few halls but he did not see the Purple Gold Taisui.

Liu Yan was a little puzzled.

According to Principal Zhong Yuntian, one could find the Purple Gold Taisui in the Bizarre Plane.

And the treasures in the Bizarre Plane could not be taken away at all, including the Purple Gold Taisui.

Liu Yan was already at the last hall.

Logically speaking, the Purple Gold Taisui should be here, but he could not find it.

Liu Yan was confused.

If Liu Yan could not find the Purple Gold Taisui, he could not continue his cultivation.

His cultivation plan to build a perfect foundation was immediately interrupted and failed.

He could not continue.

Liu Yan was instantly disappointed and confused.

Treasure Pangolin played around for a while.

When it turned around and saw that Liu Yan was disappointed, it immediately revealed a puzzled expression.

It could not understand why Liu Yan was still down with so many treasures here.

Liu Yan sighed, and his heart slightly calmed down.

Since he could not find the Purple Gold Taisui, Liu Yan could only accept the current situation.

He had failed his mission, but he couldnt waste his time now.

After all, he still had to stay in the Bizarre Plane for seven days, and more than half of today had passed.

Liu Yan had already finished touring the entire Bizarre Plane.

Now, he had to plan how to use the last few days and maximize the benefits.

Liu Yan thought about it briefly.

Firstly, the treasures in the first hall were useless to Liu Yan.

He couldnt bring them out at all.

Those mountains of gold and silver were completely worthless, and they couldnt bring any improvement to his strength.

Liu Yan could obtain a skill in the second hall could get a skill, and he could quickly learn it because of his Divine Extract.

However, it was still not worth it.

After all, Liu Yan only needed to fight with a powerful fierce beast and awakened to learn a new skill.

And in the Skill Hall, he needed to break through the protective barrier of the skill books.

In seven days, Liu Yan might not be able to obtain any high-grade skills.

The medicinal ingredients in the third hall were quite good for improving Liu Yans strength, but they did not have a significant effect.

The combat techniques in the equipment in the fourth hall were quite good.

Then, Liu Yan looked at the last hall.

These treasures were precious, and they were even more valuable than the ones in the previous hall.

Unfortunately, Liu Yan couldnt bring them out, so they werent of much use to Liu Yan.

Besides all kinds of treasures, there were also some extremely rare high-grade casting materials here.

Liu Yans eyes lit up when he looked at them.

Liu Yan was not good at casting equipment, and he could not use these rare materials.

However, Liu Yan immediately thought of his enchanted puppet.

Liu Yan obtained the enchanted puppet on the third level of the Tower.

After being upgraded, its comprehensive combat strength had already reached the combat strength of a level-8 awakened.

The advantage of the enchanted puppet was that it did not feel any pain.

It did not matter if it was injured or tired.

Hence, its combat strength had increased significantly.

However, as Liu Yans strength increased rapidly, the enchanted puppet was no longer of much help to Liu Yan.

As a result, Liu Yan kept the enchanted puppet in his spatial ring and did not use it.

However, when Liu Yan obtained the enchanted puppet, he also obtained the inheritance.

Hence, he had the method to upgrade the enchanted puppet in his mind.

After looking around, what surprised Liu Yan was that the high-grade rare casting materials here were enough to refine and strengthen the enchanted puppet!


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