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Liu Yan searched all around but could not find the Purple Gold Taisui.

He was slightly disappointed, but after thinking about it carefully, it was reasonable.

After all, the Purple Gold Taisui was a legendary level treasure and was very precious.

Although the medicinal ingredients here were rare, they were still inferior to the Purple Gold Taisui.

Liu Yan looked at the numerous medicinal ingredients around him and hesitated slightly.

There were many rare and precious medicinal ingredients here.

If Liu Yan stayed here to cultivate, he could also increase his strength quite a bit.

However, Liu Yan immediately dismissed this idea.

Firstly, Liu Yan did not have a good understanding of all kinds of medicinal herbs.

Although staying here to cultivate could also increase his strength quite a bit, compared to Liu Qingrou, who understood all kinds of rare and precious medicinal herbs and even knew how to make her own potion, Liu Yan couldnt maximize the effects of these rare medicines.

After all, Liu Yan only got seven days.

Secondly, the purpose of Liu Yans entry into the Bizarre Plane was to obtain Purple Gold Taisui.

These precious medicinal ingredients were not comparable to Purple Gold Taisui.

Only by gathering four treasures could Liu Yan build his perfect foundation.

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At present, he already completed half of it.

The remaining two treasures were indispensable.

Without either one, he would not be able to build a perfect foundation.

In addition, Treasure Pangolin seemed a little excited, wanting Liu Yan to go deeper.

Although many medicines and potions here were precious, it seemed there were better treasures in the depths.

Liu Yan quickly decided to continue going deeper.

If there was still time later, he could come back here to train and improve his strength.

Immediately, Liu Yan looked at Liu Qingrou, who was seriously training and did not disturb her.

He walked deeper alone.

To Liu Yans surprise, Ning Shanshan caught up with him after just two steps.

Liu Yan glanced at Ning Shanshan and said with some surprise, “Arent you cultivating there”

Liu Yan thought Ning Shanshan would also stay there to cultivate.

After all, even Liu Yan was satisfied with the place just now.

If he had not come here for the Purple Gold Taisui, Liu Yan might also stay in the Medicinal Ingredient Hall to cultivate.

When Ning Shanshan heard Liu Yan, she rolled her eyes at Liu Yan and said, “I grew up among all kinds of rare medicines, so I dont need more.”

As she said this, Ning Shanshan ignored him and walked forward.

When Liu Yan heard this, he also recalled that Wei Feng and the others mentioned Ning Shanshans background was very powerful.

She was born into a rich family, so she naturally did not lack all kinds of rare medicines.

The Medicinal Ingredient Hall just now was attractive to ordinary people.

But to Ning Shanshan, who had never lacked any rare potions since she was young, it was a little ordinary.

Following that, Liu Yan and Ning Shanshan continued to walk toward the depths of the Bizarre Plane.

After walking for a while, they passed through a long corridor, and their eyes suddenly lit up.

The multicolored light was extremely dazzling.

In the huge hall, there were all sorts of weapons, defensive equipment, and accessories.

There were all sorts of different types of equipment, and there were many of them.

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At a glance, they could even tell that the grade of these pieces of equipment wasnt low.

Ning Shanshan, who was walking in front, hurriedly went forward to take a look.

Immediately, she said with a surprised look, “These equipment and accessories are at least B-grade.

The high-grade ones are even A-grade and S-grade.

There are so many high-level equipment pieces!”

Liu Yan was also a little surprised.

The awakened equipment was extremely rare.

Not only did it require a large number of rare materials, but it also required a lot of time to forge a powerful forging stone.

And the higher the grade of the equipment, the more difficult it was to forge.

Not only did it require a forger to have powerful skills, but it also required a powerful strength.

In addition, it also required certain rare materials.

It could be said that one of the three could not be lacking.

For example, in the upper house of Lighthouse Academy, grade-C equipment was already an extremely rare existence.

Grade-C equipment and above was even harder to come by.

Liu Yan shone brilliantly during the freshman test and was praised as a once-in-a-century genius.

The vice principal of Weapon Academy, Ling Feng also praised Liu Yan highly.

But even so, Ling Feng could only give out a set of B-grade equipment, which was already the highest grade of equipment set in Weapon Academy.

Liu Yan had to use his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, to level up the B-grade equipment to A-grade.

And here, even the lowest grade equipment was B-grade.

This was extremely rare.

However, after his shock, Liu Yan said with a slight disappointment, “Thats useless.

No matter how high the grade of the equipment is, we cant take it away.

Its not beneficial to us.”

Ning Shanshan turned around, her eyes were filled with joy as she said, “These equipment arent just high grade.

There are also battle techniques sealed inside them.

We can temporarily equip these equipment and learn these battle techniques a lot easier.

Well be able to increase our strength quite a bit.

Combat techniques are not skills.

They are not that difficult to learn.

They are much faster than skills.

In these seven days, we will be able to learn quite a few combat techniques here.”

When Liu Yan heard this, he was also a little surprised.

Just like before in the Skill Hall, there were many powerful skills.

However, they had to use a lot of effort to break through the barrier protecting the skill books.

Afterward, learning the skill also required a lot of time.

This was also the reason why Liu Yan did not stay there.

However, these combat techniques were different.

Although combat techniques were not as strong as skills, they were not weak either.

The most important thing was that it was not so difficult to learn.

The combat techniques required lesser time to learn.

For Liu Yan and the others, who only had seven days, it was quite convenient.

They could learn a lot of combat techniques in a limited time.

In addition, these combat techniques corresponded to these various weapons, defensive equipment, and accessories.

Therefore, after equipping these equipment pieces and learning the battle techniques within them, one could maximize their effort and improve their strength.

At this moment, Ning Shanshan, who had always been arrogant, was already choosing all sorts of high-grade equipment excitedly.

Her body was emitting all sorts of lights from different high-grade equipment as if she wanted to dress herself up in dazzling gold light.

Liu Yan could not help but feel a little tempted.

Some of them wanted to stay here and cultivate.

In seven days, he would be able to learn a lot of battle techniques, which would greatly increase his battle strength.

However, Treasure Pangolin was becoming more and more restless.

As they went deeper into the Bizarre Plane, it could sense the most powerful treasures in the depths.

At this moment, Treasure Pangolin was extremely excited.

Liu Yan also remembered that he still had to look for the Purple Gold Taisui.

He suppressed the thought of staying here to cultivate and continued to advance.

Glancing at Ning Shanshan, who was already immersing herself in the high-grade equipment, Liu Yan said indifferently, “You cultivate here first.

Ill go deeper and take a look first.”

With that, Liu Yan left the wonderful Equipment Hall without looking back.


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