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After leaving Lu Dajiang behind, Liu Yan and the others continued to move forward.

Ning Shanshan turned around to look at Lu Dajiang and said annoyingly, “I dont understand this guy.

Why is he so obsessed with those gold and silver Its useless to us since we cant take it with us.”

Wei Feng had known Lu Dajiang for a long time and understood Lu Dajiangs situation.

Wei Feng said helplessly, “Ning Shanshan, you come from a rich family and have never lacked money since you were young.

Naturally, you cant understand Lu Dajiang.

Lu Dajiangs family had been poor since he was young.

Not to mention cultivation, he did not have enough money for his meals.

He always had to worry about his next meal.

Initially, he came to Tower because he had to earn money.

He heard that no matter if he succeeded or failed in entering the Tower, his family would be given a subsidy, so he immediately entered the Tower regardless of the dangers.

Later, he often acted as a meat shield for others because he lacked money.

In exchange for some compensation, he could continue to cultivate.

Lu Dajiang was able to have the strength he has today because he has been through a lot of hardship.

He is afraid of poverty.

That is why hes unwilling to let go of the gold and silver.”

The others were a little surprised when they heard this.

They didnt expect Lu Dajiang to have such a story.

“Looks like Ive wronged him.

I hope that he can continue to move forward.

We cant control him anymore.” Ning Shanshan stuck out her tongue and said.

At this moment, Liu Yan was also slightly emotional.

Lu Dajiang and Murong Xue were both tank classes.

They were both talented and powerful tanks.

However, the two of them were born into different families, and they had different reasons to be a tank.

Murong Xue was born into a rich family, the Murong family.

So, she had never lacked money or resources since she was young.

Besides, she was also a martial arts prodigy and liked martial arts.

That was why she came to the Tower to train and increase her strength.

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She chose the tank profession because she was good at it.

That was why she chose this path.

Lu Dajiang, on the other hand, was completely different.

When he first entered the Tower, he came for money.

He became a tank class because of money.

He did not consider his talent at all.

Although Liu Yan did not know much about it, Liu Yan could imagine the hardships Lu Dajiang had gone through along the way.

However, they both went the same way.

Murong Xue and Lu Dajiang walked on completely different paths, but they had already become powerful tanks.

They both had bright futures.

Then, Liu Yan and the others continued to move forward.

After walking for a while, they arrived at a hall.

The hall was dozens of meters high, and the walls around the hall were filled with books.

These books were emitting different lights, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple.

They looked extremely dazzling.

At the same time, there were rings of light around these books.

Seeing this scene, Liu Qingrou immediately recognized it and said, “This should be the skill area.

There are all kinds of skills here.

Looking at the color of these skill books, they should be skill books with different attributes.

There are also all kinds of skills.

Mental cultivation methods, movement techniques, and cultivation methods are all available.”

Ning Shanshan saw the dividing line of the eight trigrams on the ground and said, “Looking at this dividing line, it should be yin and yang.

On the left are all kinds of skills with yin attribute, and on the right are all kinds of skills with yang attribute.”

“There are so many skills here.

I must learn a few powerful skills here!”

Wei Feng said with a fiery gaze.

From the looks of it, he was obviously a martial arts fanatic.

Wei Feng always wanted to read a ton of skill books.

Following this, Wei Feng rushed forward towards a red-colored skill book.

He cultivated cultivation methods of the fire attribute, so the red-colored skill book of fire attribute was the most suitable for him.

However, when Wei Feng rushed forward, the surrounding light of the red-colored skill book flashed for a moment, instantly sending him flying dozens of meters away.

Wei Feng fell to the ground, but he was not injured.

He said excitedly, “Such powerful strength.”

Seeing this, Liu Yan immediately understood.

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Although there were many skill books here, each person could cultivate according to their circumstances and preferences.

They could not pick whatever skill books they wanted to take.

Around these skills, books were crystal-like protective barriers.

The protective barriers would not actively attack the awakened, but anyone who wanted to obtain the skill book would have their strength rebounded.

Therefore, to truly obtain these skill books, one would need to spend a lot of effort breaking through these protective barriers to get the skill book.

In addition, Liu Yan also observed for a moment.

Although the protective barriers around these skill books were similar, the energy contained within them was different.

It was likely that different skill books had different levels of protective barriers.

The higher the grade of the skill book, the more powerful the protective barrier around it would be.

At this moment, Wei Feng had already gathered his strength.

With a burst of violent energy burst, he broke through the protective barrier around the red skill book.

Wei Feng panted and said, “This protective barrier is really powerful.

I spent three attacks breaking it with my full strength.

With such a strong protective barrier, the skill book shouldnt be weak, right”

With anticipation, Wei Feng walked forward and took out the skill book emitting a red light.

He started to look at it.

When the others saw this, they also came to Wei Feng curiously.

Liu Yan did not know Wei Fengs exact strength.

But from the energy fluctuation that Wei Feng had released just now, Liu Yan predicted that he would probably need to use all his strength to attack ten times to break through this protective barrier.

Of course, this was under the situation where Liu Yan did not use Attribute Fusion.

Liu Yan did not have the chance to try Attribute Fusion, so up until now, he did not know just how terrifying the power of Attribute Fusion was.

Liu Yan still did not know his own limit of strength.

At this moment, Wei Feng looked at the skill book he had obtained and said happily, “Its a C-grade fire attribute warrior battle skill.

Its very helpful to me.

I want to learn it now!”

As he said that, Wei Feng sat down and started to study with a face full of obsession.

When Liu Yan heard that, he immediately understood.

A C-grade skill was not very precious to Liu Yan.

After all, Liu Yan had Divine Extraction, so he could obtain many skills effortlessly.

At the moment, Liu Yan already had a pile of A-grade skills on him.

So, he was not interested in C-grade skills.

However, to Wei Feng and the others, C-grade skills were extremely rare.

If they wanted a skill book, the most reliable way was to get it from the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

However, a C-grade skill book was expensive and difficult to obtain.

No matter how much money one had, they could not exchange one if they liked to.

One had to have the qualifications to exchange for it.

A C-grade skill book was attractive to Wei Feng.

However, at this moment, Liu Qingrou and Ning Shanshan looked at each other, and there wasnt much anticipation in their eyes.

Ning Shanshan pursed her lips and said, “Although a C-grade skill is powerful, its not impressive.

Our strength could not break through the protective barrier of even more powerful skills.

Were unable to obtain even more powerful skills.

These skill books arent of much help to us.”


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