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Upon hearing Liu Yans words, Ning Shanshan rolled her eyes and asked, “If its not weeds, then what is it”

Wei Feng curiously walked closer to take a look and immediately exclaimed, “Come and take a look.”

They followed Wei Feng.

As Liu Yan and the others walked closer, they discovered that the things on the surrounding walls were not weeds at all.

Instead, they were grass made of gold.

Because the surrounding light was dim and the gold plants looked messy, they looked like weeds from a distance.

“Sh*t, these are all gold! Can we take them down”

Lu Dajiang looked excited when he touched the gold grass.

Ning Shanshan said, “Its just some gold plants.

There are more precious things inside.

Lets go in and look at the others.”

After Wei Feng and Liu Qingrou were shocked, they were also relatively calm.

These old grasses were valuable to ordinary people, but not to them.

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They were powerful awakened ones with promising futures, so they were not tempted by these gold grass.

However, Lu Dajiang was different.

He immediately saw the money-hungry look on his face and said, “You are all rich people, so you all dont like it.

But I havent seen so much gold.

Im not leaving.”

Wei Feng frowned slightly and said, “Dajiang, there are tons of treasures in here.

There are kinds of treasures, skill books, medicinal herbs, equipment, scrolls, spiritual treasures, and many things.

They are categorized and placed properly.

This is just the beginning.

These golden grasses are the worst thing here.

Lets move forward.”

When Lu Dajiang heard this, he was immediately tempted.

He believed Wei Fengs words.

Moreover, these golden grass seemed to be all over the walls.

They should also be there in front of them.

However, Lu Dajiang was reluctant to go with them.

The allure of these golden herbs was too great for him.

He did not want to go any further.

When Liu Yan saw this, he smiled and said, “I saw that there seemed to be a golden glow in front of us just now.

Perhaps there will be more gold ahead.

Why dont we walk forward and take a look”

Liu Yan had used his A-grade skill, Treasure Hunting.

He knew there was a large amount of treasure after turning the corner.

Compared to the treasure, the gold grass was nothing.

When Lu Dajiang heard this, he seemed to have made up his mind.

“Okay, well go ahead and take a look.”

Lu Dajiang looked at the gold grass.

Then, he followed his teammates and walked forward reluctantly.

They didnt walk for long.

After turning a corner, they suddenly felt a blinding light in front of them.

After getting used to the light, they looked at the source of the light and were immediately stunned.

They saw piles of gold and silver coins in a square in front of them.

The blinding light just now was emitted by these gold and silver coins.

Besides these gold and silver coins, there was also a large amount of gold, jewelry, and many banknotes beside them.

The pile of gold and silver coins was so huge that one could not see the end of it.

It looked extremely spectacular.

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Even Ning Shanshan, who had previously been disdainful of the golden grass, was dumbfounded.

They were not lacking in money.

They were even born into a large family and grew up with a golden key in their mouths.

However, they had never seen so much money before.

The scene before them was too exaggerated.

Even though Liu Yan already knew what was coming, he was still a little shocked.

Through his Treasure Hunting skill, Liu Yan could sense that there were many other types of treasures in front of him.

Those treasures were more valuable than gold and other things.

After all, there were things that no gold, silver coins, and banknotes could buy.

Some rare things related to origin crystals could not be bought.

The awakened were helpful, but they were still limited.

Treasure Pangolin was thrilled.

It could not stay calm after entering the Bizarre Plane.

It had been urging Liu Yan to hurry up and see the truly valuable treasures in front of him.

Lu Dajiang was the most exaggerated.

He walked forward excitedly and kept scooping the piles of gold and silver coins.

“So many gold and silver coins, so much money.

Im rich, Im rich, I wont be short of money anymore!” Lu Dajiang shouted excitedly.

He ran to the mountain of gold and silver coins and lay on it.

Wei Feng and the others were also a little surprised, so they examined the gold and silver coins.

They found out that these gold and silver coins were all real, and the quality was extremely good.

The few of them were a little intoxicated, and they did not want to leave this mountain of gold and silver coins.

Liu Yan glanced at the gold and silver coins and walked away.

These gold and silver coins were valuable, but Liu Yan and the others could not bring them out of the Bizarre Plane at all.

These golds and silver coins were useless as the dung.

Liu Yan and the others only had seven days in the Bizarre Plane.

These gold, silver, and banknotes couldnt help Liu Yan increase his strength.

In other words, they were extremely useless.

The gold and silver coins were the most worthless things in Bizarre Plane.

Liu Yan waited for a while.

Seeing that his teammates still had no intention of leaving, he couldnt help but say, “Why dont we go ahead and take a look There might be even better treasures ahead.”

Hearing Liu Yans words, Wei Feng and the others came back to their senses.

“We already have enough money.

We dont have to take more.” Ning Shanshan waved her hand and stood up.

Wei Feng also nodded and said, “Thats right.

Although these gold and silver coins are worth a lot of money, we cant take them with us.

Its useless to us.”

Liu Qingrou also analyzed, “We only have seven days.

We have to think of a way to increase our strength.

These gold and silver are useless to us.”

The three of them woke up one by one and prepared to leave.

However, Lu Dajiang was still deeply immersed in it.

He waved his hand and said, “You guys go first.

I want to stay here.

I havent seen so much gold.

I want to stay with the gold.”

Upon hearing that, Ning Shanshan said impatiently, “We cant stay here! We have to look for other things to increase our strength.”

“Yeah, no matter how much gold and silver there is, you cant take it away.

Its meaningless.” Liu Qingrou also said.

Wei Feng also advised, “Dajiang, its better to get up and go forward with us.

Time is limited.

Dont waste it here.”

However, Lu Dajiang waved his hand and said indifferently, “I dont care, I dont care.

I want to be with money.

You guys go, dont care about me.”


They tried to persuade Lu Dajiang again, but Lu Dajiang seemed to be addicted and couldnt be persuaded at all.

However, Lu Dajiangs strength was also the strongest among them.

So, they couldnt force Lu Dajiang away.

They had no choice but to let Lu Dajiang stay here and continued to walk forward.

Wei Feng looked around and said, “It doesnt look dangerous.

Let Dajiang stay here for now.

Well go ahead and take a look.”

Then, everyone except Lu Dajiang abandoned these mountains of gold and silver and continued to walk forward.


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