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When Liu Yan heard Wei Fengs words, he immediately laughed in his heart.

Even though Liu Yans current strength was inferior to these four teammates, he would eventually surpass them.

With his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, Liu Yan was confident in himself.

Although Liu Yans strength might not be as powerful as theirs now, he had many types of strong skills.

Even though there were dangers and challenges in the Bizarre Plane, Liu Yan believed he could totally protect himself if he were cautious.

So, he was not nervous at all.

Even though Wei Feng misunderstood Liu Yan, Liu Yan could sense Wei Fengs good intentions.

He smiled and thanked Wei Feng, “Thank you, senior.

I will do my best.

I wont hold you back.”

Not long after, the other team members arrived one after another.

There were still a few hours before they entered the Bizarre Plane, so they waited patiently.

“They said there are all sorts of treasures in this Bizarre Plane.

We must make good use of the seven days we have this time to raise our strength.” Wei Feng said with some anticipation.

“Thats right.” Liu Qingrou nodded slightly and said, “This is a rare opportunity.

It only opens once every five years.

This is our only chance, so we must raise our strength in the Bizarre Plane.

However, we must use the following seven days well.

We cannot delay the time and not be able to leave.”

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“Are there really many treasures Can I make some money” Lu Dajiang said with some anticipation.

Ning Shanshan, who was by the side, immediately rolled her eyes and said annoyingly, “Big guy, did you hear what the spatial array master said yesterday We can not bring out any of the treasures.”

Liu Yan listened to the discussions of his teammates and also felt some anticipation.

There were a large number of high-grade treasures in the Bizarre Plane.

Although they could not be brought the treasures out, they could use these seven days to improve their strength.

If Liu Yan could obtain the Purple Gold Taisui and refine it, it would be even more perfect.

Under their anticipation, time quickly passed.

Seeing that it was almost time, the old man lazily stood up and took out five timers.

He said, “This is the timer.

It will start counting the time when you enter the Bizarre Plane.

Each timer is set for seven says.

Before the timer reaches zero, you must leave the Bizarre Plane.

Otherwise, you might have to stay there for the rest of your lives.”

Liu Yan and the others stepped forward to take it.

At this time, there were only a few minutes left before they entered the Bizarre Plane.

Liu Yan and the others made their preparations.

At the same time, they were looking forward to the interior of the Bizarre Plane.

When the time was up, the old man took out some materials and casually scattered them.

The dilapidated door behind them opened, emitting light.

“Time is up.

You can enter now.

You must keep my request in mind!” The old man said in a serious tone.

Seeing this, Liu Yan couldnt help but be a little surprised.

Liu Yan had learned how to set up some simple arrays, including the contract array.

Liu Yan had also seen many teleportation arrays.

They were divided into two types.

The first type was set up in advance and could be used at any time, but sometimes there were some restrictions.

For example, the teleportation array in Eastern Medicine Garden was set up long ago.

Only those with identity tokens could get through it

Another method to set up a teleportation array was to set it up temporarily.

One needed to use specific materials to set up a specific location, and the process was extremely complicated.

Even if Liu Yan set up a relatively simple contract array, it would still take a lot of time.

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As for a teleportation array that involved space, it would be many times more complicated.

However, the old man in front of him set it up almost instantly, and his speed was extremely fast.

Liu Yan was shocked by the old mans skill.

Previously, Liu Yan had already guessed that this seemingly ordinary old mans strength was not weak.

However, Liu Yan thought that he had underestimated this old man.

This old mans strength was extremely exaggerated.

Immediately, Liu Yan also withdrew the shock in his heart.

Following a few of his teammates, they stepped into the shimmering door of the small house and entered the teleportation array.

The white light was accompanied by a wave of dizziness.

The dizziness came and went quickly.

Soon, Liu Yan and the others stepped on a real platform.

They had entered another space.

Liu Yan opened his eyes and looked around.

A moment ago, they were in front of a small house in the southern desert.

But in the blink of an eye, they had arrived in a strange space.

Looking at the surroundings, they seemed to be in an ordinary straw barn.

It looked a bit shabby, somewhat different from what Liu Yan and the others had expected.

However, the space was incomparably huge.

Liu Yan and the others couldnt see the end of it at a glance.

This was a huge warehouse!

At the same time, the moment Liu Yan entered the Bizarre Plane, the emotions of Treasure Pangolin began to fluctuate.

Liu Yan and Treasure Pangolin had already signed a contract, and their minds were connected.

He immediately understood the thought of Treasure Pangolin.

It was excited because there were so many treasures ahead.

Liu Yan immediately came back to his senses and hurriedly used the A-rank skill he had obtained from Treasure Pangolin to search for treasures.

After probing around, Liu Yan was surprised to find many treasures arranged in front of him.

Based on the energy fluctuations, it seemed that the further they went, the more precious the treasures were.

The range of an A-class skill, Treasure Hunting, had a big coverage.

There were many treasures it could detect within its coverage.

There seemed to be a large number of treasures in the area that they could not explore in front of them.

Other than that, Liu Yan also discovered that the fluctuations of these treasures were somewhat similar.

Each place had its own unique characteristics.

It seemed that the treasures here were arranged according to their type.

This way, it would be much more convenient to search for them.

Feeling the excitement of Treasure Pangolin, Liu Yan comforted it, telling it not to be overly excited.

After all, these treasures could not run away.

They would have time to explore.

At this moment, after Liu Yans teammates entered the Bizarre Plane, they could not help but start discussing when they saw the scene in front of them.

“I didnt expect the Bizarre Plane to be like this.” Liu Qingrou exclaimed in surprise.

“This doesnt look good either.

It looks like a straw barn.

Its so shabby.” Lu Dajiang scratched his head and said in puzzlement.

“The space in front looks huge.

Lets walk forward and find out what it looks like.” Wei Feng suggested.

Ning Shanshan also frowned slightly and said in puzzlement, “Isnt the Bizarre Plane supposed to be very powerful Why does it look so shabby Its just a bunch of straw barns.”

Liu Yan, who was using his Treasure Hunting skill to probe the surroundings, had long discovered that the walls that seemed to be filled with weeds were actually not the weeds.

Liu Yan immediately smiled and said, “Is it shabby If you look at what thoseweeds around are, you will have a different idea.”


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