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Liu Yan could hold back his anger in the face of Ning Shanshans ridicule.

Seeing Liu Yans reaction, Liu Qingrou was quite impressed.

The spatial array master glanced at Liu Yan without batting an eyelid.

Was this young man the rare genius that his old comrade had mentioned Was this young man the hope of humanity

At first, the spatial array master did not believe it.

After all, he was an expert who had once reached the tenth level of the Tower.

He was very clear about the difficulty.

Countless geniuses and experts died young when they tried to reach higher levels in the Tower.

However, seeing that Liu Yan had such a temperament at such a young age, the spatial array master could not help but look forward to it.

Ning Shanshan ignored Liu Yan and rolled her eyes.

She still thought that Liu Yan would drag them down.

Lu Dajiang, who had been pulled to the back and was not allowed to speak, stood up and patted his chest.

“Its okay.

Im strong.

Ill take care of Liu Yan.

Its my duty to look after my junior.”

Ning Shanshan rolled her eyes at Lu Dajiang and said, “You silly big guy.

Youll suffer for it!”

At this moment, the spatial array master continued, “Alright, just remember what I said just now.

Here is the agreement.

Those who want to enter Bizarre Plane must sign the agreement.

If anything happens to you after you enter the Bizarre Plane, we will not be responsible.

Read the agreement and sign it if you have no problem with it.”

Liu Yan took the agreement and read it.

The main thing was the three rules that the old man had mentioned earlier.

He had to agree to the rules.

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Then, if anything happened to Liu Yan and the others after they entered, it would have nothing to do with the old man and the academy.

Seeing how serious the old man was, Liu Yan and the others also realized the danger in the Bizarre Plane.

However, they had already decided to charge into the world of rare objects and increase their strength.

Without much hesitation, they all signed the agreement.

After they signed the agreements, the old man kept the agreements.

Then, he impatiently waved his hand and said, “Alright, alright.

Thats it for today.

I will open the portal at noon tomorrow.

Now, hurry up and leave.

Dont disturb my sleep!”

Liu Yan and the others were chased away by the old man.

After the few of them left, they discussed setting off tomorrow.

“We are going on a tough adventure, so we must rest well.

After entering the Bizarre Plane, we might be busy for seven days.

We dont have much time to rest.

In addition, we have to come here early tomorrow.

We cant be late.” Wei Feng thought for a while and said seriously.

Liu Qingrou nodded when she heard Wei Feng.

She felt that it made sense.

They had to rest well.

The following seven days might be tiring for them.

Everything in the Bizarre Plane was unknown to them.

No one could predict what would happen after they entered.

It was very likely that they would not have much time to rest.

Therefore, when they were still outside the Bizarre Plane, they had to seize the time to rest well.

Ning Shanshan curled her lips and said arrogantly, “With our strength, there shouldnt be much of a problem.

But we have to worry for this freshman.”

Liu Yan touched his nose.

Why did Ning Shanshan keep taking shots at him

Liu Yan thought about it carefully, but he did not understand how he had offended her.

Could it be that he had offended her by using Wind Control

Lu Dajiang said indifferently, “The students who entered before us are all fine.

We are much stronger than those geniuses from before.

We will be fine.

Be more confident in yourselves.”

Wei Feng shook his head slightly and said, “According to my understanding, the situation in Bizarre Plane is different every year.

Moreover, the situation inside is complicated.

Our experience might be irrelevant in the Bizarre Plane.

So, we have to be the most careful.

I have prepared signal flares here.

We will gather six hours early tomorrow.

Well use the signal flares as the gathering beacon.”

Wei Feng said with a stern face and handed out a few signal flares.

Liu Yan and the others received them one by one.

Although Lu Dajiang felt that six hours was a bit too much, he didnt say much and agreed.

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Liu Yan saw this scene and couldnt help but be curious.

Logically speaking, the captain should be Lu Dajiang, who was also the president of the student union.

But after interacting with him today, it seemed that Lu Dajiang always listened to Wei Fengs words.

Liu Yan didnt understand, but he didnt dwell on it.

The most important thing now was to enter the Bizarre Plane o gain experience.

Besides the Purple Gold Taisui that Liu Yan needed the most, he would also like to obtain some other treasures.

The awakened who entered the Bizarre Plane couldnt take these treasures away.

However, they could use the treasures in the Bizarre Plane to increase their strength and cultivation during these seven days.

Liu Yan had the SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, which could increase the grade of the treasures inside the Bizarre Plane.

Therefore, compared to the other awakened ones, Liu Yans gains after entering were even more terrifying.

If the treasures were increased by a grade, their effects would increase by several times.

It meant that Liu Yans gains were at least several times more than the others.

On this trip, Liu Yan planned to properly increase his strength in all aspects, especially his level.

Liu Yan was very confident in his talent.

If his level were similar to Ning Shanshan and the other top students, his strength would not be weaker than theirs!


Afterward, they went back to rest.

They would gather on time tomorrow.

After Liu Yan returned to the villa, he had a good rest.

The three girls took advantage of the rare opportunity to go shopping while Liu Yan stayed at home to rest.

The next morning, Liu Yan set off early and drove his origin power sports car to Southern Warehouse.

Liu Yan arrived a little earlier.

There were still seven hours before the opening of the Bizarre Plane.

Liu Yan had arrived at the small house in front of the Southern Warehouse.

What surprised Liu Yan was that the old man was already sitting there.

Seeing Liu Yans arrival, the old man didnt say anything and continued to lie down to rest.

Liu Yan didnt want to disturb the old man, so he quietly waited at the side.

After a day of rest, Liu Yan was already in good condition.

Not long after, Liu Yan saw a jeep speeding was speeding toward here.

Liu Yan recognized that it was his teammate Wei Fengs car.

He didnt expect Wei Feng to come so early.

The old man who had been silent all this time said, “If you search without a purpose, you might be able to find it.”

Liu Yan heard the spatial array masters weird words and was immediately baffled.

He looked at the old man beside him with some confusion, but the old man didnt seem to be talking to him at all.

Liu Yan couldnt help but doubt.

Could it be that he had heard wrongly just now

Liu Yan scratched his head.

He did not understand what was going on nor did he understand the meaning of the old mans words.

At this time, Wei Feng had already arrived, and the jeep stopped.

Seeing that Liu Yan had already arrived ahead of time and was the first to arrive, Wei Feng immediately thought that Liu Yan had come ahead of time because he was nervous.

Wei Feng walked over and patted Liu Yans shoulder, comforting him, “Dont worry, do your best.

We are a team, and we will help you.

We will fight together, and we will be fine.”


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