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In the villa.

A table of sumptuous dishes had been prepared.

Liu Yan arrived late and sat down.

Chu Long suddenly asked with some doubts, “Sister Luo Qingcheng, why didnt you call Sister Murong Xue when you went up just now”

Hearing Chu Long, Luo Qingchengs face suddenly looked a little awkward.

They had prepared the food for a while.

However, before Liu Yan and Murong Xue had finished, she had already gone up to call them.

Otherwise, if Chu Long was suspicious and went up to call them, wouldnt it be awkward if she bumped into them.

In the end, she called Liu Yan down.

As for Murong Xue, she could not come down.

Luo Qingcheng rolled her eyes at Liu Yan and said, “You explain what happened.”

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“Ahem, Murong Xue is a little tired and needs to rest, so she wont want to eat.

She will eat tomorrow.” Liu Yan explained awkwardly.

Chu Long was a little puzzled.

So tired that she did not want to eat How tired was Murong Xue Although Chu Long was puzzled, she didnt ask any more questions.

Then, the three of them started eating.

Liu Yan thought of the experience just now and felt a little excited.

Murong Xue was so hot that he could not resist his urge.

After eating, the three of them went to rest.

Although it was the weekend, they could only relax a little bit.

They still had their own study and cultivation tasks.

Liu Yan also had business tomorrow.

Although he still wanted to find Luo Qingcheng to mess around with, he thought business was more important, so he went to rest early.

The next morning, Liu Yan got up early to eat breakfast, but he bumped into Murong Xue.

Murong Xue saw Liu Yan, her face immediately became a little awkward.

Thinking about what happened last night, she felt embarrassed and angry.

Seeing Murong Xues reaction, Liu Yans face became a little awkward.

He didnt know what to say.

Last night, Liu Yan only wanted to take revenge on Murong Xue.

In the end, Murong Xues figure was too alluring, and Liu Yan held it in for too long.

At that moment, he couldnt hold himself, and then things happened.


But now that it had already happened, Liu Yan couldnt say anything.

After breakfast, Liu Yan quickly left the house.

Driving the origin power technology sports car, Liu Yan shuttled through the Lighthouse Academy and headed towards the Southern Warehouse.

The surrounding magnificent city gradually disappeared, turning into a wasteland.

After driving for a while, Liu Yan finally found the Southern Warehouse.

Southern Warehouse stood in a trance.

The surroundings were a little bleak and desolate.

There was basically nothing around.

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Southern Warehouse was relatively simple and crude.

It looked like a small and inconspicuous house.

No one would have thought such an inconspicuous small house was one of the core areas of Lighthouse Academy, the Southern Warehouse!

At this moment, two men and a woman were waiting in front of the Southern Warehouse.

Liu Yan got off the car and walked over.

Initially, Liu Yan didnt care about his teammates.

Later on, he looked up his teammates names on this trip.

When he looked up the names, he was instantly shocked.

These teammates were all capable people.

They were all top-notch existences among the students, and their strength was not inferior to Liu Yan.

After all, Liu Yan was still a freshman.

No matter how strong he was, he was only far ahead of the other freshmen.

However, compared to the top-notch students of the higher grades, there was still a gap.

Liu Yan got off the car and walked over to these three teammates.

The man in the lead was muscular and tall.

He was more than two meters tall.

In addition, he had a big and round waist, and he was extremely muscular.

He looked like a giant, giving off an oppressive feeling.

However, such an imposing man had a silly smile on his face.

When the man saw Liu Yan, he went forward and said enthusiastically, “Liu Yan, right Im your captain, Lu Dajiang.

Im a meat shield.

Theres no damage that I cant take.

You can just focus on attacking from behind me!”

As he said that, Lu Dajiang patted his thick chest.

When Liu Yan heard that, he also said politely, “Hello, I am Liu Yan, your new member.

I am a Dark Ranger.

I can be an assassin or an archer to deal damage.”

Liu Yan looked at Lu Dajiangs silly face.

It was really difficult to match Lu Dajiangs personality with this face.

Lu Dajiang was the president of the student union, and he was currently the strongest student in the entire upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

Rumor had it that Lu Dajiang was the strongest meat shield, known as the Divine Shield.

Even the vice principal of the Lighthouse Academy could not break through his defense with a single strike.

Not only had Lu Dajiangs experience level reached a terrifying level of over level 50, but his strength was also extraordinary.

It was said he could withstand a full-power strike from a level 80 awakened.

Such a defensive ability surprised Liu Yan.

Liu Yan estimated that his strongest attack at the moment was only a full-power attack from a normal level 50 awakened.

It meant that Liu Yan couldnt break Lu Dajiangs defense at all.

It showed how terrifying Lu Dajiangs strength was.

And such a terrifying existence was the president of the student union and the captain of the team that entered the South Warehouse.

However, such an important character had such a silly smile on his face at this moment.

It truly surprised Liu Yan.

As if noticing the doubt on Liu Yans face, another man at the side walked forward.

“You are Liu Yan, right Ive heard of you.

Youre a new student who just entered the academy, the monstrous genius Liu Yan.

Welcome to join us.

Im Wei Feng.

I am a Warrior.

We will fight side by side after entering South Warehouse.

Just ignore this silly guy.

He will take the damage for us.

You dont have to care about him at other times.

You also dont have to care about his identity.” Wei Feng had a kind expression on his face, but he also had a shrewd look as he smiled and said.

Liu Yan slightly nodded his head.

At the same time, Liu Yan seemed to understand a little.

This Lu Dajiangs strength was formidable, but he might leave the management of the student union vice president.

The student unions vice president was the man in front of him, Wei Feng.

His physique wasnt as terrifying as Lu Dajiangs and was about the same size as Liu Yans.

However, he looked slightly stronger than Liu Yan.

Liu Yan had an understanding of Wei Feng.

He was the vice president of the student union and was currently the number one warrior of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

He was strong.

Wei Fengs defense might not be as terrifying as Lu Dajiangs, but his attack power and comprehensive combat ability were not weak at all.

He was extremely powerful.

Liu Yan could not help but sigh.

It seemed that the few teammates on this trip were all top-notch existences of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

As a new student, it was indeed an honor for him to be able to go together.

The only woman at the side also walked forward at this time.

She was tall and beautiful.

She smiled friendly, and she looked like a caring elder sister.

The woman smiled and said, “Liu Yan, you are the first freshman of our academy to go to South Warehouse in recent times.

It seems that the principal thinks highly of you.

We are also looking forward to your performance.

Oh right, let me introduce myself.

My name is Liu Qingrou.

I am a Nurse.

I am in charge of treating and assisting you in the back.

With me around, you can rest assured and fight!”


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