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In the villa.

After Liu Yan returned home, he laid down leisurely in the living room, enjoying a rare moment of leisure while waiting for the girls to come back for a little gathering.

In reality, he was waiting for Murong Xue.

Not long after, the three girls came back while chatting and laughing.

Today was Friday, and it would be the weekend tomorrow.

They could finally take a break from intense study and cultivation in their respective academies.

Therefore, after the three girls finished their studies and cultivation, they went to the supermarket together and bought a lot of daily necessities and food.

The three girls chatted and laughed as they returned to the villa, only to see that Liu Yan had returned.

Liu Yans last cultivation lasted for a month.

The three girls all thought that Liu Yan would be gone for a while for his cultivation this time, but they did not expect Liu Yan to return in three days.

They were a little surprised.

When Chu Long saw Liu Yan, she immediately said with joy, “Brother Liu Yan, why are you back”

Murong Xue and Luo Qingcheng also looked at Liu Yan with some doubts.

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“Oh, I got lucky this time.

Thats why Im back so soon.” Liu Yan smiled and said.

“Thats good.

We bought a lot of ingredients today.

Lets have a good meal.” Luo Qingcheng said happily.

After that, the few girls went to make dinner together.

Chu Long and Murong Xue didnt know how to cook.

So, Luo Qingcheng was the main chef, and the two girls were the assistants.

Liu Yan was bored, so he went over to help them too.

“Sister Luos cooking is really good.

We will have a delicious dinner.” Murong Xue smiled.

Luo Qingcheng shook her head helplessly, “I used to cook for my since.

But since I entered the Lighthouse Academy, I have been busy studying and training, so I have no time to cook.

I rarely have time.”

However, Luo Qingcheng said helplessly, but her face did not show much sadness.

After she entered the upper house of Lighthouse Academy, she would have the opportunity to go to the higher levels of the tower, so she would have the strength and opportunity to find her sister.

Liu Yan stepped forward to help as well.

Chu Long, who was at the side, noticed that Liu Yans wristbands and leggings were gone.

So, she suddenly asked curiously, “Hey, Brother Liu Yan, why are your wristbands and leggings gone Didnt you say that you wanted to seal your strength to cultivate”

Luo Qingcheng and Murong Xue also glanced at Liu Yan when they heard this.

It was indeed so.

Luo Qingcheng didnt care much, but Murong Xues face suddenly froze.

She hadnt forgotten what she did to Liu Yan.

She had thought that Liu Yan would come to take revenge on her after he recovered his strength.

However, she knew Liu Yan had four cultivation stages, and each stage would become more difficult.

Last time, the first stage took Liu Yan a whole month to complete.

So, Murong Xue thought it would take at least half a year for Liu Yan to complete all his cultivation stages.

After half a year, perhaps Liu Yan would have forgotten about this matter, so Murong Xue was not worried about it.

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However, after learning that Liu Yan took off his wristbands and leggings, Murong Xue immediately became worried.

When Liu Yan heard Luo Qing, he looked at Murong Xue with a meaningful gaze.

He smiled and said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you.

I only needed to seal my strength during the first stage of cultivation.

After that, when I went to principal Zhongs office, he helped me remove the seal.

So, I can continue with the second stage of cultivation.

I have recovered my strength for a while now.”

When Murong Xue knew that Liu Yans strength had actually recovered, her expression instantly became incomparably nervous.

If it was half a year, she could hope that Liu Yan would forget about this matter or that he wouldnt care about it after a long time.

But it had only been three days.

Murong Xue believed that Liu Yan would hold a grudge against her.

Murong Xue didnt know what to do.

If she had known that Liu Yans strength had been recovered so quickly, she wouldnt have gone looking for trouble with Liu Yan the last time.

Although her strength had increased a lot during this period, after entering the Combat Technique School, Murong Xue received systematic training, and her strength increased rapidly in all aspects.

But even so, Murong Xue didnt feel that her current strength would be a match for Liu Yan.

If Liu Yan were to fight e with her, she might not be able to resist at all.

At this time, Liu Yan was also looking at Murong Xue up and down with an evil gaze.

Murong Xue was wearing a pair of jean shorts on the lower half of her body.

It was an ordinary daily outfit, and it was also easy for her to move.

Her long and slender legs were very sexy.

In addition to the training, she had a nice body line and was really hot.

Looking Up, it was Murong Xues devilish figure.

Previously, Liu Yan had personally played with it and even seen it with his own eyes.

It was definitely the most exaggerated thing that Liu Yan had ever seen.

Liu Yan could not help but feel a little itchy in his heart.

The last time he came back after a month of cultivation, he wanted to find Luo Qingcheng to release his urge.

However, Murong Xue interrupted his plan.

He had been holding it in for a long time.

At this moment, Murong Xue noticed Liu Yans strange gaze and immediately felt uncomfortable.

She also had a bad feeling in her heart.

“Ahem, you guys do it.

Im not feeling too well.

Ill go up and rest first.”

Murong Xue Said and ran away as if she was running away.

Liu Yan saw the situation and smiled, “Chu Long, you keep helping Luo Qingcheng.

Ill go up and rest too.” As he spoke, he followed Murong Xue closely.

Chu Long, who was at the same place, saw the situation and suddenly said with some doubt, “Why are they both tired and want to rest Ive never seen them complain about tiredness.”

Luo Qingcheng had already guessed everything.

She put on a mysterious smile, but she did not say anything.

“Maybe they are tired from training.

Lets start.

You need to stay here to help me, okay” Luo Qingcheng said with a smile.


Chu Long did not think too much.

She nodded her head and earnestly helped to cook.

On the other side, Murong Xue returned to her room and hurriedly closed the door.

However, Liu Yans speed was incomparably fast.

He caught up with Murong Xue and barged into the room.

Murong Xue saw Liu Yan barge in.

Murong Xue, who had always been tough, could not help but panic as she said, “Liu Yan, what are you trying to do This is my room.

I want to rest.

You cant get in here!”

Seeing this, Liu Yan smiled and said, “Wasnt you in my room the last time Didnt you also barge in When I asked you to go out, why didnt you go out”

“Cough cough.”

Murong Xues expression was a little awkward.

She didnt know how to explain it.

Seeing Liu Yan approach step by step, Murong Xue couldnt help but feel flustered.

Following that, Murong Xue gritted her teeth and rushed toward Liu Yan.

“Ill fight it out with you!”

Seeing this, Liu Yan wasnt worried at all.

Although Murong Xues strength wasnt weak, Liu Yans strength had also increased by a terrifying amount in this period.

Especially after completing the skin refining and bone refining, Liu Yans strength increased by a large margin.

Currently, Liu Yans stamina was simply ridiculous.

It was even more powerful than many high-level fierce beasts.

He was a terrifying monster in human shape.

Facing Liu Yans terrifying stamina, Murong Xue did not have any ability to resist at all.

“The more you resist, the more excited I become.”

Liu Yan said with a relaxed expression and immediately rushed toward Murong Xue.


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