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The next day, the sun was high in the sky.

Liu Yan had just finished refining his bones in the night.

Afterward, he had a good meal with the two fierce beasts and slept in.

The consecutive trainings at Eastern Medicine Garden and Western Mine were taxing, which exhausted Liu Yans spirit.

Liu Yan was clear that although he had already completed two steps of cultivation, his real cultivation had only just begun.

After all, Principal Zhong Yuntian had mentioned before that the further one progressed in the four steps of cultivation, the more difficult it would be.

Liu Yan carefully compared it and found that it was indeed the case.

Although the cultivation in Eastern Medicine Garden had taken a whole month, the process was actually relatively simple.

Basically, as long as Liu Yan did it correctly, he would definitely be able to complete it.

And the second step of cultivation in the Western Mine was much more difficult.

After all, there was no extra information.

Finding such precious ice chalcedony in the vast Western Mine was tough.

There were many miners in Western Mine looking for rare ores and treasures.

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They had not found the ice chalcedony for so many years.

Usually, it would be extremely difficult for Liu Yan to find the ice chalcedony successfully.

Surprisingly, Liu Yan had completed the second cultivation, Bone Refinement, in a short period.

He was extremely lucky the ice chalcedony very quickly.

Plus, he had used his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, and other many powerful and magical skills.

Liu Yan was in a good mood.

After completing the Bone Refinement, he felt very refreshed.

After retreating Treasure Pangolin and Shadow Wolf, Liu Yan left the inn and drove his sports car out of the Western Mine.

The appearance of the mine outside the car window soon turned into a city with advanced origin power technology.

Liu Yan shuttled through the city and went straight to the Lighthouse Academys office building.

After completing the second step of cultivation, Liu Yan planned to go straight to Principal Zhong Yuntian to report the situation.

He wanted to start his third step of cultivation as soon as possible.

Having completed the two steps of cultivation, Liu Yan had completed the skin and bone refining.

His strength had increased a lot, and his talent had also increased tremendously.

Although the process was a bit tiring, it was all worth it.

Liu Yan only wanted to continue his cultivation quickly.

When he had completed the four steps of cultivation and created a perfect foundation, that would be the real big harvest.

Soon, Liu Yan arrived in front of the principals office and knocked on the door.

“Come in!”

Principal Zhong Yuntians kind voice sounded.

Liu Yan pushed the door open and entered.

Zhong Yuntian raised his head and saw that it was Liu Yan.

He was a little surprised.

According to the time, Liu Yan had just started his cultivation in the Western Mine, and he wouldnt appear here at this time.

“Liu Yan, why are you here Did you encounter any difficulties in your cultivation in the Western Mine I told you before that this is your cultivation, and I wont help you!” Principal Zhong Yuntian said with a smile on his old face.

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Zhong Yuntian said this, but he didnt seem guilty at all about helping Liu Yan with his first cultivation.

Liu Yan smiled and said, “Principal, I didnt encounter any difficulties and need your help.

I have already completed my cultivation in the Western Mine.

I also completed the Bone Refinement, so I want to report to you.”

“What You have completed your cultivation in the Western Mine.

You have also completed the Bone Refinement”

When Zhong Yuntian heard this, he was shocked.

As a top-notch expert who had gone up to the tenth level of the Tower, there were not many things and people that could surprise Zhong Yuntian.

However, Liu Yan had already surprised Zhong Yuntian twice.

The first time was during the freshmens grand examination.

Liu Yans results in the third round against his virtual opponent surprised Zhong Yuntian.

The second time was now.

According to Zhong Yuntians prediction, Liu Yans training in Western Mine would be more difficult.

He had planned to wait for half a month.

If Liu Yan still had no progress, he would secretly help Liu Yan.

After all, it was challenging to find the ice chalcedony in such a big mine.

According to Zhong Yuntians original prediction, even if Liu Yan was lucky enough to find the ice chalcedony and complete the second step of cultivation, he would need at least half a month.

However, Zhong Yuntian did not expect that Liu Yan had already completed the Bone Refinement in the Western Mine on the third day of cultivation.

Excluding the time for Bone Refinement, it meant that Liu Yan had found the ice chalcedony in one or two days in the huge Western Mine.

This speed was truly astonishing.

Even if Zhong Yuntian used his powerful cultivation to search for the ice chalcedony himself, he could not guarantee that he would find it in such a short period.

Zhong Yuntian looked at Liu Yans body and used his powerful cultivation to check Liu Yans body.

The crystal clear skeleton that was emitting a purple light was extremely obvious.

Zhong Yuntian was a little surprised.

He didnt expect Liu Yan to not only complete the Bone Refinement but also exceed it.

Looking at the appearance of this brand new bone, Liu Yan had obviously obtained some fortuitous encounter.

It wasnt as simple as obtaining the ice chalcedony.

Even an ice chalcedony couldnt refine bones to such a degree.

This required a treasure of a much higher grade than the ice chalcedony.

At this moment, Liu Yan was smiling.

However, when he felt Principal Zhong Yuntian was inspecting his body, he could not help but feel worried.

Previously, Liu Yan could inspect his body when he was refining bones.

It was all because of his A-grade skill, Omniscient Insight, that he could inspect his body.

Liu Yan was still unable to inspect others.

Only when his cultivation reached Zhong Yuntians grade could he inspect the condition of others bodies.

Liu Yan knew very well that with Zhong Yuntians eyesight, he would be able to notice that something was wrong with his Bone Refinement.

Liu Yan could not help but be a little worried, afraid that Zhong Yuntian would be suspicious of him.

After all, a normal ice chalcedony could not achieve such an effect.

Liu Yan used his SSS-grade Divine Extraction to increase the grade of the ice seed chalcedony and become the Ice Purple Chalcedony.

That was how he was able to do this.

His grade directly rose by one grade, bringing about even more earth-shattering changes.

Even after entering the upper house of Lighthouse Academy, Liu Yan could still feel the “love” and attention of the four vice principals and Principal Zhong Yuntian.

However, his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, would definitely attract a lot of attention.

In the entire federation, over the past hundred years, there had only been one SS level awakened.

The others were at most S level.

As for Liu Yan, he was directly an SSS level.

This had never happened in the entire history of mankind.

Liu Yan was not sure if his heaven-defying talent had been discovered by others.

Would he be protected and nurtured like a genius, or would he be studied like a monster Therefore, Liu Yan had been hiding his talent, and he did not want to expose his SSS-grade talent.

At this moment, Zhong Yuntian noticed something was wrong with Liu Yans Bone Refinement.

Naturally, Zhong Yuntian might discover Liu Yans SSS-grade talent, and Liu Yan could not help but be a little worried.

However, at this moment, Principal Zhong Yuntian noticed Liu Yans nervousness and worry.

Then, he said with a smile, “Looks like you obtained a fortuitous encounter in the Western Mine.

You are lucky.


Dont have to worry.

Fortuitous encounters are normal, and I wont ask too much.”


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