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Liu Yan took out the materials from his storage ring.

Besides the Ice Purple Chalcedony, he also needed some other materials to assist in Bone Refinement.

However, Liu Yan had already prepared them in advance.

Immediately after, Liu Yan began Bone Refinement.

He gathered all the strength in his body to raise his physical and mental condition to their optimal state.

Then, he consumed the Ice Purple Chalcedony.

Liu Yan could not help but look forward to what kind of changes the Ice Purple Chalcedony would bring him after the Divine Extraction.

As soon as the Ice Purple Chalcedony entered Liu Yans body, Liu Yan immediately felt an absolute power.

The violent ice elemental coldness in his body and the burning pain in his bones were like the collision of two worlds of ice and fire.

It was extremely torturous.

Fortunately, Liu Yans training in the Eastern Medicine Garden had improved his willpower quite a bit.

At this moment, he could barely hold on.

Liu Yan would have found it difficult to hold on if he had done Bone Refinement before the training.

At this moment, Liu Yan finally understood the meaning of the training sequence that Principal Zhong Yuntian had arranged for him.

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Apart from the outside to the inside, the previous training laid the foundation for the upcoming training.

Without willpower training during the skin refining process, Liu Yan simply could not endure the intense pain of Bone Refinement.

Liu Yan gritted his teeth and persevered, sweat dripping down his entire body.

Treasure Pangolin and Shadow Wolf were initially playing and resting.

They were a little surprised when they saw this scene.

Although they did not know what Liu Yan was doing, they had a general idea.

It seemed that he was carrying out some kind of training, which was very important.

Seeing that Liu Yan was very tired, Treasure Pangolin and Shadow Wolf also realized that Liu Yan was at a critical moment.

They immediately helped Liu Yan to guard and prevent anyone from disturbing him.

Fortunately, all the mines in the Western Mine had been mined recently.

The excavation of the new mine was delayed by the haunted incident.

Many old miners rarely went into the mine, not to mention the foreign miners.

This also resulted in fewer guests in this hotel, so no one would disturb Liu Yan.

At this moment, Liu Yans entire mind was focused on his own body.

The original Bone Refinement was to temper and improve Liu Yans bones through the ice chalcedony to grow into stronger bones.

But now, the ice chalcedony had been extracted by Liu Yans Divine Extraction and evolved into the Ice Purple Chalcedony.

It was to directly replace Liu Yans bones.

The first step of the replacement was to shatter Liu Yans bones one by one.

The process of bone-shattering was unbearably painful.

After the bone-shattering, Liu Yan discovered that a portion of the Ice Purple Chalcedony had split off, forming Liu Yans new bones.

Under the observation of Liu Yans A-grade skill Omniscient Insight, this new bone was crystal clear.

At the same time, it emitted a purple glow, completely different from the original bone.

From the new bones, Liu Yan seemed to feel a powerful strength.

Realizing that he had become stronger, Liu Yan was overjoyed, and he had even more motivation to endure the pain.

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Fortunately, the process of refining the bones was to shatter the bones one by one.

After replacing them, Liu Yan would continue to replace the new bones.

If all of them were shattered, Liu Yan would not be able to sit still, and he would not be able to endure the terrifying pain of having all of his bones shattered.

Liu Yan felt a sharp pain all over his body, followed by the coolness of his new bones.

It was a weird feeling.

After a long time, the sky had already lit up, and a night had passed.

Although Liu Yan had been clenching his teeth to persevere, his consciousness was almost faded.

At this moment, he was undergoing the last Bone Refinement, and it was the Bone Refinement on Liu Yans feet.

There were many thin bones at the feet.

Under the intense pain, Liu Yan could not help but scream.

Fortunately, the final step of the Bone Refinement had been completed.

At this point, Liu Yans second step of cultivation, the Bone Refinement, had already been completed!

Liu Yan had already endured the intense pain for a night.

He had already reached the edge of his limit.

When he noticed that the Bone Refinement had been completed, Liu Yan could not hold on and fell asleep.

When Treasure Pangolin and Shadow Wolf, who had been in charge of keeping watch, saw Liu Yan had fainted.

They immediately checked him with worry.

When they realized that Liu Yan was just too tired but still alive, the two fierce beasts also felt relieved and took turns to rest and keep watch.

The bone refinement process was too painful, so Liu Yan slept like a log.

Liu Yan only woke up in the middle of the night.

After waking up, Liu Yan only felt that his leg was very comfortable.

After finishing the Bone Refinement, Liu Yan felt even more refreshed when standing up.

It was a wonderful feeling.

Compared to his previous self, Liu Yan only felt that his bones seemed to be restrained.

Now, his muscles and bones were totally unrestricted.

Liu Yan carefully felt that the strength in his body had increased a lot, and his body was full of strength.

Looking at his attributes panel, Liu Yan discovered that his various attributes had increased by a few hundred points.

It was not a slight increase.

At the same time, Liu Yan understood that the greatest increase after completing the Bone Refinement was still his talent and future strength.

This was especially so when Liu Yan used the Ice Purple Chalcedony, which had reached SS-grade, to directly replace the original bone.

The current Liu Yan could be said to be a brand new bone.

Liu Yan couldnt help but be a little expectant.

How terrifying would he be if he completed the remaining two steps of cultivation, completed the refinement of his entire body, and created a perfect foundation for himself

Liu Yan glanced at the mirror beside him and was slightly surprised.

In the mirror, Liu Yan seemed to be two to three centimeters taller, and his appearance was a little more handsome.

Even his temperament had slightly changed.

Besides increasing his strength and talent, Liu Yan had never thought that Bone Refinement had such an unexpected benefit.

At this moment, the two fierce beasts beside Liu Yan saw that Liu Yan had woken up, and they also came to Liu Yans side.

When they found that Liu Yan was safe and sound, the two fierce beasts were happy for Liu Yan.

After all, the two fierce beasts were Liu Yans contracted fierce beasts.

They had long been linked together, and Liu Yan was extremely important to them.

Especially Shadow Wolf.

It had followed Liu Yan all the way here, growing up from the weak together.

Putting aside the contract, Shadow Wolf and Liu Yan already had a deep relationship.

As for Treasure Pangolin, although it had just followed Liu Yan, it was a great help to Liu Yan.

He had rescued it, so naturally, it was more concerned about Liu Yan.

Also, Treasure Pangolin was more concerned about its hungry stomach.

Liu Yan noticed the Treasure Pangolins thoughts and immediately smiled.

However, after thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

After all, it had been a whole day since the Bone Refinement.

Not to mention Treasure pangolin, even Liu Yan himself had long been hungry.

“Wait, Ill order some delicious food over.

Lets have a good meal!”

Liu Yan said with a smile.

He immediately contacted the people in the hotel and ordered a table full of delicious food.

Liu Yan and Treasure Pangolin both had big appetites.

As for the Shadow Wolf, it didnt eat these dishes.

However, Liu Yan still had some of the Ancient Draconic Crocs meat in his storage ring, and he took some out and gave it to Shadow Wolf.

Soon, a man and two fierce beasts began to enjoy their meal in the room.


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