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Liu Yan completed the contract with Treasure Pangolin and was instantly overjoyed.

Although Treasure Pangolins combat strength was not as strong as Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf, which had a high SS potential,

The Treasure Pangolins potential level was not low either, and it had reached A-grade.

Moreover, Treasure Pangolin was not a combat-type fierce beast in the first place.

It was mainly a treasure-seeking type and could be considered a functional pet.

It might be of great use in the future.

At this moment, Treasure Pangolin was also somewhat happy.

It was playing with Shadow Wolf at the side, and the two fierce beasts soon got into a fight.

Liu Yan saw the blood that the Treasure Pangolin had just spat out from its wound in the corner, and his eyes instantly lit up.

Liu Yans SSS-grade talent skill, Divine Extraction, had already completed its advancement.

If something had a gene fragment, he could extract it.

Perhaps the pangolins blood could also be extracted.

Liu Yan walked forward and attempted to use Divine Extraction.

A white light landed on the Treasure Pangolins blood.

The blood gradually disappeared, but a notification appeared before Liu Yans eyes.

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[ Divine Extraction of Treasure Pangolin (potential level 12) is successful.

Congratulations: Treasure-seeking (A-grade)! ]

Seeing the notification, Liu Yans eyes lit up.

He had actually successfully extracted a grade a skill.

Liu Yan quickly checked the effect of the newly acquired skill.

[ Treasure Hunting ]

Grade: A

Effect: passive skill.

Increases the perception of the treasure.

Can clearly identify the treasures precious grade and sense the surrounding treasure!

Seeing the effect of the newly acquired Treasure Hunting skill, Liu Yans face was instantly filled with joy.

Although it wasnt a battle-type skill and wouldnt be much help in battle, this A-grade functional skill wasnt weak at all.

It would definitely be of great use.

Just the current situation alone would be of great help to Liu Yan.

In the depths of this mine, there were many treasures.

Originally, Liu Yan was still unable to differentiate which were treasures, and he didnt know where the treasures were.

After all, they were all covered by soil and rocks, so it was impossible to find them.

But now, with the Treasure Hunting, everything became easier.

Liu Yan could use the Treasure Hunting to identify and find many treasures and then plunder them all.

Whether it was to forge high-grade weapons and equipment in the future or to sell them for money, it would bring Liu Yan a lot of profits.

Besides that, the most crucial thing was that Liu Yan could find the ice chalcedony more easily with the Treasure Hunting.

Otherwise, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack to find the ice chalcedony in this huge mine.

Liu Yan hurriedly used the Treasure Hunting to sense the surroundings carefully.

This was a very strange feeling.

After Liu Yan closed his eyes, he could clearly sense the existence of the surrounding treasures in his mind.

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Liu Yan had a clearer perception of the nearby environment, while the farther environment would be more blurry.

He had to focus on sensing the treasures.

Liu Yan did a rough calculation.

He was surprised that he could look at most sense all the treasures within a two-hundred-meter radius with his current Treasure Hunting.

This range was already extremely large.

As Liu Yans strength increased, the range would also increase.

This Treasure Hunting could not directly increase Liu Yans combat strength.

Still, it could find many treasures and help Liu Yan to increase strength by a large margin.

At this moment, Liu Yan carefully sensed that there were no more treasures on the way here.

There were only some low-grade mineral resources around because the rare mineral resources had long been plundered by Treasure Pangolin.

The existence of the surrounding treasures first came from the newly plundered rare mineral resources that had just been piled up by the Treasure Pangolin in the corner.

Other than that, there was another small cave that Liu Yan had noticed earlier.

It should be the temporary nest of Treasure Pangolin.

Many rare minerals were stored there, more than ten times more than his current location, and the quantity was huge.

It was obvious that the Treasure Pangolin had collected them over the years.

However, what disappointed Liu Yan was that there didnt seem to be any ice chalcedony inside.

The level of these treasures was about the same.

Although they were considered rare, they werent considered peerless.

Some free ores werent bad.

They were already extremely rare but werent as rare as the ice chalcedony.

Liu Yan focused his attention and went deeper into the mine to sense carefully.

After sensing for a while, Liu Yans face suddenly showed a hint of joy.

About a hundred meters deeper, there was a treasure.

According to the sense and detection skill of the Treasure Hunting, that treasure should be extremely precious.

It was much more precious than all the treasures in the Treasure Pangolins collection.

It was not even on the same level.

To find such a precious treasure, it was very likely that it was the ice chalcedony.

Liu Yan did not expect his luck to be so good.

It was his first time entering the Western Mine, and he could find the ice chalcedonys location.

He had confirmed the location now.

Although it was still nearly a hundred meters deep, he had Treasure Pangolin, who could dig very fast.

Liu Yan believed it would not be long before he reached there and obtained the ice chalcedony.

Originally, Liu Yan had planned to search for the ice chalcedony in the Western Mine for a long time, but he did not expect his luck to be so good.

He found the location of the ice chalcedony on his first time entering the mine.

Liu Yan suppressed the joy and excitement in his heart.

However, he still could not confirm that it was the ice chalcedony.

Whether it was the ice chalcedony or not, he would have to go there and see it with his own eyes to confirm it.

However, this treasure was still extremely precious even if it was not the ice chalcedony.

This time, Liu Yan could be considered to have reaped a fruitful harvest.

He had reaped an A-rank pet, which was also a powerful functional pet.

Through Divine Extraction, he had obtained an A-grade skill, Treasure Hunting.

He could also get many treasures that Treasure Pangolin had kept for a long time.

In the end, he was able to obtain such a precious treasure.

It was definitely a great harvest.

Just as Liu Yan was about to set off, Treasure Pangolin and Shadow Wolf took the initiative to look for him.

Treasure Pangolin cried out a few times.

Through telepathy, Liu Yan immediately understood what it meant.

It probably meant that it had collected a lot of treasures, but now that it was leaving with Liu Yan, he did not know how to deal with them.

It was also afraid that the miners would find its treasures if it dug a hole to hide them, but taking them away was extremely troublesome.

At this moment, Treasure Pangolin was annoyed like a human.

It liked collecting treasures.

Those treasures were as important to it as its life.

Liu Yan immediately smiled when he heard the meaning of Treasure Pangolin.

Liu Yan was worried about how to ask Treasure Pangolin for its treasures, but he didnt expect it expressed its trouble.

Liu Yan could take this opportunity to take its treasures.

“Its okay.

Isnt this simple Ill help you.”

Liu Yan waved his hand and said with a smile, “We can take all of your treasures.

I have a way to take them easily, and Ill help you keep them!”

Liu Yan had the spatial ring.

The space inside was huge, and it could store many treasures.

As for who these treasures belonged to after Liu Yan kept them for the time being, it didnt matter.

Treasure Pangolin was Liu Yans pet, so he also owned the treasures now.


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