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Shadow Wolf was summoned by Liu Yan.

After Shadow Wolf appeared, it roared at the pangolin as if it was communicating with it.

The pangolin also responded to a somewhat strange cry.

Liu Yan was slightly surprised when he saw this.

It seemed that the pangolins grade was not low.

It could already communicate with Shadow Wolf and even appeared to have a high level of intelligence.

After communicating with the pangolin for a while, the Shadow Wolf looked at Liu Yan.

Through telepathy, Liu Yan immediately understood the general meaning of Shadow Wolf.

The general meaning was that this pangolin didnt intend to stop the miners from mining, but there was really no other way.

The pangolin originally lived deep underground, but recently, the miners had destroyed its home.

Moreover, the miners seemed to be going deeper into the mine, which completely affected the survival of the pangolin.

Helplessly, the pangolin could only imitate the strange sound of a woman crying.

It would scare the miners repeatedly, making them afraid and not dare to go deeper into the mine.

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Then, the pangolin used this period to quickly dig deeper underground, intending to dig out a new nest.

However, with the presence of these miners, the pangolin was worried that it would still be affected, so it planned to dig deeper this time.

Naturally, it would take a little more time.

Liu Yan suddenly understood.

After all this time, the pangolin was innocent, and it was even the victim.

Liu Yan thought for a moment and looked at the pangolin, and said, “This is our academys mine, and it is an important source of mineral resources.

We will definitely continue to dig deeper in the future.

This is not a long-term plan.

If you dig deeper, you will still meet miners.

Why dont you follow me You will be safe after following me.

How about it”

Liu Yan immediately turned his attention to the pangolin.

Although it was just a simple fight, Liu Yan also found that the pangolin was not weak.

Its defense was solid, which was enough to be his pet.

In addition, the pangolin could dig holes, which was a special ability.

It might be of great help to Liu Yan in the future.

Finally, the pangolin had rare ores.

Since he knew that the pangolin was innocent and even a victim, Liu Yan was a little embarrassed to directly rob its collection of rare ores.

However, these rare ores had a great attraction to Liu Yan.

Not only could there be the ice chalcedony that Liu Yan was determined to get, but just these common rare ores would also greatly help Liu Yan.

This was already the deepest part of the mine, so naturally, there were tons of ores.

These rare ores were even more precious.

If he could obtain these rare ores, he might be able to forge quite many good-grade equipments.

In addition, Liu Yan also had his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction.

If he could further extract these rare ores and raise their grade, they would become even more precious.

These rare ores were too attractive to Liu Yan, and it wouldnt be good for Liu Yan to snatch them.

However, if he could subdue this pangolin, wouldnt these rare ores naturally belong to Liu Yan

The pangolin clearly understood human language.

After hearing Liu Yans words, it took two steps forward and sized up Liu Yan.

In an instant, they exchanged blows.

The pangolin had already sensed Liu Yans strength and felt Liu Yans formidable threat.

Liu Yans suggestion wasnt bad.

If it followed a human, it wouldnt have to live here and wouldnt be disturbed anymore.

It could even follow and see a broader world in the future.

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Naturally, the pangolin wasnt willing to be subdued so easily.

It had to follow a human who was strong enough.

The pangolin let out a series of strange sounds at Shadow Wolf.

It turned to look at Liu Yan casually.

Through telepathy, Liu Yan roughly understood the meaning of the pangolin through Shadow Wolf.

The general meaning was that it wanted to see how strong Liu Yan was.

Liu Yan had to be strong enough before it was willing to follow him.

Seeing this, Liu Yan could not help but laugh.

“Then let Shadow Wolf fight with you, and youll know.

I wont attack because I dont want to beat you half to death.”

Although Liu Yans punch did not cause too much damage to the pangolin, it still caused a certain amount of light injuries.

The pangolin had spat out two mouthfuls of blood.

However, Liu Yan did not use his full strength in that punch.

If Liu Yan used the A-grade skill, Power of Desolation, he would have ten times the strength amplification.

In that case, one punch could probably beat the pangolin half to death.

Liu Yan knew that this pangolin was going to be his pet, and Liu Yan naturally could not bear to hurt it anymore.

When the pangolin heard Liu Yans words, it immediately looked at Shadow Wolf not far away with some suspicion and even disdain.

The pangolin could see that Shadow Wolf was not very high in potential or grade, and it was not its match at all.

Shadow Wolf seemed to feel belittled.

It immediately roared and transformed into an Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf.

Its body instantly expanded, almost filling up the entire mine.

Besides, its two heads were filled with the terrifying elemental power of ice and fire.

The pangolin immediately felt the powerful bloodline suppression and looked at Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf with great fear.

SS grade potential level brought about an absolute bloodline suppression.

In the face of the enormous bloodline suppression, the pangolin had no desire to fight.

The pangolin also did not expect Shadow Wolf to transform into a strong fierce beast with such a high-grade potential.

Since such a powerful fierce beast followed Liu Yan obediently and became Liu Yans pet, the pangolin naturally no longer had any doubts about Liu Yans strength.

The pangolin immediately chose to compromise.

It was willing to follow Liu Yan and become one of Liu Yans pets.

Seeing this, Liu Yan was instantly satisfied.

He let Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf return to its Shadow Wolf form.

This mine was too small, and Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf was too big.

If the mine collapsed, it would be troublesome.

This was deep underground.

If a cave collapsed, even if Liu Yan was powerful, it would be very troublesome to go out the mine, and there might even be a certain degree of danger.

Following that, Liu Yan went in front of the pangolin, taking out some materials and preparing some arrangements.

The contract array appeared, and the purple hexagonal array appeared in front of Liu Yan and the pangolin.

Liu Yan and the pangolin each took out a drop of blood.

The purple hexagonal array shone brightly, and the contract was signed.

Not long after, the contract was signed.

Liu Yan and the pangolins minds were connected, which was a wonderful feeling.

Only now, Liu Yan remembered to check the pangolins information.

[ Treasure Pangolin ]

Potential: A

Grade: 12

After roughly reading the pangolins information, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

He didnt expect that this pangolin wasnt an ordinary pangolin but a Treasure Pangolin.

No wonder it had collected so many rare ore resources.

It had practically taken away all the rare ores in the deepest part of the mine.

Furthermore, it had already reached grade A.

Its grade was already very high and was within Liu Yans expectations.

After all, Treasure Pangolin was able to take Liu Yans punch head-on and only received light injuries.

Clearly, it was not weak, and its defense was even more astonishing.


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