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In the depths of the pitch-black mine, Liu Yan slowly advanced.

With his A-grade skill Omniscient Insight, he could perceive everything around him, even if it was pitch-black.

In addition, with his B-grade skill Traceless Silence, Liu Yan thoroughly blended into his surroundings.

He did not make a single sound, and the surrounding was extremely quiet.

As Liu Yan went deeper, he discovered that there were more ores.

However, it was obvious the miners had not explored this place before.

There were no traces of humans in the surroundings.

There was not no more road further ahead.

Liu Yan had already reached the deepest part of the mine.

However, he was surprised that some of the ores were damaged in the surroundings.

Looking at the traces, they were somewhat similar to the previous ores.

They did not seem to have been removed by a human miner.

Instead, they appeared to have been bitten by some creature.

The ores on the other side had all disappeared, and only a portion of these ores was missing here.

However, the location of these few ores was rather messy.

It seemed that they were also some precious ores.

Liu Yan was even more confused.

What kind of thing had come here and dug out the ores and even specially picked out those precious ores

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At this moment, Liu Yan could not help but be a little worried.

After all, they had already reached the very depths of the mine.

There was a possibility that the ice chalcedony was here.

If it was taken by other people or creatures, it would be a wasted trip, and he would not even be able to continue his cultivation.

Liu Yan still needed to obtain the ice chalcedony from here to refine his bones, change his talent, and create a body with perfect talent and foundation.

At this moment, Liu Yan used his a-class skill, Omniscient Insight, to detect some movements from afar.

Currently, Liu Yans Omniscient Insight had increased from the initial 100-meter radius to a 120-meter radius with the increase of his spiritual power.

The range had increased by quite a bit.

Then, Liu Yan detected some movement.

Liu Yan could only sense that there seemed to be some kind of creature there.

There was some movement, but he did not know what exactly it was.

Although he did not know what it was, Liu Yan could sense that there was no light at all.

It was not a human thought.

It must be some other creature with night vision.

Liu Yan became even more careful.

At the same time, he activated his A-grade skill, Shadow Cloak.

Instantly, Liu Yans figure disappeared.

In the already dark environment, Liu Yan activated his invisibility and concealment skills.

His figure completely disappeared, and not a single sound could be heard.

Liu Yan carefully moved forward.

As he gradually approached, Liu Yan used his Omniscient Insight to sense the specific situation of the creature in the distance.

From the looks of it, it seemed to be a pangolin.

However, it was much bigger than a normal pangolin.

The pangolin in the outside world was only half the size of a human, but this pangolin was much larger than a human.

The pangolin was digging deeper.

Liu Yan suddenly understood.

No wonder he felt that the surrounding caves were different from the ones above.

It turned out that they were not from the same place.

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The mine above was dug by the miners of the Western Mine using the origin power.

And the deepest mine was dug by the pangolin.

Liu Yan was surprised.

There was actually a pangolin in the depths of the mine.

Liu Yan was curious about what the pangolin was doing, so he moved forward.

When he got close, Liu Yan carefully hid at the side.

Under the double effects of the Shadow Cloak and Traceless Silence, the pangolin did not notice Liu Yan at all and continued to move its hands.

The pangolin dug a hole and saw that there were precious ores around it, so it went forward to chew them and put them aside.

A pile of precious ores had been piled up, emitting a five-colored light, which was somewhat dazzling in the dark depths of the mine.

Liu Yan immediately understood this pangolin had dug out the ores.

At the same time, Liu Yan also noticed a small hole on the side.

It seemed to have been dug out by this pangolin, and it was very likely that it was its nest.

Many precious and rare ores along the mine had been harvested, which should have been hidden by this pangolin.

At this moment, the pangolin stopped digging and let out a series of cries.

The cries were extremely strange.

It sounded like a girl crying, and it was desolate.

In this dark and empty mine, it even sounded a little scary.

Seeing this, Liu Yan immediately laughed in his heart.

No wonder the people said that the mine was haunted recently.

Many miners said they heard a woman crying in the depths of the mine.

It turned out that all of this was because of this pangolin.

Liu Yan did not have any hostility toward this pangolin.

It should have been living here.

However, this pangolin had already hindered Liu Yans cultivation.

It had prevented Liu Yan from looking for the ice chalcedony.

Judging from how this pangolin liked to collect rare ores, it was very likely that the ice chalcedony was among its collection.

If that was really the case, Liu Yan would rob it.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan immediately canceled his Shadow Cloak and Traceless Silence to reveal himself.

Just as the pangolin was about to continue digging, it suddenly noticed a person appearing besides it.

The pangolin was instantly frightened.

It directly pounced on Liu Yan, wanting to attack Liu Yan.

Liu Yan was not afraid at all.

He activated his A-grade skill, Flame Control, and his body was covered in the fire element.

At the same time, Liu Yan activated another A-grade skill, Blazing Tyrant Fist, and threw a punch.

Liu Yans attribute points were already extremely terrifying, and his strength and constitution were both extremely high.

In addition, after the previous training, Liu Yan had become more familiar with controlling his own strength.

He could unleash all the strength in his body and gather it into a single punch to unleash it.

Even if he did not use the Power of Desolation to increase his strength, the power of Liu Yans punch was already extremely terrifying.

Adding the power of the fire element, the power of the Blazing Tyrant Fist was even more terrifying.

The power of this punch was unimaginable.

With one punch, the pangolin was blasted several meters away and landed on the side of the mine.

However, this pangolin did not seem weak, and its defense was even more astonishing.

Liu Yans punch actually only slightly injured it and did not cause much damage to it.

Seeing this, Liu Yan was slightly surprised.

He hadnt expected this seemingly ordinary pangolins defense to be so powerful.

Liu Yan was clear that his punch just now was enough to instantly kill a normal level 20 plus awakened.

This pangolin had only been slightly injured, so it was clearly not weak.

However, Liu Yan didnt panic and prepared to continue attacking.

However, at this moment, Liu Yan sensed the thought of the Shadow Wolf wanting to come out.

Liu Yan was a little confused.

However, his thoughts were connected to the Shadow Wolf.

Liu Yan also knew that the Shadow Wolf would not want to come out for no reason, and it must have something or want to help Liu Yan.

Liu Yan released the Shadow Wolf.


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